Letters – Feb. 26

Supporting our big front yard

How great it was to have more than 100 folks show up for the ninth-annual Winter Wildlands Alliance Backcountry Film Festival. We want to applaud everyone who came to enjoy some fun films, while supporting the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club and the Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition. The money raised last Thursday will go toward continued support of our wonderful Nordic ski trails, as well as advocate for quiet, human-powered sports in local state parks and other public lands.
Many thanks to the Homer Theatre, Ulmer’s Drug and Hardware and Homer Saw and Cycle for helping to make the film festival a success. Stay tuned as we continue to work on management plan reviews of Kachemak Bay State Park and Kachemak Bay Critical Habitat Area – otherwise known as our big front yard.
Willy Dunne, Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition
Dan Del Missier, Kachemak Nordic Ski Club

Statue waste of time, money

Why do people always waste money building statues of people they want to honor or remember?
If Brother Asaiah was a true believer in Christ Jesus and was spreading the good news of salvation through our Lord Christ Jesus, then he shall be rewarded in heaven. However, if he didn’t believe and wasn’t saved, then his name will be blotted out of the Book of Life and Christ will not remember him.
If Homer has surplus money, feed the hungry, poor and homeless people. Did not Christ Jesus in the flesh go to the cross for the sins of the world? John 3:16. And did not Christ warn the unbeliever of their rejection of Christ? John 3:18.
Homer newspapers are ungodly, in an evil world full of them!
Kurios Jesous

Art exhibit fosters inspiration

Thank you to Homer Council on the Arts for encouraging and facilitating “Under Rock and Leaf,” the debut art exhibit of my nature illustrations. Thank you also to the Pratt Museum, Homer Sapiens and the role models of this community of arts and science for your support.
The opening of the show, which will be up through March, was a great success and inspires me to continue with my work.

Kim McNett

Wheels of life

We wish to thank the generous actions of Hospice of Homer for the donation of several wheelchairs to aid our clients to facilitate in the use of the services of South Peninsula Behavioral Health Services. 
Homer continues to show what a great place this is to live with the sharing of resources to help all who need it. Thank you again, Hospice of Homer. 
Mari Turtainen, RN
South Peninsula Behavioral Health Services

Benefits of Paul Banks’ Bingo for Books

So much thanks and appreciation goes out to the teachers, staff, volunteers and administration of Paul Banks Elementary. My family and I attended our first “Bingo for Books” event last week and we left with huge smiles on our faces. I was surprised at the number of quality books that were given to each student, entertained by the kids’ bingo enthusiasm and participation and most of all, impressed with the dedication of the teachers and staff at PBE.
These teachers consistently provide nurturing and inspiring lessons throughout their workday, but also sacrifice their own personal time away from their families — after school and into the evenings — to create and foster fun, educational and entertaining events for their students.
Your efforts do not go unnoticed and the relationships you build with your students and community are priceless. Thank you to all area teachers for all you do.
Melissa Carlin

Mariner Basketball: ‘Thanks for your support

On behalf of the Mariner girls and boys basketball teams, I would like to thank the community, friends and co-workers for their continued enthusiastic support of the Homer High School basketball program. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to ask people to buy pricey raffle tickets. We always understand “no” and we always appreciate “yes.”
With your support, the boys program raised more than $4,400, and the girls program raised about $2,500. This money is used for traveling to regular conference games, as well as extra play around the state so players can improve their game. Parents and players are required to fundraise for all travel, uniforms and a place to sleep. Our boys have slept on school floors throughout their season to save money, so it is well-spent.
Our raffle drawing was held Feb 11, with the grand prize of a day at Second Star Event Venue worth $2,000 donated by Gene and Andrea Anaya going to Julie McCarron. She bought her winning ticket from the Daugharty family. 
First prize was 25,000 Alaska Air miles donated by Donna Fenske, and won by Ruth Dickerson. The Beachy family sold Ruth her ticket.
Second prize was a halibut charter for two donated by Captain Dave Cloud of Time Out Charters. The charter was won by Carrie Baker, with her ticket sold by the Brown family.
The third prize of $100 was donated by the program, and won by Bette Seaman. Once again, the Daugharty family sold her the winning ticket.
Special thanks to those who donated the prizes; we couldn’t have had a raffle without such great and fun prizes to sell.
Our final home game was Monday, and was a celebration night for the seniors on the boys and girls teams, as well as the senior cheerleaders. This Friday, we play at Skyview, and on Saturday, March 1, we head to Seward. Girls varsity games will start around 1 p.m., with boys to follow around 3 p.m. (If you happen to be in the area.)
Finally, again, thank you so much for supporting these teams. It is so much appreciated.
Kim Greer and Amber Cabana,
Mariner Basketball Program

Sincere thanks

Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic wants to give thanks to The Homer Tribune for recognizing our work – past and present. We also want to give our thanks to our community.
There have been countless individuals that have given their time and support over the last 30 years because they believe that the mission of KBFPC is important.
Though we would never be able to name everyone, we wanted to acknowledge a few of our founders and leaders: Carole Hamik, Susan Arndt, Annie Williams, Dan White, Sara Allison, Paula Korn, Paul Raymond, Dana Whittaker, Phil Price, Guila Tortora, Lynne Burt, Jim Meesis, Nell Gustafson, Donna Fenske, Bonnie Jason, Carri Thurman, Tarri Thurman, Stephanie Silianoff , Judy Flora, Kate Finn, Diana Carbonell, Bonnie Betley, Sara Berg, Gail Radcliffe, Jane Conway Alberts , Amy Seitz, Donna Rae Faulkner, Renee Alvarez, Sara Jackinsky, Sara Reinert, Mary Lentfer, Mary Marshburn, Susan Kernes, Melon Purcell, Mary Lou Kelsey, Bill Bell, Kim Smith and Michelle Waneka.
Without your vision, dedication and hard work we would never have gotten this far.
Morgan Sicilia
KBFPC Board President

Alaska can help lead the way

For 30 years, I have been a political prisoner of the Bush-Reagan hardcore, fascist criminal, secret police state, plutocracy and their terrorist criminal, surveillance/harassment teams.
Rabid Ron Reagan brought together the reverse-Robin Hood economic fascists and the Christian Taliban; religious fascist fanatics to take over the U.S. political, judiciary and military systems.
After 30 years of Reagan’s kinder, gentler, then compassionate hard-core fascism, the U.S. is hopefully on the verge of returning to legitimate democracy. Alaska can help lead the way to the democratic revival by electing me to Congress to replace Don Young.
The following two movies, together with my campaign website, will help explain to the uninitiated. That assumes there still exists some elements of the media that have not been bought or co-opted by the fascists. It also assumes reversal of the one-dollar, one vote ethos of “Citizens United.”
Frank Vondersaar

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