Letters – Aug. 27

Hindsight 20-20

It would be a lot better for Byron Mallott to join up with Bill Walker and be Lt. Gov. than to be third place in the election that gets you nothing. It puts Byron in a good position to be governor down the line.
Also, Alaska needs Byron and Bill in that governor spot because of the hard times Parnell is going to deliver to Alaska in the next year or two. The oil companies are going to push hard for Parnell to get in. They need AFL-CIO organization to counter that. They can’t win on their own.
Patience is what Byron needs. He needs to take little steps to get where he wants to go and he will get there in time. Take a poll on this and you will see that together they would win and apart they will lose. Better to win something than to lose and have nothing.
John Suter

Wooden Boat Festival is almost here

The Kachemak Bay Wooden Boat Society cordially invites you to its annual Dinner-Auction-Dance with the Rogues and Wenches, upstairs at the Homer Elks Lodge, Friday, September 5. Dinner at 6, auction at 7, dance at 8 with the Rogues and Wenches. Dinner and band cover charge are included in the $30 ticket. Dinner will be a hearty Alaskan fish stew with local produce, fresh-baked bread, and salad.
Picture a great hall in a fishing kingdom! It is your role to throng this hall with maritime characters, in your costume of choice. Thus far, we have sea-captains, pirates, wenches in their bawdy bodices, a rum-runner widow, a musical troubadour from afar, the Rogues and Wenches troupe from Anchorage, Alaska, a west coast Kokopelli, and a lovely sea creature.
Call Wooden Boat Headquarters, 235-2628, to reserve your tickets, donate an auction item, or volunteer maritime stuff for decorations.
Sue Butler and Lindianne Sarno

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