K-Bay State Park Trail Conditions

June 8, 2014

• Black and brown bears have been reported along the Emerald Lake Trail around the Portlock Plateau.

• Snow levels are at 1500-2000 ft., depending upon aspect of slope. Large snow patches are expected at higher elevations, which can obscure trail locations. Trails can be very bushy in places.
• Trails in KBSP are rough, with steep grades in places, and in some cases only marked routes. It is advisable to add one-third to your average hiking time. Trails can be very brushy and overgrown. When in doubt, look for chainsaw cuts.
• Grewingk Creek Tram is open and upgraded, but difficult to use. A minimum of two people is suggested for tram operation. Gloves are recommended.
• Practice “Leave No Trace” etiquette and pack out what you pack in.
• Report problems or complaints to the Park Ranger: 235-7024 or 262-5581.

The following trails are considered cleared of deadfall: China Poot Lake, Estuary, Saddle, Glacier Lake, Blue Ice, Grewingk Tram Spur, Tutka Lake.

Trails Not Cleared: South route of Poot Peak, Coalition, Moose Valley, Lagoon, Goat Rope, Alpine, Mallard Bay, Tutka-Jakolof, Woznesenski River,

• The north route of Poot Peak Trail is unmaintained and brushy, with possible fallen trees across the trail. Use caution when climbing to the summit. The route climbs up scree slope and the rock is unstable.
• The Spur Trail down to China Poot Creek no longer exists, and hiking the falls is not recommended.
• The trail between China Poot Bay and China Poot Lake is heavily overgrown, as is the Lagoon Trail. Hiking it is not recommended, EXCEPT for the portion of trail from Halibut Creek flats to Goat Rope Trail that has been cleared of deadfall.
• Emerald Lake Loop Trail is hike able, but brushy along Foen Ridge. The area between Portlock Plateau and Emerald Lake is brushy, and covered with large snow patches. Expect trees to be down between Grewingk Lake and Emerald Lake.
• Sadie Knob Trail is cleared of deadfall from Otter Cove dock to Alpine. It is not cleared from N. Eldred trailhead to Quiet Cr. AND from S. Eldred trailhead to Otter Cove Jct.
• Grace Ridge Trail is hike able, with a few trees down on the north side.

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