Alaska needs new leadership in Senate

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, has done it again with his vulgar, vile, and predatory comments about women. Yet these kinds of comments are not new, nor is the fact that this deeply flawed candidate does not have the character, temperament, or knowledge to be the President of the United States.
I have voiced my opposition to Trump clearly, early, and often. Lisa Murkowski has not. In fact, it was only this past Saturday that she finally announced that she would not support Trump. What took Murkowski so long? She’s known that Trump has a long history of making derogatory comments about women (as well as Native Americans, disabled people, military veterans, and other groups). While Murkowski should be telling us herself, a good guess is that Murkowski’s silence indicates that she is a captive of the establishment and her national political party.

VA volunteers send thank you to picnic participants

The Southern Kenai Peninsula Annual Veterans Picnic was held Oct. 9, and approximately 130 people attended — despite the windy, wet day. The picnic was opened by the presentation of the American flag and Pledge of Allegiance by Junior American Legion Auxiliary members Violet and Lulu.
Thanks to Legion Riders: Dan (Homer), Richard Crook(Post 1, Anchorage) and Sons of American Legion (John from Homer) for manning the grill (in their rain jackets!) Ron and Debbie organized the kitchen, cooks and serving line, while Vicky and Paula served food. Pam, Jan, Betty and Racheal were at the registration table, handing out door prize tickets and a poppy.

Knowledge can lower the risk of breast cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, what does that evoke for you? Sports teams and flight attendants clad in pink uniforms? Yogurt with pink lids? “I <3 Boobies” bracelets and T-shirts? At Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic and Women’s Health Outreach it means striving to raise awareness of ways to actually access appropriate medical care and reduce personal risk of breast cancer. You may have noticed pink flags at various businesses and homes around town. This community-wide display of flags serves as a reminder to access preventive care and will emphasize the importance of breast health and preventative screening services. The funds raised provide crucial sustainability, ensuring continuance of KBFPC programs that offer breast cancer screening services and breast health education.

Proposition 4 a fair change to property taxes

A year ago, when I was running for the District 9 seat on our Borough Assembly, I was asked many times about my position on the senior property tax exemption. I explained that I support a senior tax exemption and that, if elected, I would be involved in a comprehensive review of the Borough tax code which could include changes to the current exemptions.

Vote yes to support public services

I’m going to try and keep this positive, but I must say that I’m mildly annoyed, and very perplexed, about the lack of support the three people running for Homer City Council have for the Homer Police Department in denying them the opportunity to move out of a cramped and deteriorated building and into a properly sized and designed facility.

Excited for fish, rivers and residents of Alaska

In a recent ruling by the ninth circuit court of appeals, the court ruled that the North Pacific Fishery Management Council has been, and is required to develop a fishery management plan for Cook Inlet. I see this as a huge win for the fish that migrate into Cook Inlet.
In the past — since back sometime in the 1980s — the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has been tasked with this chore. The criteria for doing so were meant to include the 10 national standards of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

Proposition 2 best serves residents’ health care needs

You have many decisions to make in the upcoming regular election on Oct. 4. Proposition 2 is one that actually saves you money while improving healthcare for the service area.
Proposition 2 asks voters of the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital Service Area for permission for the Kenai Peninsula Borough to borrow up to $4.8 million in general obligation bonds for purposes of improvements to the hospital’s operating rooms and an expansion at Homer Medical Center.

German visitor learns much from participating in burning basket

I am visiting Homer from Berlin, Germany to participate in the Burning Basket Project. I found lead artist Mavis Muller on the WWOOF website looking for an assistant for her project. After reading her profile, I thought, “yeah, sounds like a good Alaska experience; I want to be part of it.” And that was how I came to Homer five weeks ago.
At this time, I had no idea what the burning basket is about and what our work will look like. So, we started with talking about the intention of it as a celebration and the vision for this big basket.

Remembering Saulitis with impermanent art

The 13th-annual enactment of the Burning Basket community interactive, impermanent art experience shined its glowing fiery light once again.
The large, intricately woven basket and walking labyrinth were created by people of all ages who donated hundreds of hours to gather materials and to build the impressive installations. I deeply appreciate and thank you one and all for sharing your time, skill, passion, support, creativity and imagination.

Questions about HEA deregulation election

Providing electric service to Homer Electric Association members is not a simple job. That is one reason HEA is currently regulated. Before voting on deregulation of HEA, members should fully understand the impact.
HEA claims that deregulation of the utility can be reversed if members are unhappy. This is try, it’s just not a simple process. Rules for an election to re-regulate are found in Alaska statute AS 442.05.712, section g provides: “The board of directors of a cooperative shall call an election upon receipt of a valid petition from subscribers or members. A petition shall be considered valid if it is signed by not less than the number of subscribers or members equal to 10 percent of the first 5,000 subscribers or members in excess of 5,000. An election under this section may only be held once every two years.”

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