Winter conditions increase moose-automobile collision risks

(ANCHORAGE) – Alaska drivers are urged to use extra caution right now when traveling roadways in Southcentral, Interior and other regions where moose are common. Long nights and short, often dimly lit winter days make the animals especially difficult to spot, increasing the danger of moose-vehicle collisions. “The majority of our road kills occur during the […]

Adventurer grateful for a ‘tiny bight of sandy beach’

  I’ve been implicated in several iffy situations: test-driving a Ford Ranger pickup 16 miles off-highway in the mountains of eastern Oregon; at twilight, with snow falling, and a foot of accumulation — without chains. Backpacking up Archangel Pass in the fall and crossing a big boulder-field in a snowstorm. One of the party — […]

Young, DeFazio: ‘FDA wrong on Frankenfish decision’

  Weeks ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced its misguided decision to approve the nation’s first-ever genetically modified animal for human consumption: genetically engineered salmon. Despite overwhelming opposition from scientists, consumers and fishermen, the product commonly referred to as  “Frankenfish”  could unknowingly be your choice for dinner as early as 2017. For those […]

Letters to the editor – Dec. 9, 2015

KPO earns ‘People’s Choice Award’ The Kenai Peninsula Orchestra wishes to thank the Homer Foundation and Mary Epperson for her People’s Choice Award given to us at their annual meeting. The orchestra is currently rehearsing for our annual “Link-Up” performance that includes students from Chapman, Ninilchik, McNeil Canyon, Little Fireweed and Fireweed Academy Schools performing […]

Volunteers can do much for growing numbers of Alaska foster children

All children should have a loving home and the opportunity to succeed. That’s unfortunately not the case for many Alaska foster youth. Today, 40 percent end up homeless — or couch-surfing at someone else’s home — at some point after leaving foster care. Seventeen percent end up in jail. As we think about our holiday […]

Cook Inletkeeper celebrates 20 year anniversary – lots done, more to do

Twenty years ago, a group of concerned Alaskans decided enough was enough.  They were fed-up with toxic pollution in Cook Inlet, so they brought Clean Water Act claims against the oil and gas corporations for over 4,200 illegal dumping violations.  And they won. Then they formed Cook Inletkeeper as part of the settlement.  Today, Inletkeeper […]

Some miracles come with wagging tales

Many months ago last spring, while driving home about 10 p.m., I came to a turn and faced a car that was swiftly entering into my lane. With no other choice but to turn off the road, I ended up in a deep ditch — after which I remember nothing. I can only assume the […]

Houses passes 5-year transportation agreement

The last time Congress passed a long-term transportation bill, SAFETEA-LU, I was chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Since then, we have limped along with short-term extension after short-term extension, robbing our states and localities of the certainty they depend on to repair and expand our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. I proudly worked with […]

Climate justice for coastal communities

As sea level rises, low-lying coastal communities around the world are facing the prospect of relocation.
Some of these communities are on remote islands that many have never heard of. Others may be familiar to Americans from the west coast of Alaska and Washington state, and from the bayous of Louisiana.
Many of these communities are not what we would consider “developed” and have contributed little to greenhouse gas emissions.
What does this have to do with Paris?

Letters to the Editor – Dec. 2, 2015

What do we deserve? Battle lines are being drawn over the city budget. The cutters and their voting supporters are clamoring for lean and mean, their opponents hoping to maintain a flourishing culture in Homer. This is a tired, old story isn’t it? Let’s look at the cutters’ proposals for the Homer library. One cutter […]

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