Letters – May 20

Thanks to Artists in Schools, representatives Students and staff at Homer Flex School would like to give great thanks for allowing us to participate in the Artist in the Schools Program. Ann Margret Wimmerstedt taught an encaustic painting workshop for two weeks at Homer Flex, and 24 students learned and practiced many of the methods […]

Letters – May 13

Be careful where you hide your stash Recently, we went through an ordeal where we nearly lost our golden retriever Izzy, and I would like to share it with others so that they might not have to go through the same thing we did, or to be able to recognize symptoms and get their pet […]

Letters – May 6

Sharing is caring We all know there is a great amount of concern about the deep education cutbacks the State is going to have to endure. The oil companies are still making billions in profits from Alaska oil, not as many billions as they use to, but still making good money. Do the oil companies […]

Letters – April 29

Suicide prevention training thanks On behalf of the Rotary Clubs of Homer Downtown and Homer Kachemak Bay, we would like to thank everyone who helped last week’s Suicide-Prevention Training program such a success. More than 60 people attended the two-hour Wednesday session and even more received a briefer training at the Kachemak Bay Rotary Club […]

Letters – April 22

There is a renewed effort in the Homer area to increase the quantity of recycled materials, rather than placing them in the transfer facility to go to the central landfill in Soldotna. Volunteers have formed the Kachemak Advocates of Recycling group (KARe) to work toward that goal.
Many years ago there was a similar advocacy group in Homer that became inactive. We have adopted that group’s name, and we meet monthly at the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies. Please contact Leah at 235-6741 to be added to our email list.

Letters – April 15

This spring, notice the variety of methods Homer residents and visitors use to travel around town. Our roadways are corridors for people, and there are many ways to utilize them.
Homer Shares the Road is an education and advocacy campaign designed by the Homer Cycling Club, funded by the Homer Foundation and endorsed by the Homer Police Department. This local project encourages non-motorized road use and provides tools and reminders on how to share the road.

Letters – April 8

Seasonal Food Tax Now, regarding the push by the borough mayor to extend the food tax to the entire calendar year: There is a phenomena in economics called “The Costco Effect.” It’s real simple: push our taxes up, and we simply drive up the road to buy all of our goods at Costco; cheaper to […]

Letters – April 1

Should Bishop’s Beach close to vehicles? I am a staunch environmentalist and have spent many years defending and supporting wilderness and wildlife. However, in the case of vehicles on Bishop’s Beach, we are not talking about wilderness or endangered wildlife. We are talking about a durable rocky beach in the middle of Homer that has been traditionally […]

Letters – March 25

Conference a success The seventh-annual Kachemak Bay Science Conference was a huge success thanks to the many excellent presenters and the outstanding support of the local community, businesses and organizations. More than 130 people registered for the Science Conference which began with a workshop on March 4 and ended with a final day of presentations […]

Letters – March 18

Art lives and works in Homer Nearly a half-century ago, a group of people living in this small town at the end of the road organized Homer Council on the Arts. They were on a mission to provide opportunities for everyone in the community to experience and participate in the arts. They saw the arts […]

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