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Peninsula Conference Tournament

March 9th | Sean Pearson Print this article   Email this article  

Peninsula Conference Tournament


MVP: Austin White, Ninilchik;

Coach of Year: Nick Finley, Ninilchik;

First-team all-conference: Ninilchik: Austin White, Tyler Presley; Nikolaevsk: Nikit Fefelov;

Second-team all-conference: Ninilchik: Dalton Geppert; Nikolaevsk: Kalenik Molodih, Anfim Kalugin.

First-team all-tournament: White, Presley, Fefelov;

Second-team all-tournament: Geppert, Molodih;

All-academic team: White


Sportsmanship: Nikolaevsk

Coach of Year: Joshua Demlow, Ninilchik.

First-team all-conference: Ninilchik: DeAnn White, Olivia Delgado; Nikolaevsk: Vera Fefelov;

Second-team all-conference: Ninilchik: Mikayla Clark; Nikolaevsk: Kristin Klaich, Elizabeth Fefelov;

First-team all-tournament: White, Delgado, Fefelov and Chelsea Johnson

Second-place all-tournament: Markiana Yakunin, Klaich, Nikolaevsk;

All-academic team: Fefelov, Yakunin, Sophia Klaich, Delgado, Jodi Kain, and Deborah Brown


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