Reports of sandhill crane sightings in Homer

This past February was Alaska’s warmest on record, with the past three months being 10.6 degrees above the long-term three-month average set 92 years ago. Flower bulbs are pushing up, pussy willows have been out since January, local fruit trees are blooming and sandhill cranes are here in Homer; nearly a month earlier than their usual arrival time of mid-April.

Letters – March 16

Alaska: world center of renewable energy? We all know our state is in a budget crisis, and that a lot of effort is being used to solve our money problems. But, I think we need to look at a long-range solution to the problems of an Alaska economy that is too dependent on oil and […]

Silencing mushers will not slide

At the Iditarod checkpoint of Rohn in the 2014 race, I was amazed by the diversity of mushers: men and women, young and old, Alaska Native to Jamaican. Nearly every musher looked completely different from the next, from carbon fiber sleds to one homemade from hockey sticks, to dog teams fed on wild Alaska salmon, to mushers with sponsor logos on dog booties. I was convinced the Iditarod truly is the “Last Great Race” because of the highly self-reliant individuals who dedicate their lives to the challenge.

Letters – March 9

Become educated to substance abuse The youth of Homer are outraged. We have been abandoned. Drug addiction is real, and so is the truth of the problem. It does not take very long in Homer for any particular member from the youth community to be associated with the darkest parts of town. My peers who […]

Restrict helicopter landings in Kachemak Bay State Park

Anchorage-based company Norse Flight, Inc., has applied for a permit for an unspecified (unlimited) number of landings at 11 different sites in Kachemak Bay State Park and Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park from May through September.

What is ‘Cannabis Culture?’

People have been asking me, “what’s this cannabis culture you write about?”
What is a culture? Culture is the way of life of a particular group of people, the customs, traditions and values of a society. In a wider sense of the word, as in agriculture or tissue culture, culture is alive.
Cannabis culture occupies a unique place in American history. We survived a prohibition. We risked our lives and lands to grow this plant for so many people’s needs.

Homer Public Library is ready for summer

Spring break is nearly here, and it won’t be long before school children wail, “I’m boooored!”
Don’t fret. Our local library has convenient hours, and a fantastic selection of books and budget-friendly activities. You may not know that the Homer Public Library is open until 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays; that’s enough after-dinner time to grab a few DVDs and some fun books.

Seaton’s HB 365 is new plan for permanent fund

Greetings from Juneau on the 42nd day of the second legislative session. On Wednesday, I introduced HB 365 to address our budget crisis. With low prices and declining production, oil revenue alone is no longer sufficient to support our state, and the gap cannot be bridged with budget cuts alone.

Letters – March 2

Doesn’t deserve minority listing Having read and listened to all the brouhaha concerning marijuana (pot, cannabis, reefer) – I am compelled to put in my two cents. First off, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t actually understand why there’s a dogfight. I support pot legalization; the voters have spoken and that’s […]

Letters – Feb. 17

Thank you, Homer from “Homer Events” for supporting a couple of rather unique events in our 2016 Winter Carnival.
I refer to the Mr. Homer Pageant hosted by Chris Story, (thanks Chris), which this year had five entries. (Each year is a little crazier than the last.) Erik Schreier was selected as this year’s Mr. Homer, and he is very much looking forward to making appearances at Homer community events and get-togethers during his reign.

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