Alaska needs new leadership in Senate

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, has done it again with his vulgar, vile, and predatory comments about women. Yet these kinds of comments are not new, nor is the fact that this deeply flawed candidate does not have the character, temperament, or knowledge to be the President of the United States.
I have voiced my opposition to Trump clearly, early, and often. Lisa Murkowski has not. In fact, it was only this past Saturday that she finally announced that she would not support Trump. What took Murkowski so long? She’s known that Trump has a long history of making derogatory comments about women (as well as Native Americans, disabled people, military veterans, and other groups). While Murkowski should be telling us herself, a good guess is that Murkowski’s silence indicates that she is a captive of the establishment and her national political party.

Attitude the key for renewable energy

During a recent speech, candidate Lisa Murkowski was asked her perspective on the role of oil and gas in the future of Alaska’s economy. The answer was clear. While renewable energy sources are important to explore, the source of energy that will drive our nation for this and perhaps future generations is petroleum, she said.
While it’s not very cool to admit it, most of us would agree. Look around your own community. Most homes are heated with oil and gas. Most vehicles are powered with gas. Most of what we eat comes to us using oil and gas transportation. Our nation is largely powered by oil and gas — an estimated 90 percent of our energy sources are from nonrenewables these days. And with oil and gas prices so low, it’s hard to imagine a day when the drive will be there for renewable energy sources to take the lead in the United States.

Letter to the editor – Oct. 20

CHARR Convention thank you A huge Cosmic Hamlet thank you to all who had a hand in the very successful auction held last week at the annual CHARR Convention here in beautiful Homer. CHARR chose Share the Spirit partner for this year’s event, and we are extremely grateful. To our local businesses and artists, as […]

VA volunteers send thank you to picnic participants

The Southern Kenai Peninsula Annual Veterans Picnic was held Oct. 9, and approximately 130 people attended — despite the windy, wet day. The picnic was opened by the presentation of the American flag and Pledge of Allegiance by Junior American Legion Auxiliary members Violet and Lulu.
Thanks to Legion Riders: Dan (Homer), Richard Crook(Post 1, Anchorage) and Sons of American Legion (John from Homer) for manning the grill (in their rain jackets!) Ron and Debbie organized the kitchen, cooks and serving line, while Vicky and Paula served food. Pam, Jan, Betty and Racheal were at the registration table, handing out door prize tickets and a poppy.

Letters – Oct. 13

Poor turnout Homer, the results are in! In this past election, only 32 percent of registered voters voted. According to news reports, that is an excellent turnout. Thirty two percent on any test is considered is considered failing. Can’t we do better? On Oct. 20 starting at 5:30 at Islands and Oceans, concerned citizens will […]

Trump tape offers chance to talk about equality between men and women

My son turned 13 this week, an age that launches him into the very beginnings of manhood as he tries to decipher everything from how to use deodorant to how to relate to women.
The same week, the news is full of talk of the recently released video by presidential hopeful Donald Trump talking about making nonconsensual advances on women in demeaning and objectified terms. While many criticized Trump for this and other actions carrying the stamp of aggressive, even criminal, disrespect of women, he remains a national celebrity who is being seriously considered as the next leader of our nation. And that’s a little difficult for me to explain to my new teenager.

Knowledge can lower the risk of breast cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, what does that evoke for you? Sports teams and flight attendants clad in pink uniforms? Yogurt with pink lids? “I <3 Boobies” bracelets and T-shirts? At Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic and Women’s Health Outreach it means striving to raise awareness of ways to actually access appropriate medical care and reduce personal risk of breast cancer. You may have noticed pink flags at various businesses and homes around town. This community-wide display of flags serves as a reminder to access preventive care and will emphasize the importance of breast health and preventative screening services. The funds raised provide crucial sustainability, ensuring continuance of KBFPC programs that offer breast cancer screening services and breast health education.

Breast cancer awareness, prevention only way to combat saddest of killers

This weekend, the community I call home celebrated a beautiful woman who we lost to breast cancer earlier in the year. Like so many women who leave us this way, Carmen Field was much more than her cancer. She loved nature and the outdoors, and passed that love on to thousands each year through her work as a biologist, naturalist and educator with the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve and as a naturalist on ships traveling to Antarctica and beyond. She was a mother, and through that role, became a staunch supporter of getting children out into nature. She organized things like a mud wallow and ice fishing expeditions. She wrote and gardened and had a wide circle of friends who rallied around her during her first diagnosis, when she fought back with both Western and nontraditional medicine, as well as diet and exercise, and during her second diagnosis, when she re-entered the fight with super-human strength.

Letters to the Editor – Oct. 6

Share the Spirit Share the Spirit needs your help. Now wait just a darn minute, you’re probably thinking it’s not that season, what in tarnation do these folks want now? Surprise! We have been asked to participate in a charity Auction by CHARR during their October convention being held right here in our cosmic hamlet! […]

Letters to the Editor – Sept. 29

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