Letters – May 21

Celebrate summer solstice as a community

Do you own a mask made out of a picture of your 7-year old? How long has it been since your big brother took a pie in the face for a charity? Would your family gang up for a little Solstice bed racing? Could cash prizes motivate your kids to modify that old 4-wheeler to look like a UFO in flames? Do you like events with laughing, music, crazy activities, and food vendors?
Maybe it’s time for our cosmic hamlet to celebrate Summer Solstice as a community.
Everyone who reads this, including families, businesses, sports teams, groups and especially nonprofits, is invited to be a part of a very different Homer-style solstice celebration this year; one for the community. Open to all vendors, etc., the event is designed to feature unlimited NPO fund raisers and will, with community support, be absolutely crazy. And if we can rock it in it’s first year, Homer, we’ll all be starting down a pretty fun path together.
No, I’m not the Chamber Of Commerce, but unlike them, I do have the time and motivation to organize a fun, self-financing, community-friendly party. I’ve done it several times. However without city funding and Chamber connections, I will absolutely need a little Homer love in the first year. I’m putting my faith in Homer. If your business, group, or family wants to see things like this grow rather than disappear, all I ask is that you get involved in the fun somehow. For your help, there will be a big colorful banner to thank our sponsors and participants at the event. (Please register early)
So if your gang wants to lead rather than follow, please be part of this first-year Solstice Celebration as a vendor, sponsor, NPO, family, or just as a spectator. See you at The End Of The Road Solstice Celebration, June 21, Lake Street, 7:00. Lots more info on Facebook “Homer Solstice Celebration” or call me at 907-299-0319. And please, spread the word!
Dax Radtke

Book discussion ‘for the dogs’

I would like to thank Dr. Dots Sherwood for leading the book discussion on “Pukka’s Promise” last Thursday night at the Homer Bookstore.
Everyone who attended gained new information on pet vaccinations, food, spaying/neutering and environment. Homer is so lucky to have Dr. Sherwood and her progressive thinking about our pets.
Thank you to the Homer Bookstore for hosting the discussion group and for their great selection of books on pets. They are always willing to order books and help keep Homer Dog Trainers supplied with the book “Puppy Start Right,” which is used in puppy kindergarten.
If you wish to learn more, “Pukka’s Promise,” by Ted Kerasota, is a available at the Homer Bookstore or the Homer Library. The book discussion was sponsored by Homer Animal Friends.
Pat Boone
Homer Animal Friends

Flex thanks

On behalf of Homer Flex staff and students, I want to thank the Rotary Club of Homer Downtown and the Homer Foundation for their generous grant to our school, dedicated to our students’ health.
This grant supported our healthy lifestyles program; the money was used to purchase healthy snacks, transportation to and fees for rental of physical education venues. In addition, we were able to use funds remaining at the end of the year to pay for a portion of our field trip to Seward, where students hiked at Exit Glacier — a culminating PE experience.
Homer Flex cannot provide enough healthy food or healthy physical education without the generous help from our community partners. We appreciate the opportunity to receive these gifts from the Rotary Club of Homer Downtown through the Homer Foundation and thank you for the service you have provided us. What a difference you have made to our program this year! Thank you!
Karen Wessel and
Homer Flex Students and Staff

Seattle birder loved ‘On the Wing’

I have just returned to Seattle from attending the Shorebird Festival. I would like to congratulate the community, the organizers, presenters and others for providing a wonderful experience. Whoever is in charge of weather should also be commended! But most of all, I want to congratulate the organizers and performers of the “On the Wing” concert.
Attending the concert was a last-minute decision, and quite possibly the best decision I made during my week in Homer. The music and poetry touched my heart and the sense of community was powerful and left me wishing that I too could live in Homer! I can only hope to be in the audience once again next year. Thank you Homer for a wonderful week!
Liela Nicholas

Scalzi remembered through scholarship

I would like to offer a big thank you to the Drew Scalzi family and the Homer Foundation for honoring me with the Drew Scalzi Memorial Maritime Scholarship. This award will go a long way toward offsetting the cost of the Information Technology Program at AVTEC, which I will be attending this coming August.
I will do my best to honor your faith in me and the memory of Drew Scalzi. Thank you all again for supporting my goal.
Deonisy Konev

C’mon, get healthy

West Homer Elementary participated in the Healthy Futures Alaska spring program this year. It is a wonderful program that encourages students to be active a minimum 30 minutes a day, three times a week.
During February, March and April, students and staff recorded their activity and turned in their activity logs each month. Thanks to our supportive administrator and staff, we had a great turnout.
We reached out to the community to obtain incentives for staff and additional incentives for students with a very limited budget. The response from the community was amazing. We would like to thank West Homer Elementary’s wonderful PTO for providing us with the funds for student incentives. Thank you to Mike Illg at Community Schools for the generous donation of the student and staff punch cards, Mary Jo Campbridge at Alaska Training Room for the generous donation of three one month passes, Kellie Blue at The Bay Club for the generous donation of a three month pass, Bridget Kuhns at the Katie Kuhns Aquatic Center, as well as Kevin Bell Arena, for letting us purchase a modified swim and skating punch cards for the students.
Thanks again for all of your support.
Laura Peek, school nurse
Keri Syth, PE teacher

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