Letters – June 11

Takin’ it to the trails

State parks are very important for the collective well-being of those who live here. Our local crown jewel, Kachemak Bay State Park, is no exception.
With its 80 miles of trails, coves and bays for great kayaking opportunities, Kachemak Bay State Park offers both accessibility and a sense of Alaska wilderness.
None of this is lost on those who live here. Once again, local residents have demonstrated in a big way, their appreciation of our local state park.
The annual Trails Day was a huge success, despite a little rain. Eighty enthusiastic volunteers showed up to clear the trails and help build a bridge.
Thanks go out to many: Beluga Air for flying volunteers into China Poot Lake; Water taxis Bay Roamers, Homer Ocean Charters, Ashore Water Taxi, Mako’s Water Taxi, Red Mountain Marine, True North Adventures and Bay Excursions for helping to transport volunteers.
And a big shout-out to HoWL for their organizational prowess. Thanks to everyone involved.
Happy Trails,
Mako Haggerty, president
Friends of Kachemak Bay State Parks

Do what you dream

I want to thank the Tin Roof Fund and the Homer Foundation for awarding me the Beluga Tails Nonfiction scholarship for the 2014 school year.
Even though I have not yet set a foot inside of Bard College, my friends, my family members and members of the community have been asking me what I intend to major in. I have been battling with the idea of majoring in English and creative writing. Receiving this honor has made me feel it’s possible to pursue my love of writing as a career. It was something I had previously been wary about. This award helped remind me that this is what I love to do, and everyone should pursue what they love.
Thanks again to the Tin Roof Fund and the Homer foundation for making this possible. I’m honored by and immensely grateful for their donations.
Hannah Baird

Scholarship thank you

I was very happy to learn that I received scholarships from Homer No. 2127 and State Elks Clubs, Homer Emblem Club No. 350, Peninsula Oilers Booster Club, Vickey J. Hodnik, Alaska State Employees Association, Conoco Phillips, Alaska State and Supreme Emblem Clubs and HEA.
I write this to thank each of these associations and organizations for their generous financial support of my higher education. By awarding me these scholarships, I am able to concentrate on what is important to me: education.
I am so grateful to live in such a wonderful and caring community, and I can’t express my gratitude enough toward all of those who have helped me out; including my fellow class mates. Thanks again for all you have done.
Brian Rowe

Karma’s gonna get ya

To the lady who came down here and cut up a bunch of trees she wasn’t suppose to cut last Saturday, remember this: What goes around comes around.
Kim Koppen

Party system flawed

Pressed and inquired of as to if — bottom line — I’d vote democratic or republican, I replied that there are other choices. (Even if you feel the system is totally rigged).
The true “powers that be” control both of those parties. They make it appear that we have a choice. They get us to feud over issues the other party seems to champion, but care little about them. It serves their interests for us to be distracted from the big issues.
I got to thinking about animals being caged or domesticated, compared to the free-range or wild animals in the animal kingdom. I make this analogy.
The “caged” are protected and fed by an overseer. The wild/free range have less protection and greater risks of death or injury. Yet those “wilder” animals are stronger and healthier, and certainly live more interesting lives. In humans, the more liberty we have, the more innovative, inventive and productive we are.
Given the choice, I’d choose to be more free — despite the extra risks and some of the seeming cruelty incurred. (Talking about government, guns, privacy, etc.) When is the last time Congress —the millionaire club — passed legislation to strengthen rights and freedoms rather than allow their erosion? 
Rev. Richard Olson

Dinner in the Street a success

A perfect culmination of a year brimming with creative placemaking efforts, over 200 guests and volunteers took part in Old Town’s biggest placemaking experiment yet: Dinner in the Street.
Bunnell introduced the term “Creative Placemaking” to our Homer community last June at the announcement of our ArtPlace America grant.  ArtPlace America is a collaboration of 14 foundations, 8 federal agencies and 6 financial institutions who are strengthening American communities through social, physical and economic development around artist-led initiatives.
The central inspiration of the Dinner in the Street idea was an effort to reclaim public space, enriching a sense of place and neighborhood identity by creating an ephemeral, participatory event. 
We shut down the street. We celebrated community. We were surrounded by public art (gardens, murals and an outdoor buoy sculpture by Jarod Charzewski).  Inside Bunnell Street Arts Center displayed a Silent Art Auction, featuring work by 36 Alaskan artists.  We tasted local Old Town cuisine. We ate out of handcrafted bowls.  We were pedestrians reclaiming the street as our commons.  Together, we made a space a special “place”.
Bunnell Street Arts Center would especially like to thank the Elk’s Lodge for being such an incredible gracious host for this event.  The Elks agreed to accommodate the event as a “rain date location” but when the sun pushed through the clouds, we were able to have the best of both worlds: appetizers and desserts outside on West Bunnell Avenue, and a sit-down bouillabaisse dinner at the Elks Lodge! The Elks has an undoubtedly high priority for community building. The success of this Old Town event is largely due to the Elks’ generosity and commitment to fostering healthy collaborative relationships in Old Town, for Old Town (and beyond!).  I’d like to personally thank Elk’s Loyal Knight, Tom Stroozas and Exalted Ruler, Marlena Hodgdon for the facilitation of this first-time Dinner in the Street event! Thank you for partnering with us and showing our guests how proud we are of the new Old Town collaborative efforts!
Thank you to Maura’s Café and Delicatessen.  Café co-owner and President of Bunnell’s Board of Directors, Maura Brenin organized and executed the Kachemak Bay seafood bouillabaisse, ratatouille and local greens main dish.  To make our feast even more artful, she also marshalled two hundred local bowls from the cabinets of many gracious Bunnell artists and volunteers. With a fantastic team, she and John Brown, Chef of AJ’s Steakhouse, poached crab, salmon, scallops, shrimp and shellfish in the saffron wine broth for 200+ guests. It was incredible! 
Thank you to all of our Old Town restaurants.  Two Sister’s Bakery provided local greens, fresh baked bread and our fantastic local rhubarb slab pie dessert!  Thank you Adrienne Sweeney of AJ’s Old Town Steakhouse for providing salmon and serving our libations! Thank you to “Tiny” and Lisa Nolan, of Fat Olives for providing the delicious torta appetizers. Thank you Jeff and Kelly Lockwood of Monkey’s Fist Charcuterie for the handmade charcuterie spread!  Carey Restino and Snowshoe Hollow Farms also provided the 200-person dinner with donations of local greens, Thank you!
And finally, Bunnell Street Arts Center’s Board and Staff would like to thank our festive and hardworking volunteers: Desiree Hagen, Dina Gherman, Marcia Lynn, Rachael Brennan, Nikki Hennick, Daniel Bolton, Bill Wimmerstedt, Carl Bice, Kelly Jackman, Jeremy Bough, John Whittier, Melisse Reichman, Liz Villareal, and Gus Beck.
And thank you to all of our guests who came to celebrate Bunnell’s past year’s creative placemaking efforts.  Your participation made it the unforgettable success it was!”
Brianna M. Allen
Old Town Development Coordinator
Bunnell Street Arts Center

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