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Public Safety - June 30 - July 6

July 14th, 2017 | Staff Report Print this article   Email this article  

Alaska State Troopers

From June 30 through July 5, Troopers had the following cases:

• ?1?misdemeanor DUI arrests?thre?felony DUI Arrests

• ?1?drivers charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license.

• 4?REDDIs reported wit?1?drivers contacted and determined not to be DUI

• 2?damage—only crashes?fou?injury crashes an?zer?fatal collision were investigated by troopers

• Of th?75?citations issued?45?were issued for speeding an?1?issued for seatbelt or other occupant restraint violations.


Homer Volunteer Fire Department responded to 18 EMS calls and three Fire calls for the week of July 3 through 9.


June 30

10:34 — Caller reports abandoned vehicle in parking lot Attempted to contact RO.

11:44 — Caller reports loosing phone in Bishop's beach area.

11:45 — Caller reports possible drug information.

12:10 — 911 misdial from business. Officer to scene, all OK

13:27 — Caller reports vehicle on the Spit improperly parked. Harbor parking enforcement notified.

13:44 — Caller reports traffic complaint. Officer contacts driver.

15:02 — Officer removed debris from the roadway.

16:07 — Caller reports fraudulent credit card charges. Officer advised options.

16:17 — Caller reports vehicle spinning bodies on the beach and speeding. Officer to area. Vehicle contacted and male driver cited for failure to stop at stop sign.

16:35 — 911 open line at business. Mis dial, caller confirmed all OK Officer advised.

17:30 — Business reports suspicious vehicle in parking lot. Officer contacts driver and advised to move vehicle per business request.

20:28 — 911 caller reports domestic dispute. Officer to scene.

21:34 — Caller reports husband is intoxicated and will not leave her alone. Officers to scene. Parties separated for the night.

July 1

3:42 — Officer conducts traffic stop. Driver issued summons for FTIV and cited for DWLS.

5:23 — Caller reports male and female yelling in vehicle, possible assault. Officers to scene, verbal only.

5:10 — Driver issued DUI warning.

8:33 — Caller reports domestic dispute after the fact. Officers to location.

8:38 — Caller reports REDDI vehicle. Officers on another call, passed on to AST.

9:18 — Female arrested for DUI-Drugs.

9:40 — Caller reports low flying planes making too much noise. Referred to appropriate agency.

12:00 — Male presents at counter with possible info regarding case.

14:33 — Caller reports suspicious vehicle in neighbor's driveway

16:16 — Caller reports vehicle blocking his in parking lot. Officer to location. Vehicle moved by ACE Towing.

17:20 — Caller reports hit and run after the fact. PARS advised.

18:53 — Male presented at counter with correctable citation.

20:49 — Driver warned for speed.

21:40 — Officer conducts check of park and campground.

23:34 — Officer conducts welfare check on female near road crying.

July 2

3:41 — Driver warned for speed.

7:07 — Abandoned Vehicle

9:20 — Officers assist AST.

12:45 — Officer conducts security check of beach area.

13:23 — Caller reports shoplifter. Officer to location. Subject summonsed for Concealment of Merchandise and issued —year trespass from location.

14:06 — Caller reports vehicle passing unsafely.

15:20 — Caller reports vehicle blocking several other vehicles in parking lot.

16:21 — Suspicious Circumstances

17:09 — Officer inspected taxi cab.

19:16 — Caller reported theft of phone.

19:56 — Caller requested patrols after theft from vehicle.

20:12 — Caller reported dog attack with no injuries. Officer to scene.

21:41 — Caller reports arriving home and male exited residence after assaulting RO.

22:10 — Caller reports occupants in vehicle smoking marijuana in public. Officer on priority call.

23:55 — Officer contacted subject setting off fireworks.

July 3

1:10 — Anon caller on 911 reports group of six to eight subjects kicking signs over while walking towards town. Officer to area, UTL.

1:08 — Officer requested to assist medics.

4:0 — Audible fire alarn at business. Officers to scene.

6:52 — Caller requests welfare check an family member. Officers to scene.

8:51 — Female given traffic warning.

10:34 — Caller request welfare check on a male that made suicidal threats. Officer advised. Caller called back and advised that male was OK.

10:32 — 911 caller reported vehicle possibly casing houses. left the area.

10:41 — Caller reported hit and run. No officer available at time of call will advise later.

10:43 — Caller reported male driving that should not be driving. Officer advised.

11:15 — Subject presents at counter with correctable citation.

11:32 — Subject presents at counter to have window tint checked.

11:52 — Caller reports REDDI vehicle.

12:23 — Agency requests officer presence for agitated client. Officer stands by.

12:50 — Subject presents at counter with correctable citation.

13:15 — Anonymous female turns In found ID card. ID card returned to RO.

13:50 — Subject presents at counter for taxicab inspection.

14:40 — Caller request to speak to an officer In reference DV, paperwork and personal belongings. Caller advised options.

15:00 — Subject presents at counter to report scam. AST also advised

15:24 — Caller reports juveniles on skateboards in road.

16:48 — Subject presents at counter with correctable citations.

19:21 — 911 caller reports hearing what sounded like gunshots. Officer to area. Noise was found to be fireworks.

19:21 — Caller requesting welfare check on wife, who he can't locate. Officer advised to BOLO. Officer contacted subject. All OK

19:52 — Officer flagged down and removes hazard from roadway.

20:22 — Caller on 911 reports occupants of two white SUVs in verbal, one vehicle almost rammed the other. Officer to area.

20:48 — Caller reports a disagreement with an intoxicated male on the beach. Officer advised.

21:45 — Caller reported fireworks on beach. Officer contacted responsible party and issued warning.

22:08 — Caller reported loose dog with no collar. Officer and agency notified.

23:14 — Officer advised driver of suspended driver status

23:31 — Caller reported loud music. Officer to the area.

July 4

0:11 — Subject at counter reports unattended juvenile on side of road. Officer located juvenile and returned home.

4:48 — Officer issues driver speed warning.

5:14 — Officer issues driver warning for speed.

7:54 — Anonymous caller reported REDDI Report. Officer to area.

8:24 — Caller reported vehicle that had been Involved with an prior incident as now parked at a local store. Officer to area. Female cited for DWLR.

10:40 — Male presented at front counter reporting lost glasses.

11:40 — Officer conducts traffic stop. One male issued summons for driving in violation of permit

1:59 — Officer conducts traffic stop. One male issued summons for no insurance.

12:31 — Caller reports teenagers throwing sticks at moving vehicles. Officer advised.

13:58 — Several 911 calls reporting MVA —Injury with two vehicles. Officers and medics to scene. ACE Towing to scene.

15:00 — Caller advised female with Injury, driver possibly Intoxicated. Officers to scene.

14:57 — Caller reported a small black dog at large in the area. ACO to area.

16:39 — Caller reported third party report of a female possllby on drugs. Officer advised.

19:31 — 911 pocket dial, shifting fabric heard in background. Officer to scene and contact made. All OK. male was raking the yard.

20:04 — Anonymous 911 caller reports fireworks in area.

20:38 — Caller reports sounds of gunshots.

20:44 — Caller reports REDDI vehicle.Officer contacts driver.

20:47 — Caller reports fireworks at campground.

21:32 — Caller reported finding loose dog.

22:44 — Caller reported noise complaint Officer to the area. Responsible party given warning.

July 5

0:47 — Caller reported fireworks. Officer to scene.

0:18 — Caller reported howling dog. Dog taken to Homer Animal Shelter

0:50 — Subject presents at counter regarding lost dog.

2:16 — Caller reported loud music from neighboring business.

3:36 — Officer conducted security check.

6:20 — Caller reported an active alarm. HVFD paged. Officer to area. Confirmed false alarm.

10:20 — Male presented at front counter with drug information. Officer advised.

11:31 — Female presents at counter regarding citation

11:40 — Caller reported lost eye glasses.

12:04 — Female presents at counter to request options regarding civil child custody matter. Officer advise options.

12:17 — Male presents at counter with correctable citation.

13:30 — Male presented at front counter with a correctible ticket.

13:20 — 911 caller reports suspicious activity/ possibly missing staff member. Staff member contacted, all OK.

13:52 — Officer conducts traffic stop, male cited for misuse of plates.

15:01 — Driver warned for speed.

16:06 — Caller reported lost property.

16:02 — Driver warned for speed.

17:25 — Government business reports unauthorized vehicle parked in lot. Officer advised.

17:34 — Caller reports dog in car with window up. Concern for dog overheating. Vehicle GOA

17:48 — 911 open line, history of pocket dials with number. Nothing suspicious heard in background, Officer to scene.

18:48 — Multiple callers reports disturbance in parking lot of housing complex. Officer to scene.

19:00 — 911 caller reports theft of boat motor. Officer and harbor officer advised.

19:26 — 911 caller reports MVA—D. Officer to scene.

19:30 — Business reports subject trespassing. Officer to scene.

21:00 — Business reports trespass issue. Officer to scene, all okay.

July 6

0:07 — Caller reported disturbance. Officer to scene.

0:50 — Caller reports bear in area.

1:52 — Caller reported barking dog. Officer contacted owner and issue resolved.

3:42 — Officers assist medics.

4:02 — Officer conducts security check.

4:14 — Officer conducted security check.

7:15 — Male presented at front counter, reporting lost wallet. Male was advised options.

8:15 — Caller reported deceased moose along roadway. Proper agency advised. Charity notified to remove moose.

9:58 — Caller reported third party VCOR after the fact. Officer advised caller of options.

10:15 — Male presented at front counter with a correctable ticket.

11:18 — Officer assists medics

11:41 — Report of possible animal abuse given to officer while on unrelated issue.

11:53 — Caller reports suspicious male on motorbike driving though parking lot possibly casing cars. Officer advised.

12:34 — Anonymous caller reports speeding vehicle after the fact.

13:23 — Caller reported vehicles parked on roadway, no plates given. Officer advised.

13:48 — 911 open line, normal conversation heard in background. On call back caller stated all Ok, accidental dial from pocket while riding bicycles.

14:15 — Male presents at counter to report phone scam after the fact. Officer advises options.

15:28 — Caller request an officer for civil stand by.

15:35 — Male presented at front counter reporting storage unit broken into.

15:40 — Female presented at front counter with a correctable ticket.

16:05 — 911 open line, normal conversation heard in the background. On call back caller provided info an stated all OK Officer to area all OK

17:25 — Caller requests welfare check on male subject in roadway talking to himself. Officer to area, UTL

18:50 — Caller reports lost cell phone.

19:30 — Subject presents at counter with correctable equipment citation.

19:40—Caller reports lost autistic child left house on foot in unknown direction. Officer's BOLO area. ChiId found by neighbor and returned home. All OK.

19:20 — 911 caller reports REDDI vehicle. Officer to area. Driver contacted, no impairment detected.

22:25 — Caller requests patrol of area due to suspicious vehicles. Officer conducts check.

22:29 — Driver advised out of state OL suspended.

22:36 — Caller reports suspicious vehicles on neighboring vacant land. Patrol requested. Officer to area.

23:20 — Caller reports MVA—D with large bucket of paint that was left in roadway. Officer to scene. Roadway cleared.

23:44 — Anonymous caller reports female crying in neighboring residence. Officer to scene.


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