For the Record – April 23

The following records are cases and records filed in court. Individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and copies of the records are publicly available.

District/Superior Court complaints

Cynthia Marie Shearer, 26, driving under the influence.
Douglas Jon Coyle, 43, driving under the influence.
Alan Tucker Blatchford, 67, indecent exposure 2, defendant was observed defecating in his yard in plain view of neighbors. Complainant stated this is an ongoing problem.
Dioncio Chuprov, 36, failure to have antlers of moose sealed within 10 days as required.
Angela May Minter, 39, fugitive from justice. The complaint states that defendant was charged with the crime of forgery, obstructing an officer and concealing identity and fled from justice of the state of New Mexico and is presently residing within the state of Alaska.
John Paul Swart, 32, criminal trespass in the second degree.
Steven Ray Reichel, 23, misconduct involving a controlled substance in the fourth degree.
David E. Longley, 60, driving under the influence.
Alsia Marie Delisle, 55, driving under the influence; refusal to submit to a chemical test.
Eric L. Gordon, 44, assault in the third degree.
Ross Allen Poindexter, 24, criminal trespass in the first degree; assault in the fourth degree, criminal mischief in the fourth degree, disorderly conduct

Order of dismissal

Anastasia Leach, 23, assault in the fourth degree, dismissed.
George Cook, 34, failure to register as a sex offender, dismissed.
Nina Gunnell, theft in the third degree, dismissed.
Chris McKenna, 50, assault in the fourth degree, dismissed.


Larry Alexander Fanroy, 52, guilty violation of conditions of release.
John Paul Swart, guilty criminal trespass in the second degree.
Raymond Anthony Aranda, 22, Interfere with a domestic violence report.
Cynthia Marie Shearer, 26, guilty driving under the influence.

Small Claims

Marjorie Scribner vs. Richard Bottineau

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