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Opinion: Seaton sets goals for second session

January 25th 12:47 pm

Greetings from Juneau this second week of the second session of the 30th Alaska Legislature. Our first day, there was snow on the ground and it snowed all night. A day later, with this strange January temperature of 50 degrees, it had all melted off.

Opinion: Despite skeptics, the Earth is not flat, and man-made climate change is real

January 18th 12:15 pm

Over the last couple of years, the Flat Earth theory has been gaining support. There are conventions, videos, websites, and even brave pioneers, who plan to launch steam-powered rockets into the air to prove once and for all just how big of a hoax NASA has [...]

Opinion: Senator has optimism for Alaska in 2018

January 11th 10:24 am

As Alaskans, there's no doubt we face significant challenges, including high crime rates, domestic violence and sexual assault, thousands of Alaskans struggling with addiction, and a continuing recession that has left too many without jobs. These are issues [...]

Opinion: Baby Mal saves 'Oz' for SWMNBMM

January 11th 10:22 am

When it comes to driving, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Made-Mad and I have learned to divide the chores equally over the three decades since she tricked me into marrying her by saying she was rich. She's still laughing at that joke.

Opinion: Alaska's future doesn't need Pebble Mine project to thrive

November 23rd 6:20 pm

My training and expertise are in economics and finance, but from time to time — when needed — I know how to do battle. For more than a decade, I have taken on the battle against the Pebble Mine, because, more than any other development [...]

Opinion: Leadership team takes crucial role in future of state climate-change policy

November 9th 9:51 am

Tourists and Alaskans alike know that my hometown, Homer, sits at the end of the Kenai Peninsula, overlooking Kachemak Bay. But they may not be familiar with a small cove across the Bay that's been in my family since the 1940s.

Opinion: The joys of winter bike commuting

November 9th 9:50 am

Bright lights from an approaching vehicle cast a long shadow ahead of me. I was atop my bicycle on an icy road; the light grew brighter and my shadow more defined. I felt apprehension as the vehicle advanced from behind, at full speed. With no shoulder to [...]

Opinion: One fish, two fish ... not touching that fish

November 2nd 2:11 pm

Having been raised for much of their lives in the South, my two sons thought they knew a thing or two about being outdoors.

Opinion: Proposed income tax is a wolf in sheep's clothing

October 12th 11:38 am

I was able to attend the town hall on Oct. 5, held by Rep. Paul Seaton and Office of Management and Budget Director Pat Pitney.  They presented the governor's budget plan which calls for using the Permanent Fund earnings reserve, along with a newly imposed [...]

Opinion: Letters - Sept. 14

September 14th 6:33 pm

The Homer Garden Club created and maintains a beautiful flower garden at the Baycrest pullout for the enjoyment of the community and its visitors. More than 30 local club members volunteer their time and expertise to maintain this garden during the summer [...]

Opinion: Alaskans deserve reprieve from harmful taxes

September 7th 3:25 pm

A new tax is set to take effect in 2020 that will increase the cost of health insurance for most of Alaska's 742,000 residents. The tax — known as the "Cadillac tax" — is a part of the Affordable Care Act that must be repealed [...]

Opinion: Letters - Sept. 7

September 7th 3:23 pm

Denouncing hate Mike Heimbuch's recent Point of View got me thinking. It's true that everyone in my circle of friends agrees on a lot of things. For example, every single one of us believes that hate is hate and violence is deplorable whether it comes from [...]

Opinion: Jordan begins the next step of his career

August 31st 7:16 pm

As parents, all of us go through some stage of wanting our children to excel in whatever they like to do. Whether it be in sports, band, snowmachine racing or hopscotch. I don't know if it is about living our lives through the children or not because, quite [...]

Opinion: Letters - Aug. 31

August 31st 7:15 pm

Safe operation of ships As a former Navy enlisted (1950s) and naval officer (navigator and officer of the deck, 1960s), I am quite concerned with the recent collisions by our warships in Asian waters. We lost seven sailors in the collision of the USS [...]

Opinion: Turn off the TV! I can't take much more

August 24th 5:16 pm

Over the last few days, I did something I rarely ever do — I turned on the television. And that, for good or bad, left me wondering about the sanity of the entire planet. And, in no small measure, my own sanity for having turned it on.

Opinion: PLP makes a mockery of public process

August 24th 5:15 pm

On a cold, wet afternoon in Anchorage, 150 Alaskans stood in the rain across the street from the Captain Cook Hotel where the Pebble Limited Partnership planned to meet, chanting, "No Pebble Mine!"    As folks gathered I asked, "Why are you here?"  

Opinion: Letters - Aug. 24

August 24th 5:13 pm

Thank you, Sitka Fine Arts Camp This summer I was able to attend Sitka Fine Arts Camp in beautiful Sitka, Alaska for two weeks thanks to the kind monetary support of Homer Council on the Arts through the Homer Foundation`s Constance M. Benston Music [...]

Opinion: Letters - Aug. 17

August 17th 4:14 pm

Pier One Youth Theatre grateful for generous grant Every summer Pier One Youth Theatre runs two camps designed to introduce children to the theater. In Theater Play for ages 5-8, directed by Kathleen Gustafson, kids are introduced to the theater as a space. [...]

Opinion: Message from the new publishers of the Alaska Dispatch News

August 17th 4:12 pm

This weekend, we made a bold first step to ensure the future of the Alaska Dispatch News going forward. At the same time the paper has filed for bankruptcy protection, we've entered an agreement to purchase the ADN and immediately take control of the [...]

Opinion: Alaska Wild Salmon Day: Dinner's up

August 10th 4:52 pm

It's been a good summer for Alaska wild salmon. Sport anglers from across the state and across the globe are enjoying world-class fishing. An epic Bristol Bay sockeye run brought a record season to gillnetters and processors.

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