Hike it, bike it, or strap on some snowshoes

In a world increasingly driven by reusing, recycling and multi-purposing, the Homer Cycling Club is right on task with their work to create a sustainable, year-round, multi-use trail system in the Diamond Creek Recreation Area.

Skeeters close out summer season of shooting

The Kachemak Skeeters shooting club recently completed its fourth and final sport shooting competition for the 2012-13 season.

Pleasure the senses with Garden Tour

The unusually warm weather and plentiful sunshine this summer makes for some incredibly luscious and colorful scenes around Homer.
And, unlike the pungent odor that comes in early spring, these summer months have smelled fantastic!
Beginning Saturday, Homer Garden Club hosts its annual Gardener’s Weekend, full of inspirational gardens to tour, and a speaker who offers a unique blend of art, landscape design and land ethics.

Farmers Market kids get into the cooking ‘Zone’

Homer sure is a great place to be a kid. Where else can you find a zone just for kids at a farmer’s market?
Kayla, the market’s kids’ activities coordinator, always has a fun and sustainably sourced craft or activity for kids to work on. The Kids Zone is also home to one of our community People’s Gardens. It was planted and is maintained by Kayla and the market kids.
Saturday’s Kids Zone activity was part of the second installment of the “Chef at the Market” series, featuring Maura Brenin’s Kachemak Bay Seafood Chowder. Brenin was awarded the grant through the Division of Agriculture program which promotes Alaska Grown produce at farmers markets.
From start to finish, the kids prepared fresh, delicious and aromatic Kachemak Bay Seafood Chowder featuring fresh Homer-grown veggies, local rockfish, salmon and razor clams.

Beware of carnivorous yellow jackets

For those of us on the Kenai Peninsula, July and August is the time of year to stock up on salmon. Most of us plan on eating our fresh, canned or smoked salmon immediately and throughout the coming year. However, whenever I am processing fish, a swarm of pesky interlopers seem to arrive for a portion of the catch — yellow jackets that appear out of seemingly nowhere to aggressively buzz around the filleting table.

Iowa angler snags Derby lead with 236.2-pound flatfish

Jackpot Derby Update: July 31 The Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby has seen yet another change in leaders, as Gene Jones of Bellevue, Iowa landed a 236.2-pound flatfish on July 25. Jones was fishing with Central Charters and Captain David Bayes aboard the F/V Grand Illusion. He ousts former leader, James Jell of Moscow, Idaho with […]

Trail crews brave rugged conditions, curious wildlife across Bay

Across the Bay in Kachemak Bay State Park, nature enthusiasts and avid hikers may occasionally hear the distant whirring of a chainsaw. While certainly out of place in the local slice of pristine wilderness, the faint sounds of power tools signify another living presence in the park.
This is the active call of the Kachemak Bay Trail Crew.
Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park consists of 400,000 acres of wilderness located directly across Kachemak Bay from Homer. Within the park, the land maintained by the Alaska State Parks is a smaller slice of the entirety, known as Kachemak Bay State Park.

Slammin’ salmon: scores of sockeyes stampede the Kenai


Hear that?
That, my friend, is the deafening roar of 2.3 million sockeye salmon stampeding through the mouth of Kenai River.
Or perhaps it’s the din of Anchorage and Valley-based dip netters motoring their way south for a chance to get in on the big haul.
Maybe it’s both.

Stay on top of changes in fishing regs

Some things, you just don’t mess around with.
If you’ve learned anything about Alaska angling, you should know by now that we take our fish very seriously. Plenty of fishing changes are popping up all over the Kenai Peninsula to protect future runs, so now is a good time to stay on top of just what regulations are currently in effect.
The federal subsistence fishery for Chinook salmon in the Kenai River downstream from the outlet of Skilak Lake will remain closed through 11:59 p.m., Aug. 15. This extends the current closure and prohibits all subsistence fishing for Chinook salmon, including both dip net and rod and reel fisheries.

Halibut Derby sees lead change

The new 182.5-pound derby leader got to keep his name up on the leader board for only one day before Christopher Johnson’s 197.6-pound flatfish knocked him right on off.
Johnson, of Fort Collins, Colo. was fishing with Captain Scott Glosser on Friday when he landed his leader fish.
In the tagged fish side of halibut fishing action, another 11 anglers pulled in tagged catches, each vying for a shot at the GCI $50,000 fish or the Stanley Ford F-150 fish. Some would be happy enough to just reel in one of the $10,000 tagged fish that continue to lurk in the Bay.
The winners will be announced on Sept. 16, but the least these anglers will win is $250.
That’s not bad for one day of fishing.

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