Letters – March 26

Howl Kids clean up Homer

I looked out my window and saw four kids in my ditch on Kachemak Drive. They looked to be on a mission and I became curious due to the nasty weather. Then, I noticed the trash bags and trash grabbers and became more curious. We have been doing some construction and knew we had some extra debris to pick up and dispose of in the spring. These kids dove into the ditch and even I was surprised with what they dug out and hauled away. Please note we had a semi blizzard in Homer on March 12.
I quickly grabbed $20 and ran out hoping to catch these ditch diving hoodlums before they moved on. I caught them and said “here’s $20 to buy the crew a treat when your done.” I then thanked them and asked who they were with. They howled loudly with pride “We are with HOWL Alaska!”
Awesome kids and I encourage everyone to do the same as I did if you see kids digging trash out of your ditches support them, ask who they are with, and thank them. Thanks to the HOWL kids for making Homer a nicer place to live.
Patrick Quinn

It’s all about the fascists

The parallels between the Putin fascists in Russia and the Bush-Reagan fascists in the U.S. are unsettling. Putin illegally invaded Georgia and then Ukraine, and his prostitute judges and politicians justified and supported it.
George Dumbya invaded Iraq, his daddy invaded Panama and Reagan invaded Grenada, with similar justification. Putin’s predecessors put Andre Sakharov in a psychiatric institute for opposing them. Reagan and his fascist criminals put me in the Eglin AFB psychiatric ward for six months, then tortured and terrorized me as a political prisoner for over the next 30 years.
Hopefully, when Putin is eventually overthrown or defeated, his allies won’t continue to push his policies like McCain, Lindsey Graham, Don Young and the Tea Partiers have tried to continue the hard-core fascist criminal, secret police state, plutocracy of the Bush’s and Reagan.
Frank Vondersaar

Homer shows hospitality to Hawkeye

Homer Council on the Arts had a visiting artist, Hawkeye Herman, for almost three weeks in February, offering the Blues in the Schools Program to students in Homer, Nanwalek, Port Graham and Seldovia.
It was a full 15 days of assemblies, classes, and performances. Every artist HCOA brings to Homer is very grateful for the warmth and generosity extended from our community.
I would like to say a very heartfelt thank you to the hospitality extended to Mr. Hawkeye. Thank you to all the welcoming teachers, principals, staff and students in all 11 schools. Thank you to the faculty for meals across the bay: Glen Fraser, Kara Schreur, Eric Knudston in Nanwalek, and Amy Ware, Tim Alzheimer, Josh Tone in Port Graham.
In Seldovia, Mr. Hawkeye was treated with Bed and Breakfast accommodations with Tobben and Tania Spurkland. At the last minute, lodging plans in Homer changed, and with unhesitating generosity, Adrienne Sweeney from the Driftwood Inn, generously donated 9 nights of lodging in her first class accommodations.
Thank you to the Seldovia Arts Council for presenting Mr. Hawkeye to the Seldovia community; and Bunnell Street Arts Center, whose own artists-in-residence, the West African musicians and dancers Soriba and Shelley Fofana, shared their talents during Mr.Hawkeye’s public performance at HCOA, and during the HCOA Marimba Madness fundraiser.
In addition to the generosity of our community, the program was made possible with generous funding from Jack and Debbie Oudiz, Boss Hoggz, The Homer Foundation, Charlotte Martin Foundation, ConocoPhillips, Rasmuson Foundation, and Alaska State Council on the Arts.
In our community, which extends throughout the lower Kenai Peninsula and to villages across Kachemak Bay, extraordinary opportunities abound for people of all ages to experience and participate in the arts. This is possible because people work together across organizations to make it happen.
Gail Edgerly
HCOA executive director

Warm hands from warm hearts

As I look back over our school year at Paul Banks, I realize that we are truly fortunate for all the people and businesses that have supported us in so many different ways.
This past winter I felt particularly thankful when the Paul Banks PTA provided funding to purchase “lender” gloves for the students who found themselves gloveless on those cold winter days. Maggie Boone and the Kachemak Gear Shed also gave us a great deal which enabled our money to stretch much farther than we had hoped.
Thank you so much. You are a part of what makes Homer is a great community to raise children.
Rebecca Boone
Paul Banks Interventionist

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  1. Frank,dig deeper, it's about Fracking says:

    As most wars go, this one is about resources.

    Google Victoria Nuland and you will learn the US invested $5 Billion in the coup in Ukraine.

    The way to figure out what it is really about, find out who benefits?

    Ukraine Crisis Spurs Fracking-Friendly Measure in Poland

    Obama Is Negotiating an Agreement That Could Unleash Fracking Around the World

    UK’s Cameron wants more fracking after Crimea ‘wake-up call’

    Google is your friend.

  2. jon says:

    Frank, you might need to do more research on the Shock Doctrine and the history of IMF loans.

    Who in Ukraine Will Benefit From an IMF Bailout?

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