Why become a warrior?

On Veteran’s Day, I spend this day in silent reverence and meditation. I am reminded why I am who I am. The philosophy taught to me by forefather’s states: “I know who I am, for I am a warrior. I know what I can do and I know what I can do to my enemies. […]

The man behind the uniform

My father was raised a Quaker; you know, the kind that will nurse the wounded on both sides rather than take up arms. He was in medical school when Hitler’s forces seemed to be winning. Feeling that Hitler must be stopped, he quit medical school to join the navy. He almost died in the 1918 […]

In consideration of a peninsula hospital merger

This week I was asked to comment on the potential Central Peninsula Hospital (CPH)- South Peninsula Hospital (SPH) merger presented to the Homer City Council. The KPB Healthcare task force is reviewing health care costs for all three peninsula hospitals.   The mayor said he plans to hire consultants to construct a plan for hospital and […]

Debunking ‘myths, innuendos and false narratives’

The senior community in Alaska is a vibrant, growing community that has a significant economic impact on the state and boroughs. Politicians of all persuasions frequently point toward seniors when looking for ways to increase revenue or as a convenient group to place “soft” blame for  financial shortfalls resulting from past errant financial decisions.  Some […]

Woodard Creek presses forward

Local citizens, property owners and groups comprising the Woodard Creek Coalition came together Oct. 17, at the Pratt Museum to continue efforts aimed at promoting the community values surrounding Woodard Creek. A representative from the National Park Service facilitated the session under a generous grant from the River & Trails Conservation Assistance Program. We made […]

Kachemak City is a small ‘do something’ town

Homer’s eastern neighbor, Kachemak City (see map below), is a bit of an enigma to many folks at  our end of the Kenai Peninsula.  It is a tiny, irregularly shaped city with one 10th the population of Homer. It doesn’t even have its own zip code. What it does have, though, is a long history, […]

Young Alaskans support PFD voter initiative

by Penny Gage, Katherine Jernstrom and Erin Harrington We live in the digital age. With a few clicks of the mouse or finger taps on a smartphone, we have access to a wealth of information that was unimaginable just a few years ago. An entire generation has grown up with the internet, and it seems […]

Winery thrives on the Kenai

A few years ago, it dawned on me that I needed to visit just three states — Maine, New Mexico and Alaska — to have made it to all 50.  So, I traveled to New England and crossed off Maine in 2013 and hit New Mexico on a tour of the Southwest in January of […]

Leffler’s work expression of Bro. Asaiah’s

I have never met Kurt Leffler, but I thankfully see, in the Homer Tribune’s Warrior article (Sept.30) about him, a new expression of Brother Asaiah’s healing the wounded warrior story. Brother Asaiah died in 2000. Flags were flown half-mast at his departure. He was a loving spokesman, poet and spiritual leader to many of us Homerites. […]

Ideal time for whale ‘fluke identification’ in bay

Marines science students from Kachemak Bay College’s “Semester by the Bay” got a show from a humpback whale Sunday when the mammal breached 70 times off Pederson Bay. The students, professors and a number of researchers were aboard the Rainbow Connection. They were dragging for plankton, krill and bait fish samples to be tested for […]

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