Letters – April 9

Where is true justice?

In light of recent news that brings awareness to domestic violence, adopting the Green Dot program (Homer) and anti-bullying subjugation (nationwide), I say it’s great that we stand together. Support is needed for victims and greater community awareness of who the perpetrators are.
I also strongly feel we need to look at a few more facts: For example, the young Homer man assaulted in the fall of 2012 has still received no justice or closure in this incident. The perpetrators are quite possibly in Hawaii, unsupervised.
We should look into the legal system in this town. What is the hold-up in this case? Why are the defendants free to do whatever they please when there was a crime committed? Protection and awareness are great, but what happens when a person needs that legal system for protection — and that system gives you delays and further victimization?
Look back at the judge’s rulings in several domestic violence cases, especially when the perpetrator(s) have money and lawyers like the one representing the Resetarits. What this town really needs is a judge dedicated to the practice, process and purpose of the law. We truly need a judge and a system that doesn’t reward the perpetrator(s).
Kari Hoffman

A little peanut can go a LONG way

As a mother of two young children (ages 6 and 4), I know that finding childcare and/or a pre-school in the Homer area can be a challenge. I have talked with many parents over the last few years regarding pre-school programs in the Homer area.
I want to let other parents know that I enrolled my daughter in the Pre-K program at Paul Banks this year, and it has been fantastic! This was the second year the school has had the Pre-K program (not to be confused with the long-running peer model program in the special needs pre-school at Paul Banks).
My daughter has loved the pre-school this year, mainly having fun and socializing, while her awesome teacher Ms. Emily Priest sneaks in a wide range of academic skills to ready her for kindergarten.
Deb Cox

KESA needs board members

After any number of delays, the new fire hall for Kachemak Emergency Services will be built this summer on the site off Diamond Ridge Road. The administration says KESA will move in September. Until then, some of the KESA equipment for the west side will continue to respond from the Sterling Highway near DOT, along with equipment from the headquarters station on East End Road.
Recently, there have been ads in the paper for one of the two open seats, B and D, on the service area board. At this time, the board is functioning with only three active members of what should be a five-member board. If one member cannot make a meeting, there is no meeting. Surely there are two of you out there, who live in the service area, who are willing to give up one evening a month to meet, review the functioning of the department, the equipment, the buildings and most importantly, the budget.
Per Borough code 16.20.090: “The board of directors of the service area, shall advise the mayor and assembly concerning the administration and operation of the Kachemak Emergency Service Area.” It is really important for those of us who benefit from the service area to be involved in the decisions of providing the services as desired by the voters.
Until now, the board has met at the McNeil Station. At a member’s request, meetings will alternate starting in May, with a meeting scheduled to take place at the borough annex building in downtown Homer. The June meeting will be back at McNeil, and so forth.
Once the new building is up, meetings will be held there every other month. Meetings are the second Thursday of each month, at 7 p.m.
Please think about this and consider submitting your application for one of the two seats.
Applications are available at the borough annex building, 206 E. Pioneer Ave., or on the Borough web page, at: www.borough.kenai.ak.us/service-areas/kachemak-emergency-service-area.
Mike Petersen, Board Chair, seat C
Milli Martin, Vice Chair, seat A
Matt Schneyer, Secretary, seat E
KESA Board of Directors

Thank you Homer Foundation

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Homer Downtown, I would like to express our deep appreciation to the Homer Foundation for its generous support of our projects to benefit Homer’s youth over the past several years.
With the support of the Homer Foundation, donors Steve and Noko Yoshida and Jane Little, we have been able to provide money for scholarships in educational and recreational programs for young people conducted by HoWL, Pier One Youth Theatre, the R.E.C. center, South Peninsula Haven House and Flex School.
We have also been able to provide “survival” clothing, hygiene supplies and school supplies to needy kids through the TUFF Teens and Students-in-Transition programs. Thank you, Homer Foundation.
Jan O’Meara, president-elect

Rotary Club of Homer Downtown

Clothing drive to support mentor program

Its time to clean out your closets and Support Big Brothers Big Sisters! BBBS will hold a clothing drive on Saturday, May 3 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Homer Chamber’s Clean-Up Day event. A $50 prize will be awarded to the person who brings in the most bags of gently used clothing, bedding, shoes, or towels. For more information, call 235-8391 or go to our Big Brothers Big Sisters of Homer, Alaska Facebook page. 
Jenny Martin
Big Brothers/Big Sisters director

Community keeps public radio on air

Keeping a radio station on the air and serving a broad community of listeners requires a considerable investment in technical infrastructure and support. In recent months, a number of people and businesses have helped KBBI maintain on-air and backup systems, and deserve to be noticed for their assistance. My appreciation for this level of community support for KBBI is, needless to say, tremendous.
I’d like to recognize Phil and Kachemak Gear Shed, David Fry, John and In Demand Marine, David Mogar and Specialty Electric, Dean Ravin and Full Power Starter and Alternator, Suburban Propane, and Daniel Bolton. Many of the systems these folks worked on allowed KBBI to stay on the air during the fierce winds and power outages in early February.
Thank you all for your willingness to help and your quality work.
David S. Anderson
General Manager
KBBI Homer/KDLL Kenai

Thanks for boosting bigs

A “Big” Thank you to the David & Mary Schroer Fund of the Homer Foundation for their donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters and our media and publicity campaign. Through their generosity we have been able to continue our Match of the Month columns to recruit more Big Brothers and Big Sisters for the children on our wait list. Thanks for starting something Big!
Jenny Martin
Community Director, Homer office

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  1. Thank you Kari says:

    and now they want to postpone the trial again…it has been almost two years, the evidence on video, 80 witnesses…it is ridiculous

    The prosecutor appears to be in no hurry for this to come to trial. This i phone excuse is pathetic.

    Are they trying to run the clock and then say, oops went on too long, can’t prosecute now?

    Is there any justice for the victim? What is wrong with our Justice system?

    Homer teenage sexual assault trial faces delays due to Apple phones

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