From the desk of Rep. Seaton: House adjourned, special session planned

Alaska State Legislature, House District 31 From the Desk of Representative Seaton Greetings from Homer!  The House adjourned on Saturday, the 28th day of the 4th special session of the 29th Legislature, a two year term.  The first three special sessions took place in 2015.  We were unable to get a majority agreement on any […]

Point of View | Peter Zuyus

At the last assembly meeting, KPB Mayor Navarre introduced Ordinance 2016-24 to eliminate the KPB Senior Citizen property exemption. The Mayor’s proposal attempts to create inter and intra generational warfare by turning the KPB community against Seniors and also turning current Seniors against future Seniors. Mayor Navarre has asserted that he believes there are currently […]

Letters to the Editor

Special Thanks Recently we had our annual Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. This was our best fund raiser ever and we have our community to thank for that. We would like to give a special thanks to the Emblem Club for feeding us again at the end of the run, Officer Sean Perry […]

On ’Stalking the Bogeyman’

To those who may have avoided attending the Homer production of the David Holthouse/UAA performance of his courageous work, “Stalking the Bogeyman,” out of fear that the dark and uncomfortable subject of childhood sexual abuse would prove overwhelmingly disturbing, here are my own thoughts after attending the performance last night.
Both the play, and the article from which the work developed into a dramatic production, deal most explicitly with David’s 30-­year struggle to cope with the resentment, fear and hatred which the long­-held secret of the violation held upon him and to explore aloud its impact upon his life. David’s own psychological and spiritual maturity eventually allowed him to release himself from the power which the long-­gone perpetrator of the violence held over his imagination and spiritual development, This, it seems to me, is the central message of his writing.

Letters – June 8

Buddy, can you spare a ride? In recent years, there has been an influx of people coming to live here from the Lower 48. It concerns me that the values and traditions of this small town are changing from the influence of the arrivals. I would like to inform those who are newly arrived that, […]

Letters – June 1

Helping hand Today while going up Baycrest Hill, a huge piece of metal went into our brand new tire causing an instant blowout. Fortunately for me, two young men stopped and insisted on helping. Not only did they change the tire, but they did so carefully and took pains to do it right, even unloading […]

Little progress made on budget and sustainable fiscal plan

Greetings from Juneau this eighth day of the fourth special session of the 29th Legislature. It is disappointing that little progress has been made on the important issues related to the budget and sustainable fiscal plan. It has generally been agreed that the oil and gas tax/credit bill needed to be resolved first because members are very reluctant to continue paying hundreds of millions of dollars out of the treasury to oil and gas companies while at the same time we would be asked to reduce the Permanent Fund Dividend by a similar amount to achieve a sustainable fiscal plan.

Thank you for the memories, I’ll shall return

I’d like to congratulate Michael Hawfield, Beth Graber and Elaine Grabowski on their impending retirements — and thank you for your years of service to so many people on the south Kenai Peninsula.
Having recently retired, I know you’ll enjoy your newfound freedom, my friends.
Now that the dust has settled, I’d like to thank everyone who attended my retirement party at Alice’s on April 15. It was wonderful to see so many good friends gathered for the last hurrah.

Homer Public Library on raising a reader

Welcome to Raising a Reader! Each month, this column will feature information to help you include everyday literacy in your family’s daily routine, supporting your young readers. Here are a few tips for raising a reader by reading, talking, playing, singing and writing with your child. Early Literacy Tip: Music and, in particular, singing are […]

Letters – May 25

Migration Run brings fun — and sun The annual Migration Run, a fundraiser for Homer youth running programs, took place on the sunniest of Sundays this May, and we are grateful for all those who made it such a success.  Lauren Jones, who is a member of the Homer High School Track team and an […]

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