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Public Safety - July 31 to Aug. 6

August 10th, 2017 | Staff Report Print this article   Email this article  


Anchor Point Fire and EMS responded to sixmedical calls and two fire calls the week of July 31 to Aug. 6.

Kachemak Emergency Services responded to three medical emergency calls during the week.


July 31

8:10 — Male presented at front counter with found phone. Phone returned to owner.

8:26 — Caller reported theft from mailbox. Officer advised.

7:03 — Caller reported an on going issue with her landlord. No officer available at time of call.

8:58 — 911 caller reported hearing multiple gun shots in a cleared area. Officer to scene.

10:25 — Male presented at front counter reporting lost set of keys.

10:46 — Caller reported lost wallet. Caller was advised options.

10:52 — Caller reported lost key fob.

11:57 — Caller reporter suspicious activity. Officer advised.

13:29 — Caller reported shrubbery blocking visibility.

15:18 — 911 caller reported people obstructing traffic observing moose.

15:14 — 911 Open line, unable to call back— 911 prefix. Officer advised.

16:12 — Officers execute search warrant.

16:41 — Caller reports theft from donation box. Extra patrols requested.

17:50 — Caller reports male moving out took items that are not his. Officer to location.

18:11 — Caller reports theft. Unfounded.

18:25 — Subject presents at counter to report abandoned vehicle on public property.

19:47 — Caller reports REDDI vehicle. Officers BOLO for vehicle. Driver contacted. No impairment detected.

21:38 — Caller reported suspicious circumstance.

22:52 — Business reported noise complaint. Officer to the area.

Aug. 1

0:46 — Caller requested welfare check on individual. Female transported to SPH voluntary assistance.

1:40 — Officer conducted security check.

7:45 — Male presented at front counter with a correctable ticket.

8:45 — Caller reported overdue watercraft. Caller was advised to contact Alaska State Troopers as well. Officer advised.

10:48 — Caller requests trespass of female from residence.

12:40 — Caller reports vehicle using bike path as roadway. Officer to area. Unable to locate

12:44 — Caller requested welfare check on female on walking path. Female stated all OK. Officer had conducted welfare check on female earlier in day.

13:42 — 911 caller reports vehicle to the side of the road smoking heavily. Officer to scene to provide motorist assist.

13:47 — 911 open line, Officer advised.

13:44 — Caller requests officers patrol area for vehicles parking in the street. Officer advised.

14:31 — Female presents at counter. Agency assist for probations.

14:39 — Male presents at front counter requesting information about traveling with a firearm. Officer advised male of options.

14:54 — Alaska State Troopers passed on REDDI report. Officer advised. Contact made with driver. No impairment noted..

14:48 — Caller reports subjects at house that is supposed to be vacant. Officers to scene.

15:56 — Caller reports abandoned bicycle. Bicycle retrieved and placed into lost and found inventory.

19:56 — Male presents at counter to report lost phone.

20:17 — Family member requests welfare check on possible suicidal female.

21:49 — Multiple 911 calls for MVA rollover with injuries. Officers and medics to scene.

23:14 — 911 caller reported damage to business. Officer to scene.

23:17 — Alarm company reported commercial burg alarm. Officers to scene. All secure.

23:40 — Alarm company reported commercial alarm. Officers to scene. False alarm.

Aug. 2

1:08 — 911 caller reported male with head injury. Officer and medics to the scene. One male transported.

2:29 — Caller reported intoxicated male stumbling near water. Officer to the area. Unable to locate.

7:37 — 911 caller reported suspicious activity. Officer to area. Both vehicles left area, nothing suspicious noted.

7:55 — Caller reported loud vehicle speeding, Officer advised.

8:56 — Officer attempts to serve TRO.

9:08 — Caller reported theft from room. Officer to area.

9:49 — Caller request assistance with a patient. Officer to area.

10:54 — Caller reported female trespassing, Officer to area.

16:35 — Female presents at counter with questions regarding correctable citation

17:07 — Caller requests welfare check on male. Officer to residence.

17:09 — 911 accidental dial, caller stayed on line to confirm contact info/location. All OK, officer advised.

17:45 — Caller reports his pet cockatoo flew the coop. Bird flew out window of vehicle. Officers BOLO. Tourists find and bring bird to police department, owner contacted.

18:50 — Anonymous female presents at counter with found property. Owner contacted, property returned.

19:31 — 911 caller reports REDDI Driver. Officers to area.

20:48 — 911 open line, normal conversation heard in the background. On call back, caller stated accident; dial, all OK. Officer contacted party and all OK.

21:18 — 911 open line. Nothing suspicious heard. Not a working number.

22:40 — Officer conducted security check. Campers issued warning for camping violation.

Aug. 3

1:19 — 911 misdial. Female gave location and name. Officer to location.

2:20 — Caller reported loud noise from neighboring business. Officer to scene.

5:16 — 911 caller reported suspicious activity. Officer to the area. One male arrested on Stop and Hold for another agency.

6:03 — Caller reported noise complaint. No officer available at time of call.

Aug. 3

7:47 — Caller reported vandalism to excavator. Officer to scene.

8:00 — Female presented at front counter with a correctable ticket.

9:45 — 911 misdial from a business line. Officer advised.

10:27 — Caller reported subjects going through trash.

11:51 — Caller reported possible domestic violence. Officer advised.

12:22 — Caller requests extra patrols of business due to subjects on property after hours.

13:26 — Driver warned for speed.

13:44 — Male presents at counter with correctable citation.

14:10 — Male presents at counter with correctable citation.

14:22 — Driver warned for speed.

14:27 — Driver warned for speed.

14:30 — Male presents at counter with found property. Left message for owner, owner later retrieved property.

15:49 — Caller reported possible wanted subject. Officer to scene. Male arrested on arrest warrant.

16:11 — Caller loose dog. Officer to scene, dog secured at shelter. Owner later called and advised to contact shelter in morning.

14:47 — Caller reports unknown tent on private property trespassing.

18:28 — Driver warned for speed.

19:02 — 911 open line. Normal conversation heard. No history with number, voicemail not set up. Officer to area, unable to locate any emergency.

20:02 — Officer provided transport to female to medical facility.

21:34 — Caller reports REDDI driver. Officer contacts vehicle, no impairment detected..

23:54 — Officer conducts requested patrol.

Aug. 4

0:05 — Caller reports loose dog. Officer to area, unable to locate.

0:36 — Officer conducts check of park and campground.

2:00 — Security check.

4:56 — Agency assist for 10—79 moose. Charity contacted.

5:45 — Caller reports deceased family member. Officers and medics to scene.

8:23 — Caller reports vehicle speeding, using jake brake excessively. Officer BOLO's, UTL vehicle.

10:12 — Caller reports theft of firearm after the fact.

10:27 — Officer is flagged down by male. Officer provided transport for male back to his campsite.

11:40 — Caller reports possible stolen vehicle.

11:49 — 911 caller reports male lying on sidewalk. Officer to location. Gone on arrival.

12:00 — Subject presents at counter to speak with officer. No officer available at that time. Officer later advised options via phone.

12:39 — 911 caller reports a vehicle with a rope having trouble pulling unknown object up cliff. Officers to location.

12:52 — Anonymous caller requests welfare check on female. Officers BOLO. Unable to locate.

14:20 — 911 caller reports domestic issue. Officer advises.

14:41 — Caller reported REDDI vehicle. Officer BOLO's. Unable to locate.

15:22 — Male presents at counter to report civil issue. Officer advised.

15:23 — Driver warned for speed.

15:42 — Caller reports REDDI. Officer to area. Vehicle located parked and unoccupied.

16:42 — 911 caller requests welfare check on people at beach. Officer to area, People OK.

16:56 — Agency passes on REDDI. Officer to area. Unable to locate.

18:20 — 911 pocket dial. Caller stayed on phone, confirmed info, all OK. Officer advised.

18:25 — 911 caller reports MVA—D

20:07 — 911 open line, caller stated all OK. Officer advised.

21:27 — Caller requests assistance with non—emergent camping issue.

22:24 — Driver given driving under influence warning.

Aug. 5

0:40 — Caller on 911 reports intoxicated male laying on side of road. Officers to area. Male !taken into protective custody and housed at Homer Jail.

0:59 — Caller on 911 reports self transport medical emergency. Officer and hospital advised.

1:39 — Caller reports loud females at campground. Officer to area, Unable to locate noise.

1:42 — Subject arrested on outstanding warrant and housed at Homer Jail.

2:00 — Officer conducts security check of area.

2:36 — Driver issued driving under influence warning and provided transportation to residence.

9:24 — Caller reports vehicle parked on spit leaking fuel. Harbor parking and on duty harbor officer notified.

10:02 — 911 callers reporting civil dispute. Officer to location. Female issued trespass advisement from property.

15:37 — Officer advises subjects of city ordinance.

15:58 — Caller requests welfare check on family member. Officers to location.

17:38 — Caller reports runaway juvenile. Officer located subject and returned to responsible party.

19:41 — Caller reports domestic disturbance. Officer to scene. No domestic violence crime articulated by parties.

20:09 — Caller reports loose dog. Officer to area, dog went back to RO residence.

21:50 — Caller reports concern for dogs left for long periods of time, and also excessive barking.

21:49 — Caller reports damage done to vehicle while parked at store. Officers to scene.

22:00 — Caller reports theft from vehicle.

21:51 — Anonymous caller reports witnessing physical altercation. Officers to scene.

23:31 — 911 caller reports domestic disturbance. Officer to scene, male party contacted. Male arrested and charged.

23:58 — Caller reports female crying afraid of her boyfriend. Officers to scene. Female arrested for Criminal Mischief and transported to Homer Jail.

Aug. 6

1:01 — Driver arrested for driving under influence/Criminal Mischief IV, domestic violence and housed at Homer jail.

1:40 — Agency reports subject on a mental health hold escaped in vehicle as a passenger. Officers to area.

1:45 — Security check.

8:14 — Alarm company reports residential fire alarm. Alanm company called back to cancel response.

8:20 — Subject turns in found drug paraphernalia.

9:46 — Caller reports lost dog.

11:22 — Caller reports lost wallet.

13:18 — Caller requests welfare check on friend. Officer contacts subject and transports to SPH for voluntary mental evaluation.

13:39 — 911 caller reports civil issue. Officer on another call. Officer later advised.

14:07 — Caller requests welfare check on son. Officers to residence. All OK.

16:06 — Caller reports lost keys.

16:12 — Caller reports injured bird in yard. Contacted USFW.

18:30 — Caller reported that his vehicle may have been stolen. Officers contact vehicle. Vehicle impounded

19:05 — Officer contacted minor in need of supervision.

19:02 — Caller requested welfare check.

19:35 — Caller reported REDDI vehicle.

21:24 — Caller reported camper parked in no camping area of business. Officer advised.

22:15 — Caller reported intoxicated male dancing in the roadway. Officer to the area. Unable to locate.

22:28 — Unknown caller on 911 reports two vehicles parked on vacant lot. Officers to scene, vehicles Gone on arrival.

22:57 — Caller reported noise complaint, possible firearm discharge. Officer to the area.

23:07 — 911 caller reported REDDI vehicle. Officer contacted driver. No impairment noted.


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