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Volunteers create cenotaph on local beach

For several weeks, volunteers have been making sand and clay bricks to build a round structure, called a cenotaph, on the beach below and west of the Elks Club. The beach site can be reached from the parking lot at the bottom of Main Street. The project is entitled “Searching for the Sublime.” They plan to have it completed by the end of May.
Backed by the Bunnell Street Art Gallery and funded by Art Place America the project will include community events. The launching of the cenotaph will feature melting a big block of ice in the structure, with the drippings playing several instruments, tambourines, drums and bells when they light a fire under it, according to one of the facilitators, Michael Garace.
The volunteers are using clay hauled from a bluff out East End Road and clean sand sold to them at a reasonable price by Dibble Creek Rock to create the bricks for the structure which is expected to be big enough for a human, Garace said.
Recruits join the project after finding it on their website, “Searching for the Sublime” or Facebook or just walking down the bluff at the end of Main Street to join the work on the beach.
Their website says it’s a multidimensional social art project that explores Alaska narratives concerning romantic notions of individualism and epic adventures. The artists plan to host a number of events and art actions centered around the structure and they invite everyone to come and participate. Searching for the Sublime is a multidimensional social art project conceived by the three young men to stimulate the search for self within the sublime limitlessness of nature, according to their website. All this month they engaged Homer community members through interviews and collective building of the ephemeral art installation and sound sculpture. Last Monday they went on an ice gathering “across the bay adventure” which was filmed but was not a public event.
Then from May 29 to 31 the community and the artists are to activate the sculpture, building a fire under the ice block. Sunday, June 1, they plan to hold the final sound sculpture event with the public invited to an evening beach fire.

New captain takes the wheel

Seldovia, ALASKA—Many people say they love Seldovia, but Jeremiah Campbell has gone “all in,” recently quitting his job of nearly eight years and purchasing the iconic Boardwalk Hotel with his wife Angela.
Jeremiah will be helping travelers make the journey between Seldovia and Homer as the new captain of the 83-foot, 150-passenger M/V Kachemak Voyager of Seldovia Bay Ferry. Jeremiah is an experienced hand. Growing up in Seward, he has commercial fished off and on since he was 14, has owned a charter fishing company in Seward since 2003 and has held his 100 ton license for nearly 10 years.
“The Kachemak Voyager is an amazing vessel, a very smooth ride,” he said, adding that he is looking forward to meeting many new people this summer while making frequent crossings between Seldovia and Homer. “I hope to strengthen the position of the fast ferry in Seldovia and look forward to working with the community and other businesses to help keep it a viable travel option for the years ahead.”
Jeremiah’s mother Bobbi has lived in Seldovia 20 years, and Jeremiah and Angela have been regular visitors throughout that time from their home in Seward. In recent weeks they have been working to ready the hotel for the summer season. The 12-room hotel will feature a bar, restaurant, coffee shop and some of the best views in town
The Seldovia Bay Ferry begins its fifth season of operation Friday, May 23 providing 45-minute service between Homer and Seldovia twice a day, five days a week. More information can be found at

Birders meet

Kachemak Bay Birders final meeting of the year will be Thursday, May 29 at 4:30 p.m. at Islands and Ocean Visitor Center in the Seminar Room. Following the meeting there will be a potluck meal and slide show by members. Bring a dish to share.
Everyone is welcome and there is no charge. For more information contact Lani Raymond 399-9477 or Lori Paulsrud 299-3724. Cosponsored by the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

Laura Delehanty graduates college

Three hundred and seventy-two seniors were awarded bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees on May 17, during ceremonies marking Juniata College’s 136th Commencement.
Laura Lou Delehanty of Homer, daughter of Steven J. Delehanty and Wendy A. Wayne, received a bachelor of arts degree in peace and conflict studies with a politics secondary emphasis. While at Juniata, she studied abroad in Chennai, China and The Gambia, was an intern at Haven House and was a student representative for the Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies. Delehanty is a 2010 graduate of Morris Area High School.

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