Are genetically modified foods poison?

By Lindianne Sarno and John Sarno, MD
Homeranians, here is another cheeky essay to tweak the nose of self-proclaimed “authorities” who presume to silence truth. Today’s subject is genetically modified foods. I write by popular demand from parents, kids, chefs, restaurant owners, health and safety workers. Europe bans genetically modified foods. The big island of Hawaii recently banned GM foods.
Foods in American grocery stores are a toxic mix of genetically modified bio-engineered grains and oils. Unless labeled non-GMO, I assume all rice, wheat, soy, corn and canola oil seed are GM. Commercial American animal feed is manufactured from GM grain and alfalfa, so Americans eat GM eggs, turkey, chicken, beef, pork, butter, milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheese and dressings.
Congress has forbidden Americans to write or speak against genetically modified foods. I rely on the Constitutions of Alaska and America. Our constitutions protect free speech: Congress shall make no law abridging free speech. No American has to obey such a statute. If I’m arrested for this essay, kindly bail me out, Homeranians. We’ll have a perfect constitutional free speech case. If a mega food corporation sues me, I own nothing, and I welcome the opportunity for diplomacy with Luciferian personalities.
My scientific credentials: I am the eldest daughter of pioneering physician John E. Sarno, MD. Here’s a photo of me and my 90-year old dad last Christmas. Dad’s a doctor, I’m a folk scientist. Dad trained me to observe and think scientifically. My closest friends at Princeton were scientists.
Many of us folk scientists have ingested GM products and observed the results, then returned to healthy foods and observed the results. Good scientific results are reproducible. A good question and widespread experiments with reproducible results can enable an entire generation to extend the boundaries of knowledge.
Are GM foods poison? Folk scientists have concluded that genetically modified foods are poison. The GM process injects into food plants predatory bacterial (PB) cells genetically morphed to accept herbicide. In your body, PB cells multiply, replace healthy cells, kill your healthy bacteria that make digestion possible, perforate your gut, weaken your muscles, ligaments, tendons, valves, and organs, inflame joints and produce suffocating mucus globs. Long-term GM effects include obesity, chronic diarrhea with loss of appetite, tumors, susceptibility to infections, hallucinations, organ failure and death.
I happen to smell and taste toxins at faint concentrations. Many times I’ve said, “Bad smell. That field was sprayed.” And my family said, “What smell?” My system is like a child’s: either I eat clean, healthy foods, or I will sicken and die fast.
Within five minutes of eating GM products, I experience dry lips, nausea and stomach pains. Later, I get a ferocious itch and achy gut. The next day, face, neck and belly fat appear. Upper-arm muscles ache, shoulder ligaments and tendons lose elasticity. Upon raising my arms, shoulder ligaments and tendons feel like rubber bands about to snap. Long-term effects include lassitude, black skin dots and joint pain.
In 2011, I experimentally ate GM potluck foods during Homer’s holiday season. “Thanks, I’ll take a piece of that fudge!” By week three of this experiment, I could not lift my arms above my shoulders. My neck and belly fattened. Then chest pains started. Frightened, I returned to my GM free diet. Within a week, I was pain-free, with full range of arm motion.
GM foods have flooded America’s food system for five years. Americans are aching, obese, diseased and dying. Recent obituaries often say “died unexpectedly.” American hospitals record a huge increase in unexplained ailments and deaths. Surgeries are rising exponentially. Kids mention muscle aches, muscle weakness, huge globs of throat mucus and fierce itching.
How do we survive the GMO assault? Move! Burn off GM fat with fresh air and exercise. What foods are healthy for our families? Sprout grains and seeds, fish, locally raised meat, potatoes, root vegetables, greens and herbs. Buy local or organic grains and oils labeled non-GMO.
Most commercial grain or oil products not labeled non-GMO, are GM and toxic. Non-GMO foods are expensive, thus many American restaurants, schools, stores and senior care facilities serve GM foods.
My family raises or gathers non-GM chickens, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, fish, fruit and mushrooms. We buy Tillamook dairy products (Tillamook cows eat grass), Utah organic wheat, Lundberg rice, European pasta and organic coconut oil. Alaskans have the resources to survive this toxic era in American history. Abundant nature and hardy people willing to grow barley, build greenhouses, shovel compost, fish, haul buckets: the thousand humble tasks of living in the Garden. GMO-free Homer.

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    Since when did congress forbid us to speak about GMOs?

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