2014 ‘unofficial’ primary results, 15,000 outstanding ballots still to be counted

By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune
Statewide, the No vote to rescind SB21 that regulates taxation for oil and gas taxes was in the winning, 79,980 to 73,184.
With 435 precincts reporting out of 441, and more than 15,000 outstanding ballots, these are unofficial 2014 Primary Election results. John Cox

District 31 stretches from Funny River Road to Homer, including the precincts at Ninilchik, Kasilof and Anchor River. In District 31, voters favored the Yes vote, 2,689 to 2,148, to rescind SB21. There are nine precincts in the district and 14,271 registered voters. Of those 4,915 who voted, the best voter turnout at Kachemak/Fritz Creek was at 39.4 percent.
Another hotly contested race, for U.S. Senate, also saw different results so far in District 31 from the rest of the statewide vote count. Joe Miller lead 1,332 to Dan Sullivan’s 948 votes, giving the Tea Party a more enthusiastic nod than the former Alaska natural resources commissioner. Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell trailed third to 586 votes in this district, and likewise took third place statewide at 22,564 or 24.9 percent of the Republican vote.
The tide of these races could change after official results are announced from untallied ballots. Elections sent out 11,515 absentee ballots.  Another 3,066 early ballots remain to be counted, as do all question votes from Tuesday’s election, said Elections Director Gail Fenumiai.
Incumbent U.S. Senator Mark Begich retained only a narrow leading count at 1,403. Statewide, Begich garnered more votes than any of his Republican adversaries. He won 47,631 to Dan Sullivan’s 36,293 votes statewide. The votes of those also running in this race: Zachary Kile, 45; Scott Kohlhass, 6; Vic Kohring, 52; Thom Walker, 91; Mark Fish, 34;  and Bill Bryk, 40.
District 31 voted Republican Rep. Don Young back into office, 1,679, but Anchor Point resident John R. Cox made a good showing with 769 votes. Statewide, Cox took a respectable 13.5 percent of the Republican vote or 11,726, to Young’s 64,445. Homer resident Frank Vondersaar also came up at a respectable 15 percent of all, 7,654. In the district, he took 313 votes  The votes of those also running in this race: David Seaward, 219; David Dohner, 143; Forest Dunbar, 884; Jim McDermott, 311 and Frank Vondersaar, 313.
In the Alaska governor’s race, Sean Parnell led in District 31’s vote, 1,938 to leading Democrat candidate Byron Mallot’s 944 votes. Statewide, Parnell took 65,267 to Mallot’s 34,569 votes. Other candidates: Brad Snowden, 339; Gerald Heikes, 109 and Russ Millette, 379; Carolyn Clift, 272 and Phil Stoddard, 269
Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan, running for lieutenant governor took the major Republican vote statewide,70.5 percent of that vote or 60,451. Meanwhile, on the Democrat/Libertarian/Independence Party winning candidate, Hollis French, took 61.9 percent or 32,916 votes to the next candidate, Bill Williams’ 13,573 votes. In District 31, Sullivan won 1,853, with French taking 1,038 votes. Also running: Kelly Wolf, 885 and
Andrew Lee, 213 votes
In Senate District P, incumbent Sen. Gary Stevens took 2,367 out of 2,367 votes on the Republican ballot while on the ADL ballot, Robert Henrichs garnered 1,094 out of 1,094.
Rep. Paul Seaton is running uncontested, winning 2,443 votes.

This is a developing story.

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  1. jo says:


    It is important to remember our votes our counted on diebold accuvote machines which are easily hackable and sent through a diebold central tabulator.

    Howard Dean Hacks the same GEMS system in less than 5 minutes in a “Hack the vote” video with Bev Harris.

    Public opinion was for the repeal, all comments in newspapers except for obvious out of state paid shills, overflowing debates had people cheering for repeal arguments and laughing at arguments made by oil company shills.

    Since our votes are only counted by diebold, we have no way of verifying this election.

    As Ronald Reagan said “Trust, but verify”

    Because of election problems in recent past history, such as 200% in 16 out of 40 districts in 2004, we cannot just trust voting machines, we must verify them with a hand count of our paper ballots.

    How can we claim to be the greatest democracy on earth, as we allow our ballots to be counted in private with secret source code on electronic voting machines. Our founders would be rolling in their graves.

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