Letters – July 9

A great day to show off your dogs
Thank you to all who participated in Homer Animal Friends’ 15th-annual Strut Your Mutt. It was a fun-filled day of dog agility by Homer Dog Trainers, as well as contests, games and the parade of dogs walking about town.
This fundraiser helps support our Spay/Neuter Program and encourages the pet/human bond relationship. A big thank you to all the volunteers and to our sponsors Homer Hounds, Homer Tribune, Lisa Ann’s Grooming, Homer Vet Clinic, Soldotna Animal Hospital, Quick Draw Water, Hills and supporters — Ulmers Drug & Hardware, Save-U-More and Safeway.
Lynn Kee
HAF volunteer

Religious divisiveness in Homer

I was asked to accompany a friend to church in Homer this weekend. I entered with an open mind and was simply blown away. The pastor began with a talk on the need to be able to recognize false messengers and prophets. He then proceeded to talk to his congregation about many positive things, which included being grateful, giving thanks, sharing and caring and much more. They were all very good messages — and then the shoe dropped.
The pastor spoke of the “unholy nation of Iraq,” clearly throwing all Muslim people and non-Christians that live there under the bus. Then he proceeded to talk about the Hindu religion, speaking of heathen-like practices that include sinning, and then praying to wash away the sins and going back and sinning again!
Specifically, he spoke of a country-wide celebration that happens every year, where everyone in India apparently parties like rock stars while wearing white, and then getting colors splattered onto their white. He spoke of the unholy practices of the Hindus, and then went further to explain that he was even aware of villages where there are Hindu places of prayer, as well as brothels surrounding the edges of the city. He inferred that the spiritual leaders frequented the brothels. He basically tossed all Hindu people under the bus.
I wonder what the Hindus would think about the many Christian and Catholic religious leaders who have been found guilty of horrible sexual acts with children and if that could give them cause to discredit an entire group of people who practice a religion. I hope they would be above coming to the conclusions this pastor did.
The pastor went on to refer to the “Synagogue of Satan.” (Clarification: Synagogue is defined as, “the building where a Jewish assembly or congregation meets for religious worship and instruction.)
We wonder how wars begin, prejudice is started and eventually genocide even becomes possible. Messengers like this man are the guilty parties that perpetuate hate, fear and violence in this world. I am truly shocked and blown away.
Is this what is taught in church? Is this what Jesus taught? What would Brother Asaiah say?
I always thought that if we treated all religions as our neighbors, maybe we would be able to coexist and live in a more peaceful world.
Rob Rosenfeld

Iowa a liberal state

I’m writing to express my view on Mr. Firth’s letter (Homer Tribune, June 11). As an Iowan, I have to say that Iowa is a very liberal state in a lot of areas. We celebrate multi-culturism and diversity there. It’s not all cornfields and good ol’ boys. Mr. Firth, are you familiar with the term “passive-aggressive?” That is how I found your article to be. I did find your ramblings to be thinly veiled bigotry. Iowa’s culture has evolved, just as Alaska’s culture is evolving. You seem to want to see people free — just not too free. Don’t worry, Mr. Firth, no one is going to make you do anything you don’t want to —unless it’s unlawful, of course!
John Ellis

Belief goes a long way

I am a recent 2014 graduate of Homer High School. A few months before graduation, I attended a talk given by Joy Steward of the Homer Foundation regarding college scholarships and learned about the Beluga Tale Fiction Writing scholarship awarded by the Tin Roof Foundation.
As a student who recently discovered the joy of writing, I eagerly submitted an application and three samples of my recent writing projects. I was ecstatic to learn that I had been picked to receive this $3,000 dollar scholarship to help with my first year of college.
It is with deep appreciation that I would like to thank the Tin Roof Foundation and its donors, the Homer Foundation, Joy Steward, and everyone who is involved in awarding this scholarship.
I would like to especially thank the anonymous donor for their generosity. It is because of you that I will be able to attend my first year of college at the University of Alaska Anchorage and focus on my classes and not have to try to juggle a full class load along with a full-time job.
Over the next four years, I will be pursuing a degree in social work, and when I receive my diploma I will remember that one of the reasons it was made possible was because of your belief and your appreciation in my ability and talent as a fiction writer.
Megan Garoutte

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