Homer Time Bank hosts ‘Plerk’ party

• Bringing back the barter system
By Randi Somers
Homer Tribune

Time Bank

Time Bank

Need help with house-cleaning or gardening? Want to borrow a kayak? Need a ride across the Bay?
The Time Bank is here to help.
Based on a barter system that was used long before money was invented, time banks create an accounting system where individuals and organizations can post requests for help and services offered for time credits. Everyone’s time is valued equally and the whole community benefits.
Time Banks all across America help people swap their time, energy and skills with each other rather than pay money for services.
Their website says “Our mission is to strengthen our community by matching unmet needs with untapped resources. We help people help each other.”
Mark Tanski, one of the local organizers, said the concept is based on a precept that dates from the early history of the human race. It contributes toward turning the community into a support network.
Homer Time Bank founder Laura Brooks said Saturday’s event is the third-annual Plerk party; a community service project with a potluck meal and lots of fun.
“Plerk parties combine play and work,” Brooks said. “It gives each participant a perk by knowing they are helping their community.”
Saturday’s event will be held at the Julie Cesarini Memorial Garden behind the St. Augustine Episcopal Church, which is across from Homer Middle School. Watch for Plerk Party signs. The garden where we’re meeting provides fresh produce for the Homer Food Pantry.
“We will start working at 10 a.m. and continue until around 2 p.m.,” Brooks said.
Any Time Bank member will earn time credits by helping, and there are many ways to help: bring a potluck dish, provide child care, bring vegetable starts, perform music, help build a new garden bed, plant it and tend the garden.
“Time Banks cross-pollinate the community by creating links between people who may not otherwise connect,” she said.
If you are not yet a member. computers will be available to sign up on site. Time credits you earn during this event can be spent on any offers through the time bank.

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  1. Patricia Cue says:

    Great idea. Julie Cesarini will be smiling on you great folks.

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