Letters – June 4

Homer providers ‘saved my life’

On May 23, Dr. Larson, an oncologist who comes to South Peninsula Hospital every other week, gave me the great news that I am cancer-free. I would only need to have follow-up cat scans. Less than two weeks before, a cat scan revealed a cancerous tumor in the right lung.
On May 23, Dr. Paul Sayer performed a thoracotomy and removed the tumor and surrounding tissue. The cancer was caught very early and had not spread.
My thanks go out to Dr. Raymond, Styers and Klamser for their conscientious attention and medical advice. To SPH surgery, respiratory staff, imaging, nursing — and especially to Dr. Sayer, my wonderful surgeon.
I am grateful for the reassurance from Dr. Larson that the procedures and care I received right here in Homer were appropriate and done without any delay. It undoubtedly saved my life. My thanks to all.
Bobby Day

A little wolf irony

Mixed emotions?
First, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game pours out thousands of taxpayers’ dollars for the wanton and deliberate slaughter of wolf cubs in their dens; under the guise of moose enhancement.
Then turn around with an outpouring of hearts, as well as an outpouring of more tax money, for the rescue and enhancement of five wolf cubs trapped in a forest fire.
John A. Anderson

Make a memory and be a legend

To everyone in Homer:
On Solstice Saturday night, a crazy thing will happen for the first time in Ulmer’s parking lot. It’s a chance for Homer to originate a fun little community celebration in our fun little tourist town by the sea. Please be part of this.
Legends are told about how these little community celebrations start. Be a legend. Duct tape a UFO to your 4-wheeler and bring out cheerleaders when you display it; or out-do that guy with your family’s own cosmic ride display. Who will dream up a bed-racing strategy they’ll never see coming and win it all in glorious style?
Come with old friends and meet some new friends. Dress for Solstice. Have some fun. Party with your extended family and help Homer establish a fun new tradition. And bring a camera.
For info., see Facebook “Homer Solstice Celebration” or call 907-299-0319.
Dax Radtke

Camps for creative kids (and adults)

Summer is here, and so are youth summer art opportunities.
Homer Council on the Arts has renamed the Homer Music Camp (which used to be Bluegrass Camp for Kids and Andrew Vait’s Rock/Pop Camp) to HomerARTS Camp.
The plan is to grow, adding additional art offerings to the contemporary and traditional music classes so many Homer youth have enjoyed over the years.
This summer, we are adding jazz, ceramics, art, dance and improvisational theatre to the class choices.
Camp dates are June 16-20, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. for youth 8-18 years old at West Homer Elementary. The camp will also offer classes and events to adults and the community.
On Tuesday June 17, classes for adults will be available from 7-9 p.m. at WHE. Campers and staff will do an open mic on Wednesday, June 18 at KBay Caffe.
On Thursday June 19, the staff will perform at Homer Council on the Arts at 7 p.m. And on Friday, the students closing performance is open to the public at 3:30 p.m. at West Homer Elementary.
In order to make the camp possible and offer financial assistance, we rely on grants and sponsorships. This year, we are very excited to receive support from the Homer Foundation, Youth Advisory Committee with funding from YAC’s generous donors and the Sheldon Youth to Youth Fund.
This school year, YAC consisted of Homer Middle School students who learned about philanthropy, volunteerism and leadership during lunch meetings with HMS teacher/advisor Bonnie Jason, Bonnie also serves on the Homer Foundation board of trustees. The students processed the grant applications and participated in the decision-making for the funding. Thank you to the Homer Middle School YAC Team.
Thank you, also, to our local businesses that support the arts and our youth. Wells Fargo Bank continues to make a generous annual donation toward the HCOA youth summer programs; Harbor Enterprises, the parent company for Petro Marine, who owns Petro Express, was also very generous with their support of the HomerARTS Camp.
Malone Insurance, a local Alaska insurance company, supports our youth camp, as well as our local guiding service, True North Kayak Adventure and First National Bank donated funds specifically for financial assistance.
Please take a moment to thank the owners and employees of these local businesses who value the quality of life we have here in Homer by supporting the arts and our youth. Thank you so much!
For more information about HomerARTS Camp, please call HCOA at 235-4288, or visit www.homerarts.org
Gail Edgerly
Executive Director
Homer Council on the Arts

Grants support healthy BBBS activities

A “Big” thank you to the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee and the Sheldon Youth to Youth fund for their donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters and our matches.
Through their generosity, our program was able to purchase several swim passes for both Bigs and Littles to use. This grant not only supports a healthy activity for Bigs and Littles to participate in, but also engages our Littles in the community and is a great opportunity for them to work on their social skills.
Because we do not charge children and families to participate in our mentoring program, we appreciate the support of the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee and the community for helping to sustain our program.
Jenny Martin
Executive director

Frank fights fascists

Seventy years ago, United States forces began the final push to remove fascism from Europe.
This year, Alaskans can begin the final push to eliminate 35 years of Bush/Reagan fascism from Alaska and the U.S. For those who doubt we have been under fascist, rather than conservative control, I refer to an expert.
“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini.
Since there is no quick, easy way to undo the damage to Alaska and the U.S. caused by the five hard-core fascist prostitute Justice majority U.S. Supreme Court, we must begin by removing fascist politicians, like Don Young, from the U.S. House.
As a 30-year political prisoner of the Bush/Reagan fascist criminal vermin, I have established my anti-fascist credentials. One of my first acts upon election will be to introduce legislation to reverse the effects of “Citizens United” and “McCutcheon.”
Vote Yes on 1. For more information, go to: https://sites.google.com/site/vondersaar/
Frank Vondersaar
Candidate for U.S. House

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    Do you really think you are giving yourself any legitimacy as anything more that a nutty perennial candidate by quoting Mussolini?

    It’s too bad you failed to follow up with that Air Force shrink you wrote about a few months ago.

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