Start your own investment ‘traditions’

by Edward Jones Matthew North Financial Advisor Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and — like all holidays — this one has plenty of traditions. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade started in 1924, and football (the first broadcast Thanksgiving Day game was played between the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears in 1934). Traditions are […]

Get your affairs in order for an orderly estate

by Edward Jones Matthew North Financial Advisor You may be quite willing to plan an investment strategy for your retirement years. After all, it can be enjoyable to think about traveling the world, pursuing hobbies or participating in any of the activities you’ve associated with active retirement. However, once you do retire, you’ll need to […]

Financial Focus – Nov. 4

by Edward Jones Matthew North Financial Advisor Thinking of adopting? Be prepared for expenses November is National Adoption Awareness Month. If you’re considering adoption, you know that it will change your life in many ways. And you’ll need to prepare for many of these changes – including the financial ones, because adoption can be expensive. […]

Beware of scary inhabitants of the investment world

by Edward Jones Matthew North Financial Advisor In just a few days, witches, zombies and vampires will be converging on your house, asking for candy. As is the case every Halloween, you’ll likely be merely amused over the sight of these costumed characters. But in other areas of life, such as the investment world, you […]

When investing, put time on your side

by Edward Jones Matthew North Financial Advisor Now that we’re well into autumn, the days are getting noticeably shorter. The change in seasons reminds us that time is passing — and it’s important to use that time wisely. When used well, in fact, time can be your greatest gift in many walks of life — […]

Will you be ready for retirement?

by Edward Jones Matthew North Financial Advisor National Save for Retirement Week is observed Oct. 18 – 24 this year. And this week has some weight behind it, as it is recognized by the U.S. Senate for its importance in encouraging Americans to prepare themselves financially for retirement. Are you doing all you can? Many […]

Avoid emotional investment decisions

by Edward Jones Matthew North Financial Advisor What’s the biggest obstacle to your ability to invest successfully? Is it the ups and downs of the financial markets? Political events? The fact that you weren’t born rich? Actually, the chief hurdle you face is something over which you have control: your own emotions. Your emotions can […]

Farmers’ skills can pay off for investors, too

by Edward Jones Matthew North Financial Advisor In many parts of the country, it’s harvest season. As a consumer, you will certainly be affected by the labors of farmers — and their particular skill set can also teach you a lot in your role as investor. Here are a few suggestions for putting farmers’ behaviors […]

Act soon to close your insurance gap

If you work for a fairly sizable company, you may be entering your open enrollment season, when you can add or adjust your employer-sponsored benefits. While you probably should review all your benefits, you may want to pay special attention to your life insurance to determine if you and your family are adequately

‘Crab map’ shows big drop in abundance of legal-sized males

Alaska’s fishing industry was dismayed last week by the sudden news that Jeff Regnart, Director of the State’s Commercial Fisheries Division, will leave the job Oct. 2.
“I’m resigning due to family reasons, aging parents; I just can’t be in the state full-time like this job demands,” Regnart explained.
Regnart started as an Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game field tech in high school. Over the next 30 years, he worked his way to management positions at Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet and Bristol Bay.

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