Arts Briefs

‘Letters Aloud’ presents ‘Fame’ Turns out they’re not gonna live forever, after all Homer Council on the Arts brings a November collaboration with Hospice of Homer to include a main-stage performance of “Fame,” by Letters Aloud, as well as an intimate outreach activity and a gallery performance by the band, Work in Progress. “Fame, they’re […]

Animalia partners with Artist in the Schools

Staff report While  Animalia  came out of the wearable arts tradition, this year’s offering has an added twist. They are partnering with Artist in Schools units taught by Kiki Abrahamson at Big Fireweed,  explained organizer and Bunnell Marketing Director Kammi Matson.  They are merging art and science by integrating LED lights into costumes made by […]

Filmgoers choose favorite docs from Homer festival

This year’s Homer Documentary Film Festival celebrated more than a decade of bringing the current year’s best documentaries from around the world to Homer’s Historic Homer Theatre. The full week of showing documentary films is now in its 12th year, and the 2015 version brought guest appearances by Iditarod competitors Shelley Gill and Libby Riddles, […]

Arts Briefs

Bunnell brings ‘Animalia’ Bunnell Street Arts Center presents the fantastical wearable-arts performance, “Animalia” on Saturday, Oct. 24 at the Mariner Theatre at Homer High School. The show features costumes, masks  and performances inspired by animals — real or imagined — made by local Homer artists and students from Homer High School, Homer Middle School and […]

What’s happening in Homer’s art community?

HCOA at a ‘Loss’ for community art The Homer Council on the Arts wants your art about “Loss.” Use sculpture, photography, painting, collage; it’s all good. Submit one piece or a small collection, and make it as serious or silly as you’d like. Submission forms and guidelines are available at Forms are due by […]

McNeil students make mosaics with Josh Nordstrom

Mosaics are everywhere at McNeil Canyon Elementary School. Every student from kindergarten through sixth grade  — a grand total of 120 kids — participated in the project led by visiting artist Josh Nordstrom. Each student picked a theme to work in, from landscapes to self-portraits to dragons, (the school mascot.) The students also used their […]

October First Friday offerings keep fall colors alive

As the Kenai Peninsula braces for yet another winter of rain, ice — and maybe even some snow — October First Friday hangs onto those last remaining colors of fall with a variety of artists around town. Batten down your hatches, throw on a little rain gear and brave the howling winds of Homer with […]

Welcome to a day in the life of Jordanians

The sun is setting. The call to prayer is sounding. A donkey brays in the distance. My heart pounds with nervous energy, pulse heavy in my ears as I sit next to this stranger in his car, this man named Rakan.
We pull up to a large, two-story house and a group of children spill out the front door, a wave of laughter washing over us as they run to hug his tall, lean frame. A young girls steps towards me, smiling. She takes my hand in hers.
“Marhaba,” she whispers. “

Arts Briefs- Sept. 9

Andres Condon and friends bring ‘Americalma’ In a concert of spiritual and transcendent music from around the world, Berlin-based Chilean musician Andres Condon and German singer Navino Condon join Chilean singer Astrid Brinck to present “Americalma” at Islands and Ocean Visitor Center on Sept. 12. Local guest artists — including Marjolein Cardon on bass — will […]

2015 Burning Basket ‘reaches’ for the heavens

ire really hasn’t been much of anything to celebrate this summer — until now. With the onset of September’s cooler temperatures and amid a cacophony of colorful falling leaves, local artist Mavis Muller brings her annual “Burning Basket” to Homer’s Mariner Park. Muller — along with a bussell of helpers — uses a variety of natural materials to build a structure that she plans all summer, builds in the fall and then ceremoniously sets ablaze. It’s what Muller calls a “community-based, interactive, impermanent art experience.

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