Sports Briefs — December 18

Sports in short

Illinois native in love with plankton

Growing up in the land-locked state of Illinois, I first saw the ocean when I was 16. I would have been surprised to find that, a decade later, I’d be pursuing a degree in biological oceanography.

‘The Last Wilderness’ tells of love and adventure

Despite the adventurous and intrepid title, author Michael McBride insists his newly released book, “The Last Wilderness: Alaska’s Rugged Coast,” is a love story. It tells the story of love between a man, a woman and their children, their love for the rugged and remote land that surrounds and sustains them, and an optimistic love for the possibilities of the future.

It’s not over until the wheelbarrow freezes into the ground

I asked a fellow gardener how his garden was going yesterday, and got the eye-roll. “I have no idea,” he said. “The tomatoes are all hanging dead. I haven’t been watering.” The between-the-lines sentiment is pretty prevalent right now: gardener burnout.

Grace Ridge Trail: Hiking to the edge and back

All summer long Grace Ridge’s peaks and ridgelines have been teasing my friend Heather and me. By the end of August, we’re ravenous for its long, challenging hike.

Building soil with cover crops great way to wrap up fall garden

My friend recently put in a new garden; a huge, 2,000-square foot expanse of fresh soil in the way only Alaska soil can be fresh — chickweed and nettles springing up between root wads. You can almost hear it screaming for lime as you walk over it.

Hunting opportunities expand with increase in wildlife

After two years of moose hunting restrictions on the Kenai Peninsula, hunters this season will have access to more moose come the opening day of rifle season Aug 20.

Beginner bikes for toddlers

Teaching a child to ride a bicycle is a rite of passage for parents, usually happening around age 5. But a new type of bike is allowing kids to learn to ride younger than ever before — and practically on their own.

Hike it, bike it, or strap on some snowshoes

In a world increasingly driven by reusing, recycling and multi-purposing, the Homer Cycling Club is right on task with their work to create a sustainable, year-round, multi-use trail system in the Diamond Creek Recreation Area.

Skeeters close out summer season of shooting

The Kachemak Skeeters shooting club recently completed its fourth and final sport shooting competition for the 2012-13 season.

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