HEA lineman seriously injured

By Hannah Heimbuch
Homer Tribune

A Homer Electric Association lineman is in Seattle being treated for serious injuries after suffering a severe electric shock working near Diamond Ridge last week.
Jacob Adams, 33, was flown to the Haborview Burn Center in Seattle on Wednesday evening, after receiving initial treatment and stabilization at Homer’s South Peninsula Hospital.
“An accident like this is just heartbreaking for everybody,” said HEA spokesman Joe Gallagher. “Our thoughts and prayers for the last few days have been with Jacob and his family. That’s where all our energy has been focused right now.”
According to a report by the Alaska State Troopers, the incident occurred Wednesday afternoon when Adams was doing maintenance work on a high-voltage transition box on Timmerman Court. Two other crew members were present, and were able to give Adams immediate life-saving care while they radioed for assistance.
Adams was the only member of the crew injured in the incident.
The crew followed response protocol step-by-step, Gallagher said, by reporting a mayday to the HEA dispatch center immediately, as well as performing first aid.
HEA dispatch called 911 to report the incident, while the crew member, who radioed from the truck, returned to the scene. Alaska State Troopers from Anchor Point, and medics from Kachemak Emergency Services soon responded, and Adams was transported to SPH. LifeMed medevac service was put on standby.
Adams was conscious and alert when they contacted him at the scene, troopers reported, but he incurred significant injuries from the shock.
Adams’ condition and progress are being kept private at this point in time, Gallagher said, though the HEA community is providing as much support as they can while he works to recover from this trauma.
“We’re working closing with Jacob’s family,” Gallagher said. “We’re in constant contact with them — as they are in Seattle. Basically doing anything we can for them, and trying to respect their privacy as well.”
Adams is an experienced lineman, and has been with the company for 12 years. Gallagher said the accident is extremely troubling to everyone in the HEA family.
“We’re a very close company at Homer Electric,” he said. “We all work together, we all live in the same community, we all know each other very well, and safety is the number one priority for all of us at Homer Electric. We work really hard at all times to ensure that we can be as safe as possible, and return home to our family and loved ones every night.”
Details about the incident are not public at this point, as HEA and law enforcement continue to look into the event more closely.
“The accident is under investigation,” Gallagher said. “Further details will be released as additional information becomes available.”
Those who wish to pass on personal notes or words of encouragement to Adams and his loved ones are welcome to do so through the following address: Jacob Adams, Care Of: Harborview Burn Center, 325 9th Ave., Seattle, WA, 98104.

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