Let them get back to work

An anonymous person squeezed an appeal into the weather report, saying “Please pay us.” The federal employee did it using the first column of letters down the page of a report warning about a coming storm expected to sweep from Bristol Bay to Cook Inlet.

Best wishes to winning council candidates

Congratulations to the winners in the Homer City Council election. The weeks and months ahead as they assume their seats will be interesting. We are looking forward to seeing some of the changes discussed in the candidate debates and interviews. Certainly, there are a number of weighty matters coming up that will require a lot […]

Pass the torch of enthusiasm: Vote

Voter turnout on the Kenai Peninsula, as elsewhere in America, tends to be dismal. Kenai Peninsula Borough wide turnout in 2012 was 13 percent. Last year’s Homer District 1 and District 2 surface as more enthusiastic at 19.7 and 17 percent respectively, but even that sits well below a grudgingly ideal turnout of at least […]

Recreation support

For years, people of Homer have waxed wistful on the subject of gaining a community center. The idea is part nostalgia for a meeting place — like the old-fashioned grocery stores where generations kept connected — as well as practical in the need for a place to play sports or attend a workshop. It’s even […]

A new voice is welcome in Homer

Homer Voice for Business makes valid points at a time when small town economies are shifting to greater self-sustainability. Across the country the move away from bigger outside businesses supplying our material and food needs urges us toward supplying for those needs within our own towns. The advice from numerous social-economic critics is to protect […]

Editorial – September 4

There is little doubt the structure housing the Homer jail and police station is in need of help. The kind of assistance where you walk away and start over again in a new building. The Homer Fire Department structure also holds lamentable inadequacies such as too short ceilings and doors for large fire trucks that […]

Don’t let debt cripple students

Alaskans working through academic schooling or vocational training should not be crippled by debt to better themselves, and in doing so, better our economy. In our state, a debate about student loan rates is going on that parallels the one just resolved in Congress.

‘It’s our oil’ Democracy at work

A dedicated group of Alaskans recently exercised the referendum process created by our state constitution by gathering  50,000-plus signatures to repeal SB21, known as “The Oil and Gas Production Tax.” SB21 proposes to lower the tax big oil companies pay the state, encouraging new oil development in Alaska, according to its sponsors. The Legislature passed […]

With freedom comes responsibility

In a week divided by our nation’s Independence Day, it’s important to take at least a few moments of a hectic summer schedule to remember that, as Americans, we are united by freedom. And not just the obvious freedoms we like to throw around. Ask the average American what freedom means to them, and the […]

Slow down or smell the smoke

It’s ironic that modern technology continues to develop more and more sophisticated ways to save us time, and we choose to use that time to do more and more things.
In a lightning-fast Internet world, the availability of more people, faster communication and higher production capability accelerates our drive to produce more stuff, use more resources and travel further and faster.

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