Letters – Nov. 19

Four years of Republican supremacy? Whoopee! Now Alaskans will have not one, but two, arrogant, self-important men to represent them in Washington. I’m sure that Don Young and Mr. Sullivan are going to have plenty to share with one another. Thank you, Mark Begich, for honoring the democratic process by waiting for the votes of […]

Letters – Nov. 12

Thank you Sandy! A rock for Kachemak Gear Shed has retired. For 23 years, Sandy Crane has served customers for the Gear Shed. We will miss his smiling face, his expertise, his wisdom and his culinary skills. Those who know Sandy have had the joy of sampling his salmon dip, his clam chowder, his pulled […]

Letters – Nov. 5

Bringing music and memories to seniors We would like to thank Colleen from the Homer Family Theater for inspiring us and the Homer community to bring music and memories to our seniors. We also thank the enthusiastic volunteers who signed up after the encore showing of “Alive Inside,” to help develop individual playlists for each […]

Letters – Oct. 29

  Enjoying the ‘Colors of Homer’ On Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending “Colors of Homer” at the Homer Public Library. It was a magical evening during which high school students shared their visual and performing talents in a safe, supportive environment. I want to publically thank students, staff, community members and local […]

Letters – Oct. 22

Clarifying import substitution Chris Story mentioned in his post-election opinion piece in last week’s Homer Tribune that Lindianne Sarno had a program to harbor chickens within the city of Homer to create an economic boom, and this made him go “huh?” To set the record straight: I mentioned chickens at the Homer Voice for Business […]

Letters – Oct. 15

Hockey dessert auction brings sweet success Homer Hockey Association would like to thank everyone for a hugely successful dessert auction to support Kevin Bell Arena. Many people may not know how pivotal a year this is for the ice rink. If funding is not found by Sept 2015, we may no longer have an ice […]

Letters – Oct. 8

Scholarship used to sharpen skills I would like to thank my coaches, donors to the Alice Witte Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Homer Foundation for awarding me the Alice Witte Memorial Volleyball Scholarship. I used this generous grant for an amazing volleyball camp experience. The California camp was led by Marv Dunphy, head coach at Pepperdine […]

Letters – Oct. 1

Better to keep city government as it is Everyone wants things to work better. Homer being a first class city isn’t perfect but it works. Having been privileged to work with this bureaucracy in the past I would like to make a few comments. The question for me is: No. 1- What will be gained […]

Letters – Sept. 24

Don’t give Sullivan the chance There are only a few issues that get me fired up enough to write a letter to the editor, and HB 77 (also known as the “Silencing Alaskans Act”) is one of them. What’s worse is the thought that the person who spearheaded the awful bill might be our next […]

Letters – Sept. 17

Helicopters over Homer I don’t believe many people realize the City of Homer is proposing to allow helicopter facilities in the commercial lands along Kachemak Drive, in the marine industrial land out on the Homer Spit and in the Bridge Creek Watershed Protection District. This would have a major impact on Homer: increased noise over […]

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