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Adi Davis dreams of traveling the world

February 10th 1:20 pm | Christina Whiting Print this article   Email this article  

Homer youth Adi Davis has long been inspired by women who she sees as trailblazers.

"Women like Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are breaking the glass ceiling and this is very empowering," she shared. "Locally, women like my mom and grandma, and Brenda Dolma, Kat Haber and Amy Johnson are tremendous examples of strong, inspiring women."

Davis shared that her mother and grandmother were her very first role models.

"My grandmother raised seven children on her own and I think that is incredibly badass," she shared. "My mom moved out on her own when she was just 17 and lived in a cabin with no running water in the dead of winter in Fairbanks. That takes a lot of courage."

Brenda Dolma was her Girl Scout troop leader and her synchronized swimming coach.

"Brenda taught me that if you want something, ask for it and don't let the word 'no' stop you from doing something you really want to do," she shared. "We were a swimming team of three and she coached us to State and then Regional's and finally, Nationals. She saw our love of the sport and devoted so much time into helping us achieve our goals."

Kat Haber is an environmental activist and, among other things, hosts TedEx (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) events in her home.

"I helped Kat with her TEDxHomer event in 2009 and then organized my own TEDxYouth event," Davis shared. "She helped me write a grant, organize speaker accommodations, venue procurement and more. I was 16 years old and she gave me the opportunity and responsibility to make the event my own and I realized how much power I had to accomplish my goals."

Amy Johnson was Davis' middle school Drama, Debate and Forensics coach and her first drama teacher.

"Amy gave me a lot of opportunities in DDF and was my first drama teacher," she shared. "She was the first person to give me a lead role in a play and because of her, I learned that I loved theatre."

Several local organizations also inspired her, including Alaska's Islands & Ocean Visitor Center, where she participated in their open labs, looking at specimens under a microscope.

"Those labs really fostered a keen understanding of how fragile our ecosystem is to climate change, and how essential it is to maintain an equilibrium," she said?

She was also involved with the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies.

"I'd go on a lot of their programs, learning about invertebrate biology and the bay," she shared. "I've always been really interested in science and learning about ecosystems and it all started with CACS.?

Since 2014, Davis has worked for the Alaska Center as an environmental canvasser, gathering signatures for various environmental campaigns, including stopping the Pebble and Chuitna mines?

Davis, whose parents are Julie and Berkly, graduated Homer High School in 2013 and is in her senior year at the University of Alaska Anchorage. This spring, she will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, specializing in Technical Theatre. She plans to study stage management at graduate school.

Davis dreams of managing a Broadway production by the time she is 40 years old and would like to explore every country in the world during her lifetime.

"I loved growing up in Homer, but now I want to experience other cultures," she shared.

In 2008, at 14 years old, she traveled abroad for the first time, going to Mexico as a youth delegate for the World Wilderness Congress. During her high school freshman year she toured Europe with the Homer High School choir and in her freshman year of college, she traveled to Spain, again as a youth delegate. In 2016, she explored the United Kingdom, traveling by bus and trains and backpacking and camping.

"This trip really got me hooked," she shared. "When I landed in London, I was overwhelmed, but I knew I couldn't stand forever in the airport, so I went and figured out how to use the London Tube and it was so freeing knowing I could do this. Later, I was stuck overnight in a small coastal village and there weren't any accommodations open, so I went to the only place I saw people - the only pub in town. I asked the bartender for help and his mom had a spare bedroom that she let me sleep in for the night. I gained the confidence to handle any situation."

Davis has backpacked around Costa Rica, explored Ireland with her mom, driven around Iceland and spent time in Norway. This past Christmas, she and her father spent time visiting London, Paris and Oslo and she is planning her next trip, spending time in a monastery in China.

Davis shared that she is grateful for the strong women in her life who have helped to shape her and set her out on her path in life.

"It inspires me to see women in powerful positions paving the road for future generations," she shared?"I'm always inspired by women's stories — whether that's having a powerful position in a Fortune 500 company, running for congress or working two jobs to feed their family. My hope is that someday I'll inspire another girl to follow her dreams and to be strong."


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