Winery thrives on the Kenai

A few years ago, it dawned on me that I needed to visit just three states — Maine, New Mexico and Alaska — to have made it to all 50.  So, I traveled to New England and crossed off Maine in 2013 and hit New Mexico on a tour of the Southwest in January of […]

Letters to the Editor – Oct. 7, 2015

Another helping of food-tax issues The borough is at it again. Is this the third time to spend more money on the voting process? Of course they have confused the choice – give them the Civil Right answer: Vote YES for no tax on non-prepared food. Jeff Thalman Anchor Point Coming together to honor Hospice […]

Leffler’s work expression of Bro. Asaiah’s

I have never met Kurt Leffler, but I thankfully see, in the Homer Tribune’s Warrior article (Sept.30) about him, a new expression of Brother Asaiah’s healing the wounded warrior story. Brother Asaiah died in 2000. Flags were flown half-mast at his departure. He was a loving spokesman, poet and spiritual leader to many of us Homerites. […]

Ideal time for whale ‘fluke identification’ in bay

Marines science students from Kachemak Bay College’s “Semester by the Bay” got a show from a humpback whale Sunday when the mammal breached 70 times off Pederson Bay. The students, professors and a number of researchers were aboard the Rainbow Connection. They were dragging for plankton, krill and bait fish samples to be tested for […]

Berms are critical to protecting Beluga Slough, and all above

On Sept. 29, I was at Bishop’s Beach for the high tide of 22.9-ft., the second highest tide this year.  By the time I got there all the berm area to the east where cars have been driving was covered with water.  The waves were extremely high because the wind was blowing toward shore —magnificent, […]

We’ve been down this road before

by Catriona Reynolds Thank you to Council Member Roberts for nine years of thoughtful, caring leadership on the City Council and as Mayor Pro Tem. On a personal level you have been a great mentor and colleague to me both with the Council and on the KBBI board. I hope you enjoy the free time […]

Should what goes in your stomach be taxed?

by Tara Kain Growing up in California, I never gave it a second thought when I went to the grocery store and did not pay taxes on my fruits, veggies, eggs, milk, meats and packaged foods. More than four years ago, I moved to Anchor Point. When I went to buy food at our local […]

The time has come for Alaska to drive its destiny

by Gov. Bill Walker Earlier this week, Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott and I enlisted the help of seventh-grader Shania Sommer from Palmer to announce the amount of this year’s permanent fund check. We wanted one of our promising youth to be the face of the dividend to highlight the importance of ensuring a bright future […]

Power hungry? Food tax won’t satisfy

by Chris Story There is one thing I love about fall here in Homer Alaska: the sunrises in the early morning hours, illuminating the sky and mountains with bright orange and pink brush strokes. Truly an amazing time of year for your senses. The other thing I love about fall is the coming of October. […]

Letters to the Editor – Sept. 30

Volunteers really do make a difference This summer season, 180-plus volunteers — everyday people like you and me — got together to make a difference on Kenai Peninsula rivers through the Stream Watch program. This year marks the 21st season for the volunteer-driven program, involving people from across the state of Alaska — and right […]

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