Recycle and reuse electronics: don’t dump

By Nina Faust Our landfill is running out of room. Chances are, the amount of electronics being dumped there is more than last year. With digital TV coming soon, many households have replaced old analog TVs with cool, new flat screens and have replaced obsolete computers with the latest model. Now the question: What are you […]

Food for thought in tough times

By Diana Jeska When finances are problematic, food is the first to suffer attention. That’s where we at the Homer Community Food Pantry come in. At least one third of clients receiving food relief in Alaska report having to choose between paying for food and paying for utilities or fuel. Hungry people are high school and […]

Conservation’s goal includes wildlife diversity

By George Matz An article entitled “Abundance-based Fish, Game Management Can Benefit All,” by Corey Rossi of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game provides an articulate explanation of ADF&G’s current approach to conservation, emphasizing abundant big game harvests.  But if conservation means looking at both sides of the equation (utilization vs. preservation), then some […]

Endangered Species Act: A good law that works for Alaska

by John Schoen and Craig Matkin In January, Gov. Sarah Palin announced the state would challenge the listing of the Cook Inlet population of beluga whales under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The state has expressed concern about population models, and objects to decisions based on "extremely small likelihoods of extinction over extended timeline." In fact, […]

Fishermen fight together to conserve livelihood

by Alan Parks   The Alaska fishing industry and the conservation community have aligned often on the same side of policy issues impacting our way of life and the resources on which we depend. This happened during the fight banning high seas drift nets, which indiscriminately caught millions of Alaska salmon. The fight to prohibit fish […]

Living in ‘La-La’ land

By Mike Heimbuch Last week’s news is our city’s contribution to the growing list of absurd projects for Obama’s stimulus package. Only in the minds of the hopelessly confused could Homer’s wish list help the economy. It’s just another product of thinking that is out of touch with how small our town is and what […]

Grocery bags aren’t ‘free’ now

By Dan Thorington Complaints I’ve heard about the plastic bag ordinance can be lumped into these categories:  Inconvenience, taxation, and no perceived litter problem. I’d like to address each.Inconvenience: Yes, for little while. Shoppers would have to remember to bring bags from home, and remember to take them from their cars. How long did it […]

20 years after Exxon Spill

As I write this, the 20th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill is very much on our minds here at the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council. Like many of you, I’ll never forget the morning of March 24, 1989. I woke up to find that North America’s largest oil spill had just […]

Sportfishing uncertainties

Donna Bondioli During a time when our national economy is suffering from almost daily blows, Alaskans could feel an additional economic hit this summer. Most won’t even see it coming. We need to protect our coastal economies by supporting both the recreational sportfishing and commercial industry in Southcentral Alaska (3A), or every business and every […]

Russian Old Believer speaks to town of gratitude

By Frank Martuschev It has been one year since we lost two sons, two nephews and a friend in the plane crash. It seems so long ago, but in our hearts it is like yesterday.We lost them, but we did not forget them. They will always be in a tragedy marked by Christmas. Christmas is […]

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