Letters – April 16

Volunteers help HoWL stay beautiful

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this community and its support of HoWL as we embark on our sixth year as an organization. You may have noticed the new yurt at HoWL Headquarters. That yurt was raised thanks to nearly 30 volunteers who spent their Saturday helping stretch walls, scrub lattice and raise the roof.
Special thanks to Gabe Tenhoff, who donated his time and expertise as our yurt specialist, and to Mark and Debbie Speakman, who are letting us borrow their yurt for our programs.
The yurt is just phase 1 in our HoWL Headquarters Beautification project. This spring we plan to add a sprawling lawn, a barrier from the Spit Road, a slackline, picnic tables, benches and a grill to support this community’s need for an outdoor hangout space for our youth.
We’ve come a long way since HoWL’s founding in 2009, and it’s thanks entirely to the support of Homer and the wonderful people who live here that we’ve been this successful so far.
Thank you Homer!
Libby Veasey,
executive director, HoWL Programs

Open letter to Mayor Wythe

Chris Story here, a resident of Homer.
I’m writing today to formally request that you take a stand on the Ken Halpin case, and insist that the administration settle the case forthwith; and do likewise with the other homeowners who were affected by the compromised sewer system that caused their homes to be flooded with raw sewage.
You are allowing thousands — and presumably tens of thousands of dollars (and perhaps hundreds of thousands) to be funneled out of Homer and up to the attorney’s firm in Anchorage “representing” the city’s case. 
I’m ashamed of this action. This is not the city my grandfather came to do business in back in the early 1950s, nor the kind of city I’m sure your early Homer family would have approved of — or even recognized. 
We gather as a community to help, not hurt each other. God is not responsible for this unfortunate event, the City of Homer is; 100 percent.
You speak of managing liability, but by taking this case to the courts, you face the loss of trust in the court of public opinion. You have promoted the idea of spending $32,000 in a publication in the Lower 48 to promote Homer; what would a prudent business person think of the behavior of the City of Homer regarding this event?
It’s time to end the charade, settle this case and make it right for Ken and his family — as well as the other two homeowners affected. 
Do the right thing. Homer is watching!
Chris Story

It’s not too late!

On March 23, Homer Electric Association and Kachemak Ski Club celebrated HEA “Ski for Free” Day up at the Rope Tow. The weather was beautiful, the barbeque yummy and the spring skiing was great. HEA has been a wonderful and consistent supporter of the ski club, and we are very grateful for that. 
So is the snow all gone? No. As of this writing, there’s still a good eight inches to a foot of snow on average in the Ohlson Mountain area. If there’s enough interest and the chilly weather holds up, we’ll be open from noon to 5 p.m. for some fabulous spring skiing on Sunday afternoons. Make sure to call 235-SNOW or check Facebook for updates, prior to coming up the hill.
Nell Gustafson

Paws for a cause

Homer Animal Friends appreciates the generous support of The Homer Bookstore, The Chamber of Commerce, the community, and especially David Jensen Photography in Anchorage.
Two successful events were held last weekend to raise funds for the Homer Animal Friends. David’s book signing of, “It’s Important to Paws,” brought out the community for a celebration of animals. It was a great opportunity for all to socialize, share a “paws” story, and support a good cause.
The Homer Bookstore donated 20 percent of proceeds of book sales to Homer Animal Friends. Thanks to Sue Post of the Homer Bookstore for hosting a night of fun and fundraising.
Jensen created “Clicks for Licks” to support local rescue groups/shelters and to celebrate the bond between animals and their people through his beautiful photography.
Homer Animal Friends hosted a local “Clicks for Licks,” an all-day photo shoot at the Chamber of Commerce. Jensen photographed four beautiful shelter cats that will soon be up for adoption, and more than 25 amazing Homer dogs.
A big thank you to all the parents who supported this event by bringing their dogs to be photographed. Fifteen dollars of the photo session price and 20 percent of online sales was donated to Homer Animal Friends. Jensen deserves credit for raising awareness, giving Homer wonderful memories and strengthening the bond with our four-pawed loved ones.
Thanks to all who supported these events for Homer Animal Friends. Photos are available at http://davidjensen.zenfolio.com/homerclicksforlicks
We look forward to next time!
Denise Hansen
HAF volunteer/event coordinator

GMO awareness

I am a student in the culinary arts class at Homer High School. Over the previous few days we have been studying the many harmful effects in humans caused by eating genetically modified foods. We have noticed how there is little awareness or recognition of these foods in stores, and as a concerned student, I would like to help change that.
Genetically Modified Organisms are in many of the grown foods we eat and have been shown to promote infertility, increase allergies in people, and in some cases contain toxins. In addition, many GMOs have decreased nutritional value compared to natural plants. Even so, there is little information in stores on whether a product contains these potentially harmful GMOs, making informed decisions by the consumer virtually impossible. All it would take is simply the labeling of these products to eliminate this problem of non-transparency to, at the very least, give people the option. The rest is completely up to them.
I believe that it is important to know what is in the food that is going into one’s body. Unfortunately, in many cases, especially on food labels, this is simply impossible. The labeling of GMOs in food would be a big step forward in that area. I hope that others also see the problem, and work to get this important labeling in stores.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Aurora Waclawski

GMOs prohibited in Bolivia

I am a foreign exchange student from Bolivia and in my country, GMOs are prohibited under the “law of Mother Earth.” The president enacted the Law of Mother Earth and Integral Development to Live Well. The Law of Mother Earth and Integral Development to Live Well promulgated by President Evo Morales provides for the elimination of the concentration of landownership or landlordism and other components in the hands of landowners and companies, and prohibits the introduction, production, use and release of genetically modified organisms in the country.
The United States should begin a program teaching its people about GMOs. What are GMOs? How do they work? What my country did should be an example for the United States, and the rest of the countries where GMOs are used, to stop endangering the heath of the people using it. The people don’t know what foods have GMOs in it or a product of GMOs.
The food with GMOs may cause increased food allergies, mutated genes, birth defects and/or infertility. To prevent this, GMO foods should be labeled to provide people with knowledge of the chemicals in the food. Also, by providing people knowledge of GMOs we give them a little more control in their life by them being able to choose the foods they eat.
I feel that the United States needs to make their citizens more aware of GMOs. The health of the citizens are in jeopardy since GMOs have been around since the 1990s. That is almost 20 years of exposing citizens to a health risk. A difference that I see here is how the kids in the United States have problems with allergies, and in Bolivia that doesn’t happen. That is an example of how the GMOs can affect our bodies.
I’m 17 years old and when I go back to Bolivia, I hope the year I’ve spent in the United States does not affect my body. So please consider that the United States should ban GMOs in food as my country did.
Sebastian Talamas

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    Thank you for your letters on GM foods Aurora and Sebastian.

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