FYI – News briefs & announcements – April 23

Caring for the Kenai

With a plan to increase longevity and add environmental benefits to roofs in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District by installing “Green Roofs,” Homer High School Senior Katherine Dolma claimed the Caring for the Kenai traveling trophy for Homer the second year in a row.
The CFK essay challenges high school students to respond to the question, “What Can I do, invent or create to better care for the environment of the Kenai Peninsula or improve the area’s preparedness for a natural disaster?”

Let the birding begin

Kachemak Bay Birders will hold a meeting Monday, April 28 at 4:30 p.m. in the Seminar Room at the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center. Following the meeting, George Matz will present on South Texas birding. Everyone is welcome to attend this free event. For more information, contact Lani Raymond at 399-9477 or Lori Paulsrud at 299-3724.
This month, birders will trek out to Seaside Farm on April 26 to find birds in the wonderful bird habitat on Mossy’s farm. Meet at Seaside Farm (5 miles out East End Rd.) at 8 a.m. (Yes, these will be early birds and birders.) Parking is at the top of the hill, but good birding is available just walking down the driveway.
All trips are co-sponsored by the Kachemak Bay Birders and Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. Bring binoculars, scope and field guide if you have them. For more info, contact leader Michael Craig at 235-0631.

Bears are stirring: time to clean up

Gov. Sean Parnell has proclaimed April “Bear Awareness Month,” and as bears emerge from their dens, Alaskans are reminded it’s spring cleaning time. To keep bears wild and neighborhoods safe, biologists recommend taking down bird feeders and placing trash, livestock feed and pet foods indoors or in bear-resistant containers.
Owners of poultry, goats and other small livestock can discourage bear raids by erecting electric fences.
Bears that associate homes and people with food often return. Feeding bears, even unintentionally, is illegal, and leaving attractants out around homes, cabins or camps can result in fines. For more info. about coexisting with bears, visit

Initiatives move to general election ballot

Because the Alaska State Legislature extended its regular session, the three citizen initiatives originally slated to appear on the Aug. 19 primary election ballot will now be on the Nov. 4 general election ballot.
The three citizen initiatives are: 12BBAY, “An Act providing for protection of Bristol Bay wild salmon and waters within or flowing into the existing 1972 Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve”; 13PSUM, “An Act to tax and regulate the production, sale and use of marijuana”; and 13MINW, “An Act increasing the Alaska minimum wage to $8.75 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2015, $9.75 effective Jan. 1, 2016 and thereafter adjusted annually for inflation.”
The referendum to recall last session’s oil and gas tax legislation will still appear on the Aug. 19 primary election ballot as Proposition 1.

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