Tea Party candidate favored in Homer; Elections count updated Friday

• Election results to be certified Sept. 2
By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune

HOMER TRIBUNE/Randi Somers Voters rallied for their favorite candidate at the primary election Tuesday.

Voters rallied for their favorite candidate at the primary election Tuesday.

One surprise in the primary election results showed Joe Miller as the favored Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Homer, as well as all other District 31 precincts including Ninilchik, Kasilof and Anchor River.
Miller’s 1,570 votes topped Dan Sullivan’s 1,118, with Mead Treadwell a distant third at 709. Incumbent Sen. Mark Begich topped all of them in the district results, with 1,674 votes. These are the most recent numbers provided by the Division of Elections after counting 17,721 absentee and early voting ballots.
Statewide, the No vote, to rescind SB21, was winning after primary election day, 79,980 to 73,184. By Thursday’s tally, that changed to 91,195 for No and 82,349 for Yes.
Miller had conceded to Republican Dan Sullivan, though their spread of difference was just under 7,000 statewide, according to the tally immediately following the primary. After Thursday’s count, the numbers pushed up to a 8,363 vote spread.
Miller’s campaign director, Randy DeSoto, said Miller made several visits to Homer during his campaign, beginning early in the spring. The Homer/Anchor Point area also had a strong army of volunteers who worked hard, he said.
“I think it was a function of people there believing in him,” DeSoto said.
Local political radio host Chris Story said Homer’s demographic is different from common perception. He wasn’t surprised to see that Miller did well on the lower Kenai Peninsula.
“This part of the Kenai Peninsula is more conservative in make up than you might glean from certain reputations,” Story said. “With its reputation for being anti-business and the high density of art and art galleries, and a more educated population, it may seem more liberal. But we are conservative at our core.”
While Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell held a lower profile in this area, Tara Kain, the local leader for Miller’s campaign, said many workers placed signs from Homer and Anchor Point to Kasilof. They organized meet and greets, participated in Homer’s Fourth of July parade, and manned a booth at the Kenai Peninsula Fair in Ninilchik.
The message of individual freedoms, individual rights and the U.S. Constitution resonated with older and younger volunteers alike, Kain said.

More race results arrived Friday afternoon
The numbers for Primary Election 2014 changed after official results were announced Friday by the Alaska Division of Elections from untallied ballots. Elections counted 17,721 absentee and early votes. Election results are expected to be certified Sept. 2.
U.S. Senator numbers shifted but kept the line-up of earlier election results: Mark Begich, 52,888 votes; Dan Sullivan, 41,393, Joe Miller, 33,030 and Mead Treadwell, 25,726.

In the Governor’s race statewide, Republican Gov. Sean Parnell led at 74,699 votes on Friday, picking up from 65,267 votes after election day. Democrat Byron Mallot’s 34,569 votes grew to 38,869. District voters tallied 2,310 for Parnell and 1,113 for Mallot. Bill Walker, an independent running for governor on a ticket with candidate for lieutenant governor Craig Fleener, will be on the Nov. 4 ballot facing off against Gov. Parnell and Byron Mallot.
In District 31, voters bucked the statewide trend by favoring the Yes vote, 3,161 to 2,571, to rescind SB21.

Primary Election numbers from Aug. 20 for comparison

From the initial count, four precincts in District 31 favored the No vote: Anchor Point, Funny River No. 2, Kasilof and Ninilchik. This remained the same at the end of Friday.
In the nine precincts combined, there were 14,271 registered voters. Of the 4,915 who voted, the best voter turnout was at Kachemak/Fritz Creek at 39.4 percent. After Friday’s DOE count release, the district voter turnout rose to 40.8 percent, with 5,829 ballots counted.
District 31 followed statewide counts in several races. Lower Kenai Peninsula residents voted Republican Rep. Don Young back into office, 1,679, but Anchor Point resident John R. Cox made a good showing with 769 votes. Statewide, Cox took a respectable 13.5 percent of the Republican vote or 11,726, to Young’s 64,445.
Homer resident Frank Vondersaar also came in at a decent 15 percent overall, 7,654 on the Alaska Independent/Democratic/Libertarian ticket. In the district, he took 313 votes.
Votes of those also running in this race: David Seaward, 219; David Dohner, 143; Forest Dunbar, 884; Jim McDermott, 311 and Frank Vondersaar, 313.
Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan, running for lieutenant governor, took the majority Republican vote statewide; 70.5 percent of that vote or 60,451.
Meanwhile, on the ADL Party winning candidate, Hollis French, took 61.9 percent or 32,916 votes to the next candidate, Bill Williams’ 13,573 votes. In District 31, Sullivan won 1,853, with French taking 1,038 votes. Others: Kelly Wolf, 885 and Andrew Lee, 213 votes.
In Senate District P, incumbent Sen. Gary Stevens took 2,367 out of 2,367 votes on the Republican ballot while on the ADL ballot, Robert Henrichs garnered 1,094 out of 1,094. Rep. Paul Seaton, running uncontested, won 2,443 votes.

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5 Responses for “Tea Party candidate favored in Homer; Elections count updated Friday”

  1. Jo says:

    “a more educated population, it may seem more liberal. But we are conservative at our core.”

    Nice Try Chris Story, but thanks for admiting liberals are more educated.

    Joe miller was just scamming tea party money, it is embarassing that anyone fell for that grifter.

    If you are conservative as you say, it would be wise to start paying attention to how much money is being wasted by the ‘conservative’ Governor Parnell and the ‘conservative’ Alaska Legislature because as they endlessly complained about ACES not working and needing to give oil companies more of our money, they were recklessly spending the +$15 Billion in savings that ACES had collected for the state on ridiculous boondoggles like a road out of Juneau , which is really a ridiculously expensive and dangerous project through avalanche territory, to a mine, then to another ferry terminal even as the Legislature cut funding to the ferry this year. ( also see: “With Tighter Revenue, Lawmakers Should Stop Pushing Ludicrous Megaprojects)

    A Conservative would do as Ronald Reagan suggests “Trust, but Verify” so perhaps you will join for the call to audit the oil companies whose production costs almost doubled to $50 per barrel which they deduct from their taxes paid to Alaska with no explanation, we just trust them.

    These same companies were caught by FERC inflating pipeline costs to increase tariffs, to increase production cost to pay less in taxes. Coincidence? I don’t think so, but the Conservative Alaska legislature and Governor Parnell isn’t interested in looking into it. Is this how a conservative would run their business? (also see: Judge: Oil Companies Cavalierly Wasted Hundreds of Millions on Pipeline Work)

    Interestingly, the oil companies in the past have been caught inflating tariffs to pay less in tax and had to pay the state back billions. The state government was found guilty of “inexcusable trustworthiness” I guess conservatives have a short memory but I am sure that there is no way they would run their business the way the conservative government is running our state.

    All Alaskans should join in the call to release the Gaffney Cline report as Governor Parnell promised he would. Any normal thinking person would question why the state paid for this analysis and Governor Parnell hid the information and put a gag order on the participants.

    No real Conservative would run the Alaskans government the way these ‘conservatives’ have been and they are giving you all a very bad name so I suggest you start paying attention and root out corruption in your own party in our own state government instead of focusing on Begich-Obama Oh my!

  2. Virginia Avila-Haskell MD says:

    Subject: Homer for Joe Miller-How was it all started?

    Since my husband never gives himself any credit, I’m going to mention that all of these started when John began Campaigning for Joe Miller in 2010. He made several contacts in Homer, including John Faulkner of Lands End ( Was then a Joe Miller supporter) During that time, John campaigned vigorously for Joe and managed over 100 volunteer sign wavers, callers and flyer distribution folks in Fairbanks with Pat Chembars. He and I traveled throughout Southeast Alaska during that summer also dropped off signs in Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka and other areas. In April of 2014 John recruited Barnabas Firth for the Joe Miller Campaign at the Blue Bus in Anchor Point over a couple burgers and a telephone call to Joe! He eventually recruited 4 of the lead staff and placed the first 6 Joe Miller signs in Homer w/Bill Keller! John & Barnabas planned Joe’s first meet & greet at the Bidarka Inn during the month of June! Meanwhile, John eventually recruited Tara Cain and she graciously provided her store for Campaign meetings to plan for the events. Since Barnabas worked full time and John moved to Anchorage after jump starting 6 weeks of campaign meetings, Tara eventually assumed the primary job coordinating the volunteers! John often frustrated me with back and forth mentoring calls and text messages to Tara from Anchorage 4-6 days out of the week. In fact, I think we should have started a 12 Step-Program for spouses with “Obsessive-Compulsive Joe Miller Campaign Disorder” together with Tara’s husband Len! Since John won’t share this himself on FB, I thought it would be important to
    share who started the Miller Campaign and the momentum for Homer…my man who kept me up late at night and drove me crazy checking emails and texts back and forth between Tara, Joe et al.
    My dedicated husband, John Haskell – Virginia Haskell, M.D

  3. Your readership might be interested to know that all of the Libertarian (and AI) winners will be going on to the General Election. In the Governor’s race I will be facing Parnell, Mallott, Walker, and Myers. As the Libertarian candidate, I adhere to the platform of individual liberty ,individual rights, and fiscal responsibility. I differ from the social conservative candidates in that I believe that individual liberty applies to social and religious issues also. My biggest issue is to stop the runaway spending in Juneau by limiting government. Please include my name (and the names of all the Libertarian winners) in future articles. My website is carecliftcampaign.com and my Facebook page is CareClift for Alaska. —Carolyn F. “Care” Clift

  4. Chris Story says:

    Jo… Thanks.
    Great point.
    When I read the quote I had the same impression.
    My point was not made clear.
    What I should have said was “pseudo-intellectuals ” who have a reputation of imposing a nanny state and persistent navel gazing.
    Certainly wasn’t speaking to actuall education.
    … Plus I’m an Artist as well.
    Again. Was speaking to outside impressions of Homer.

  5. Maka Fairman says:

    Chris, speaking of education, actuall is actually spelled, “actual”

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