Sports Briefs – March 5

Huskies host Borough Ski Meet

Homer Middle School hosted the Kenai Peninsula Borough Ski Meet on Saturday at Sunset Loop Trail.
Sixth-grader Autumn Daigle dominated the sixth-garde boys and girls division, taking first in both freestyle and classic races.
Sarah Wolf also finished strong, placing third in the 7-8th grade girls 3k freestyle, and second in the 3k classic. Mia Alexson placed fourth and sixth.
Top Husky boys finishers included jacob Davis, who finished sixth in the 7-8th grade boys 3k freestyle, and Charles Rohr, who finished fifth in the 3k classic.

Borough Ski Meet
3k Freestyle – Homer finishers

7-8 boys
6. Jacob Davis, 7:28.4; 7. Caleb Rauch, 7:36.1; 8. Jordan Beachy, 7:37.6; 9. Charles Rohr, 7:47.7; 12. Denver Waclawski, 8:34.1; 13. Ben Kettle, 8:50.9; 16. Landon Bunting, 9:14.0; 17. Jake Marquardt, 9:23.4; 19. Spencer Warren, 9:39.3; 22. Avram Salzman, 10:06.6; 23. Jay-Mason Davis, 10:14.9; 26. Henry Russell, 10:40.4.
7-8 girls
3. Sarah Wolf, 8:36.0; 4. Mia Alexson, 8:52.6; 5. Katia Holmes, 9:13.2; 8. Katie Davis, 9:43; 12. Libby Fabich, 11:32.0; 21. Ellie Syth, 14:27.0.
6th grade boys and girls
1. Autumn Daigle, 11:21.2.

3k Classic

photo by Janna Davis HMS skiers at Tour de Anchorage

photo by Janna Davis
HMS skiers at Tour de Anchorage

7-8 boys
5. Rohr, 8:57.7; 7. Beachy, 9:23.2; 9. Rauch, 9:29.5; 10. J. Davis, 9:36.2; 12. Waclawski, 10:05.2; 15. Bunting, 11:18.1; 17. Marquardt, 11:22.9; 19. Kettle, 11:23.9; 21. Warren, 11:46.9; 23. J.M. Davis, 12:19.9; 24. Salzman, 12:30.9; 29. Russell, 13:51.4.
7-8 girls
2. Wolf, 10:15.1; 4. Holmes, 10:28.5; 6. Alexson, 11:17.8; 8. Davis, 12:36.6; 13. Fabich, 13:56.3; 23. Syth, 18:26.4.
6th-grade boys and girls
1. Daigle, 13:44.3.

HMS volleyball team rebuilds

HMS Volleyball

HMS Volleyball

Homer Middle School volleyball lost in the first round of the Borough Tournament last week, falling to Soldotna Maroon 24-26 and 23-25.
Head Coach Lisa Fellows called it a “rebuilding year,” as the team only had one “A” player — Raisa Basargin — return from last year.
Fellows said eighth-graders Basargin, Kendra Raymond and Maggie Alston anchored this year’s team. And, she’s looking forward to using her huge contingent of seventh-graders for next year’s team.
She added that Calla Seay will be the “one to watch” next year.
HMS also fielded a “mixed-6” team with boys, and competed against Nikolaevsk. Fellows said boys will have get a chance to play in the league in coming years.

Homer hosts State Bantam Hockey Tourney

This weekend, Homer Hockey and Kevin Bell Arena host the 2014 Alaska State Bantam Hockey Championships. This is the first time the tournament has been held in Homer, and local Bantam skaters’ families are working hard to make it the best ever.
Homer folks know the balmy 18-degree temperature in our rink is perfect, but others don’t always agree. If you have a blanket you are willing to loan to the rink next weekend for our guests to bundle up in, please drop clean blankets off at the rink. If you mark them with your name, we’ll do our best to get it back to you following the tournament.

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