In Cook Inlet, change stays the same

• Bluff reshaping is an inexorable event along Kenai Peninsula’s western shoreline A number of years ago I spent an evening perched 25 feet up on the cold, windy Cook Inlet bluff south of Deep Creek, watching the tide come in.  A brisk wind was coming out of the southwest and every four seconds a […]

Our current fix looks similar to 1968

by Steve Haycox It seems it would be difficult to top this year in Alaska politics. The surprise of Sarah Palin’s emergence as a political media star competes with the trial and election defeat of Sen. Stevens as principal elements in what has been described as a great Alaskan political earthquake. Without those twin tremors, […]

American auto makers need improvement

Sen. Lisa Murkowski In early December, the U.S. Senate met in a post-election session to consider whether the Federal Government should provide financial assistance to the “Big Three” U.S. automakers: Ford, Chrysler and General Motors.  The Big Three argue that without federal assistance in these turbulent financial times, their cash flow will end and they […]

It’s time for new approach to ANWR

Alan Boraas Ironically, Ted Stevens’ defeat by Senator-elect Mark Begich could pave the way for the exploration and eventual development of oil extraction in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that the former senator so fervently desired.Stevens, and even more so Rep. Don Young, made a strategic error by framing ANWR in terms of developers vs. […]

All industries not the same

Dave Atcheson As I often do, I was spouting off about just how shortsighted, how downright insane it was to consider building North America’s largest open pit mine in Bristol Bay. My neighbor, a thoughtful man, an avid hunter and fisherman, who often indulges in my rants, was polite and waited until I was done.“You […]

Major work ahead for Legislators

Interim reportSen. Gary Stevens Heading into the final month of 2008, I can’t help but reflect on the many changes that have occurred on the political landscape, nationally, and here in Alaska. With a new president and cabinet, a new U.S. senator for Alaska, and many new faces in national and state offices, there will […]

Adding to the quality of life

Michelle Waclawski An unassuming building on the Sterling Highway holds a quality of life issue for us: the Boys & Girls Club of Homer provides after-school care for kids every school day plus summers for only $20 per child per year. It is the old middle school, and has an art/music room, computer lab, homework […]

Pratt expresses cultural identity

Michael Craig The city of Homer is facing a budget shortfall for 2009 and is considering reducing its investment in the Pratt Museum by 25 percent.  Some people might argue that the Pratt Museum, recipient of the National Award for Museum Service, our country’s highest honor for museums, is a “luxury” and as such, the […]

Borough mayor should resign HEA seat

by Michael Hawfield Homer Electric Association board president David Carey was recently elected Kenai Peninsula Borough mayor. In assuming the new office, he appointed fellow HEA board member Hugh Chumley as his chief of staff. There are inherent and potentially destructive conflicts of interest in simultaneously holding positions in the borough administration and on the […]

Say “no” to city accounting changes

Mike Heimbuch When it comes to health and public welfare – nothing is more important to a city than water and sewer.  Our water and sewer system is listed in the Homer city budget as an enterprise fund – meaning it is to be self-supporting. But we are finding out that some of our assumptions […]

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