Cannabis controversy: Can we find the truth?

Shall Homer City Council ban commercial cannabis cultivation, testing, processing and sales from Homer?
City Council members Heath Smith, Bryan Zak, Donna Aderhold and Gus Van Dyke voted to introduce ordinance 1606 to ban commercial cannabis.

Climate justice for coastal communities

As sea level rises, low-lying coastal communities around the world are facing the prospect of relocation.
Some of these communities are on remote islands that many have never heard of. Others may be familiar to Americans from the west coast of Alaska and Washington state, and from the bayous of Louisiana.
Many of these communities are not what we would consider “developed” and have contributed little to greenhouse gas emissions.
What does this have to do with Paris?

Use petroleum wealth to solve fiscal challenge

A recent op-ed published by both the Alaska Dispatch and the Juneau Empire compared Governor Walker’s fiscal plan with the plan advanced for several years by economist Scott Goldsmith of the Institute for Social and Economic Research. Both plans are based on the reality that doing nothing — continuing the status quo — will guarantee […]

The knife my father gave me

“Calvin and Hobbes”: those who don’t associate that title with a striped-shirted boy of questionable life motives and his paradoxical tiger have really missed out on one of the better things in life. But fear not! Being without exposure to Calvin and Hobbes is a remediable situation.

Top nine reasons to shop at Farmers Market

By Bronwynn Kelly VISTA Volunteer The Homer Farmers Market is a vibrant community, a wonder place to meet folks, hear some great music, and meet your food needs for the week. Here are a few more reasons that shopping at the market is a great idea. 1. Freshness. Produce is brought to market the same […]

Keene’s memorial fund needs help

by Lonnie Keene First off, thanks to all who have contributed to the Eagle Lady Memorial Fund. Every single penny has been deeply appreciated. I know times are tough and the fact that we have received contributions from so many that I know are struggling means so much. There have been checks from people on […]

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