Keene’s memorial fund needs help

Lonnie Keene First off, thanks to all who have contributed to the Eagle Lady Memorial Fund. Every single penny has been deeply appreciated. I know times are tough and the fact that we have received contributions from so many  that I know are struggling means so much. There have been checks from people on the […]

Mayor Hornaday explains vetoes

Jim Hornaday It is with a deep sense of regret that I find it necessary to veto Ordinance 09-22(A)(S)(A) and Resolutions 09-47(A) and 09-48(S)(A). Although I respect the various views expressed, the vetoes are required in my view for the following reasons:Although water and sewer rates have been under Council discussion for a number of […]

Do your wind turbine homework

By Ron Rannals In response to a recent Point of View criticizing Alaskan Wind Industries, I would challenge anyone to log on to the current Web site of the manufacturer of these wind turbines in question and price out the options  mentioned. I found that the prices quoted in the opinion piece do not exist. […]

An obsession with debt

By Steve Gillon My good friend Peter had a car problem. He loved old, rare and quirky cars that kept breaking down. He never seemed to have reliable transportation, so he kept buying old, rare and quirky cars. Soon his garage, driveway, and finally his front and back yard were packed with really cool but […]

Honoring earthly relations

By Vesta Elliot Earth week coincides with many challenging issues. We could discuss nonrenewable versus renewable resources, clean energy, acidification of our oceans, plastic, ongoing extinction of species, climate change or the final destruction of rainforests equaling 20 percent of our oxygen. We could also discuss topics such as water pollution versus water rights, land […]

Palin helps rural Alaskans

It’s been a challenging winter for rural Alaska villages. High fuel prices, reduced income from fishing and a particularly cold winter have left many residents struggling to heat their homes and feed their families. But action has been taken and work continues. Through Governor Palin’s leadership and the legislature’s support, the motor fuel tax was […]

Defending the Kenai Peninsula government

By Milli Martin I appreciate the opportunity to address the issues that Mr. Price raised in his letter last week. Yes, assessments have truly escalated, particularly along the Kenai River area up north, and in Homer and the South Peninsula.  In conversations with several of my constituents, they felt the borough was raising those assessments […]

A legitimate voice for the people

By James Price I think the Clarion’s opinion piece: “Spending cap ruling the correct ruling” reflects very poor judgement on the part of Clarion management. The founders of our great state trusted Alaska citizens with the power of the initiative.  The Kenai court was wrong to toss out two initiatives voted for by the people […]

Education: Why you just can’t get enough

By Steve Gillon As the economy continues to falter, and jobs become harder to keep, and even harder to find, colleges and post secondary training programs are experiencing significant increases in enrollment. The value of post secondary education is obvious to just about anyone, and when jobs are scarce, empty seats in classrooms get scarce, […]

America: The land of the free

By Barnabas Firth If you were to ask a person from almost anywhere on the political spectrum what the defining characteristic of America is, they would likely refer to our tradition of freedom. Certainly, that is the greatest element of our American heritage.But what is it that defines the American tradition of freedom?While everyone would […]

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