Homer Mariner swimmers Adeline Berry and Alia Bales cross the finish line together after swimming 1,000 yards, biking 15 miles and running 5 miles while competing in the Homer Mariner Tri. -

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Shumaker, Faulkner sprint to wins at Homer Triathlon

September 7th, 2017 | Paul Story Print this article   Email this article  

More than 100 athletes spent Saturday of the holiday weekend laboring in the pool and on local roads, hills and trails in the annual Homer Mariner Triathlon. This year's field was the largest in recent memory and featured competitors from ages 9 to 62 hailing from as far away as Los Angeles, Juneau, Bethel and Valdez.

The course started with 1,000 yards in the Homer High pool, then transitioned to a bike ride that ascended East Hill, crossed Skyline, descended West Hill to the Homer Spit, and ended with a run from the fishing hole back to Homer High School. A pretty brutal trek, but it didn't seem to phase 11-year-old Jody Goodrich of Homer, the youngest to complete the entire triathlon - and the top finisher in the Umder 13 age group. He and his mom, Jessie Goodrich, swam, ran and biked this summer in preparation for the event. When they crossed the finish line together Saturday, Jody exclaimed simply, "Mom, I'm hungry. Can we please go to lunch now?"

Meanwhile, the winner of the division diametrically opposite to Jody's, the women's 46-99 year old age group, quietly went about her business on race day and had organizers and fellow competitors in awe of her incredible, yet seemingly effortless, time. Jane Wiebe of Homer finished the grueling course in 1 hour, 57minutes and 38 seconds, a difference of over 25 minutes from her nearest age group competitor and the third-fastest time among all 34 individual female entrants.

The only two women faster around the course than Wiebe were Stacey Buckelew of Homer, who finished first in the 30-45-year-old division, and Kristen Faulkner of New York Coty - by way of Homer. Faulkner went head-to-head with men's overall winner Brian Shumaker of Anchorage, each pushing the other to dig deeper during the cycling and running stages and, ultimately, engaging in a full-on sprint up the drive and into the pool parking lot at the high school for a photo finish. Shumaker had started his race by entering the pool 2 minutes later than Faulkner, thus his margin of victory was deceptively large at 1:34:32 to her 1:36:33. Neither, however, would one of them would have approached their amazing times were it not for the other spurring them on.

Besides the 58 triathletes who competed individually, another 47 competed as part of a team. The fastest team was 'Buts on Fire" which completed the event at 1:40:41. The team featured John Roedl as the swimmer and Oliver Manley on both the bike and the run. Second overall - and first in the Mixed category - was "Sauce," a team consisting of Mary Wood, Tom Gorman and Cole Talbot as 1:45:08. The fastest all-women's team was Jackie Forster, Jasmine Maurer and Katie Ostrom, who finished at at 1:52:20. The fastest U16 team was made up of Skyler Rodriguez, Leif Restad, Brita Restad.

Comprehensive results available at online at www.facebook.com/HomerMarinerTri .

The Mariners compete this weekend at the Homer Invite against seven visiting Region 3 teams. Diving starts 5 p.m. on Friday, and swimming starts 10 a.m. on Saturday.


Men's Awards

13-17 age group

1. Brian Shumaker 1:34:32

2. Mature Yellow Cheetah 1:45:10

3. Adam Dixon 1:48:28

12 and under age group

1. Jody Goodrich 2:57:28

2. Lucas Story 3:26:53

13-17 age group

1. Clayton Arndt 2:00:58

2. Griffin Downey 2:00:59

3. Teddy Handley 2:03:43

18-30 age group

1. Jordan Chilson 1:58:23

2. Mavrick Kuzmin 2:30:40

31-45 age group

1. Brian Shumaker 1:34:32

2. Mature Yellow Cheetah 1:45:10

3. Eric Rozeboom 1:59:49

46-99 age group

1. Adam Dixon 1:48:28

2. Michael McGuire 2:04:31

3. Peter Roedl 2:21:22

Women's Awards

13-17 age group

1. Kristen Faulkner 1:36:33

2. Stacey Buckelew 1:55:12

3. Jane Wiebe 1:57:38

13-17 age group

1. Madison Story 2:27:28

2. Kaylin Anderson 2:40:28

3. Ella Blanton-Yourkowski 2:55:23

18-30 age group

1. Kristen Faulkner 1:36:33

2. Lauren Grippo 2:01:22

3. Danielle Meyers 2:03:00

31-45 age group

1. Stacey Buckelew 1:55:12

2. Jennifer Bando 2:01:34

3. Suzie Hosmanek 2:02:43

46-99 age group

1. Jane Wiebe 1:57:38

2. Ann Bruner 2:22:47

3 Susan Craig 2:32:44

Team winners


1. Buts on Fire (John Roedl, Oliver Manley) 1:40:41


1. No Name (Jackie Forster, Jasmine Maurer, Katie Ostrom) 1:52:20


1. Buts on Fire (John Roedl, Oliver Manley) 1:40:41


1. Sauce (Mary Wood, Tom Gorman, Cole Talbot) 1:45:08

Under 16

1. X-tra Tuffs (Skyler Rodriguez, Leif Restad, Brita Restad) 2:04:49


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