Voter registration initiative could enfranchise thousands

By Victor Joseph Recently, the News-Miner has featured articles both in print and online of political debates and terrorism, budget strife and unemployment. Despite the political doom and gloom this holiday season, Alaskans have the feel-good option of supporting an initiative that would wipe away the most common barriers to access to our most sacred […]

An open letter to parents of teenagers

Come spend an evening with Homer’s Sexual Health Peer Education team who teach in the health classes at middle and high schools on the Kenai Peninsula. If you are a parent or adult in the life of an adolescent please take advantage of this evening to meet our presentation staff and learn about what has […]

How to keep friends and influence people (at Christmas dinner)

Everyone has that crazy uncle who insists on making every family gathering a soapbox on which he can stand and proclaim his way or the highway. (Yes, I might be the very uncle of which I speak). Or perhaps it’s a family friend that, when you hear they are coming to the festivities, you immediately […]

Don’t steal from Alaska’s future

First, I must compliment Gov. Bill Walker for taking a crack at suggesting a solution to the fiscal crisis Alaska is facing; not that I am in agreement on all points. I, for one, would tax but never reduce the amount of the Permanent Fund dividend, for to even consider capping it is in itself […]

Dance with the people who brought you, governor

There’s an old saying in life and politics: “You dance with the one who brought you.” The more I look at Gov. Bill Walker’s state budget plans, the more I think he’s trying to ditch his dance partners. Walker, you may recall, was elected by a core of Democratic, Native and working-class voters. He did […]

Young, DeFazio: ‘FDA wrong on Frankenfish decision’

  Weeks ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced its misguided decision to approve the nation’s first-ever genetically modified animal for human consumption: genetically engineered salmon. Despite overwhelming opposition from scientists, consumers and fishermen, the product commonly referred to as  “Frankenfish”  could unknowingly be your choice for dinner as early as 2017. For those […]

Volunteers can do much for growing numbers of Alaska foster children

All children should have a loving home and the opportunity to succeed. That’s unfortunately not the case for many Alaska foster youth. Today, 40 percent end up homeless — or couch-surfing at someone else’s home — at some point after leaving foster care. Seventeen percent end up in jail. As we think about our holiday […]

Houses passes 5-year transportation agreement

The last time Congress passed a long-term transportation bill, SAFETEA-LU, I was chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Since then, we have limped along with short-term extension after short-term extension, robbing our states and localities of the certainty they depend on to repair and expand our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. I proudly worked with […]

Bunnell, an art force celebrating 24 years

Have you noticed the positive ripple effect the arts are causing in Homer? A thriving arts sector creates ripples of benefits throughout our community. These ripples are shaping Homer like the energetic tides of Kachemak Bay. Bunnell is a powerful creative catalyst, and we’ve been connecting and shaping Alaska’s landscape since 1992. Please invest in our efforts as […]

We’re not bad for using fossil fuels…

… but climate change requires that we change. The experts got it wrong with climate change. Ever since NASA scientist Jim Hansen told Congress in 1988 that climate change posed a serious threat to life on Earth, we’ve been told a lie. The lie is simple and straightforward. It goes like this: you and me […]

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