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For day after Christmas, join event to ski your age

December 21st, 2017 | Taz Tally Print this article   Email this article  

Every year on the day after Christmas, the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club sponsors a fun family oriented skiing event called Ski Your Age. The ski club holds this joyful event from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Lookout Ski Trails off of Olsen Mountain Road as a fundraiser for the Homer High School Ski team.

There is no need to sign up. Just show up! Remember that there is often plenty of snow at Lookout, even if Homer is completely snow-free. Dress in layers with warm boots for hanging out and bring a head lamp if you plan to ski after sunet.

Getting there

Drive 2.5 miles up East Hill Rd. to Skyline Drive. Keep straight and drive 3.3 miles on Skyline Drive and turn left on Olson Mountain Road. Drive about 2.1 miles to Harbinson Lane, turn left and drive about 100 meters to find a gravel parking lot next to the ski club building on the left side of the road. Please park here rather than next to the hay fields on Olson Mountain Road.

The event

This is not a hypercompetitive event, but rather a fun-oriented gathering and challenge for skiers of all ages, skills and conditions. If you'd like to participate in the challenge, you can sign up to try to ski your age in kilometers.

If you're over 50 years old, you might want to try the inverse challenge, where you ski 100 kilometers minus your age. Or ski as a family or ski your pet's age or your grandchild's age. Some skiers take the challenge seriously. You'll likely see ski racers out keeping sharp; others - not so much.

This event is designed to encourage people to come out and have fun together on the day after Christmas. The hub of activities is around the ski club building next to the parking lot. You'll find a big bonfire with hot chocolate, food tables and lots of skiers prepping and coming and going. If you have some left over Christmas dinner goodies, feel free to bring those to contribute to the Ski Your Age potluck.

Be sure to bring some chairs for hanging out by the fire. If Santa brought you some new ski gear, this is a great event to try out your new gear. If you're new to skiing, you'll find all sorts of folks who are happy to help you out. Even if you don't want to ski, you can still come out and enjoy all the festivities. If you would like to snowshoe, that's fine too. You can head out across the open snow terrain, but please avoid the ski trails.

The trails

There are two separate skiing areas here, both of which you can access from the ski club hut and parking area. Off the west side of Harbinson Lane, you'll find the area known as the "hayfields." This wide, well-groomed ski track with gentle rises and falls encircles the edge of the hayfield next to Olson Mountain Road. This is a wonderful area for beginners and families to have fun.

If you're just getting started with skiing, this is a safe and fun place to ski. The second skiing area is developed east of the ski club hut, and includes a variety of narrower trails ranging in difficulty from easier to advanced. Well-labeled maps provide guidance.

These trails are designed and used for ski racing, so regardless of your ski level, you'll find challenges to test your abilities. Although these are designed as ski race trails, anyone can ski them and you are encouraged to do so.

Special notes

You'll notice that all these trails are exceedingly well groomed and cared for. Grooming these trails requires constant attention, knowledge and skill. Ski to your heart's delight, but if you're walking or snowshoeing, please stay off the groomed ski trails.

Also, because of the highly groomed nature of these trails, pets and bicycles are not allowed on these trails. Pawprints and tire treads can wreak plenty of havoc in a hurry on these carefully maintained tracks.

You may not realize that this event, as well as nearly a dozen events each year; and all that you see here, as well as other local skiing trails, such as the Sunset and McNeil trails, are created and maintained by volunteer members of the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club. The ski club is always delighted to have new members and skiers of all ages and abilities.

Visit to find out more about the organization, all the events they sponsor and the terrific trails they create and maintain throughout the year. If you have any questions about this Ski Your Age event, feel free to contact Jana Davis by e-mail: or call 907-299-3535.


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