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OPINION: Letters - June 15

June 15th, 2017 | Staff Report Print this article   Email this article  

Thank you, Homer

Thank you for caring about your local government. Thank you for hugs, bouquets of flowers, and chocolate. Thank you for listening, conversation, and laughter. Thank you for stopping your car in the middle of the street to state your appreciation. Thank you for construction paper hearts. Thank you for letters to the editor and opinion columns. Thank you for giving your time, energy, and resources to our democratic process.

Thank you for attending council meetings. Thank you for phone calls and emails. Thank you for being kind to your fellow citizens. Thank you for being fierce. Thank you for seeking truth. Thank you for quietly standing firm. Thank you for understanding that recall in Alaska must show grounds, and that following process is not grounds.

Thank you for demonstrating faith in us. Thank you for voting when the sun is high and fish are running. We are humbled.

Donna Aderhold, David Lewis and Catriona Reynolds

Health care providers scholarship

As a 2016 graduate of Homer High School, I would like to thank the Health Care Providers Scholarship Fund at the Homer Foundation for awarding me a scholarship for $2,000. It will be extremely helpful as I continue my education.

I am currently attending DePauw University in Indiana and without the help of this scholarship, my second year would be much more difficult financially for myself and my family. I have declared my major as Kinesiology and am very excited to pursue my dream of becoming a physical therapist with the help of this scholarship.

The student from Homer are truly lucky to have the caring support of people who prioritize education. Thank you again to the Homer Foundation.

Aziza Shemet Pitcher



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