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Fortymile caribou hunt to open

August 10th, 2017 | Staff Report Print this article   Email this article  

Hunting season is approaching for Fortymile caribou. The herd is often along the highway and there is a new registration permit hunt condition of which RC860 state and federal hunters must be aware.

A no-hunt corridor in Zone 3 along a portion of the Taylor Highway and the entire length of the Top of the World Highway now prohibits caribou hunting within 100 feet of either side of the road during the state portion of the RC860 hunting season.

This no-hunt corridor only applies to caribou hunters and does not restrict hunters from harvesting other species like grouse and moose. While the state RC860 hunt is open, both state and federally qualified caribou hunters will be affected. Federal hunters do not have to comply with the no-hunt corridor prior to the state hunt opening on Aug. 29 or for the remainder of the federal hunt if the state season closes before the end of the federal season.

The no-hunt corridor includes that portion of Game Management Unit 20E within a corridor extending 100 feet from each side of the road, including the drivable surface of the road, between mileposts 75.5 (South Fork Bridge) and 115.4 (Alder Creek Bridge) of the Taylor Highway, and along the entire length of the Top of the World Highway.

The Board of Game directed the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to use their discretionary permit authority to implement this no-hunt corridor to address safety and conservation issues. Members of the public. as well as law enforcement, have voiced concerns about hunters shooting from and across the highways, parallel to the highways, and in areas with houses and campgrounds. Numerous reports document hunters shooting into groups of caribou from the edge of the highways resulting in wounding loss of caribou. A buffer along the highways will also reduce the amount of animal remains left on or near roadways, turnouts, and campgrounds.

Information about the no-hunt corridor is available at Fish and Game offices and at"'caribouhunting.40mile.


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