Letters – Jan. 1

Et tu Governor?

Have you noticed in the Anchorage Daily News’ Dec. 24 edition, page A-8? Izembek says “Road supporters say they don’t plan to give up fight.”
In the third column, second paragraph, the governor uses the word “unconscionable” and “irrational” to describe the “decision by the federal government that denies Alaskans access – in this case access to emergency treatment.”
What about the 40,000-plus Alaskans who are the working poor who could use the Obamacare for their medical emergencys the governor is denying them? Who is calling the kettle black here?
John Suter

Forever selling ‘Slugs’

The Independent Living Center would like to thank Homer’s Safeway for its generosity in allowing us to market our children’s book, “Slugs Forever!” for Christmas.
We also would like to thank the patrons who purchased Slugs and want you to know your donation is going to a worthy cause.
Happy Holidays from the ILC!
Joyanna Geisler

Santa Paws a success!

Thank you to the parents of four-legged family members for supporting the Homer Animal Friends “Santa Paws” event on Dec. 15 at the Animal Shelter.
Nearly 25 dogs and cats were photographed with Santa, many with their two-legged family members. Christina Whiting, a local professional photographer, donated her time to take hundreds of photos, bringing smiles to all who attended. A big thank you to Christina.
Homer Animal Friends raised approximately $300, thanks to the generosity of the community. Because of the event’s success and community support, we plan to continue the event for years to come.
A bonus to the event was the adoption of two dogs. Rose Violet, a shelter puppy selected by a family to sit with their adorable daughter, now has a home. And Roman, a St. Bernard mix and featured pup, was also adopted. We think pictures of his happy face and big tongue hanging out made him too hard to resist!
A fun and successful event for animals and people alike – thanks to all!!
Denise and Jim Hansen for
Homer Animal Friends

Volunteers are ‘heart and soul’ of Hospice

Hospice of Homer would like to acknowledge and thank the S.L. Gimbel Foundation for their recent grant.
The S.L. Gimbel Foundation provided instrumental financial support for the annual Hospice of Homer volunteer training.
Volunteers are the heart and soul of Hospice of Homer; they provide the direct care and support to families and individuals HOH services. Without our dedicated volunteers and support from foundations like the S.L. Gimbel, Hospice could not meet our mission.
Thank you again to the S.L. Gimbel Foundation for their kind and generous support.
Warm Regards,
Darlene Hilderbrand, Executive Director
Hospice of Homer

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  1. Herb says:

    John Suter,

    Over 17000 of the forty thousand you refer to are covered by Native Claims Insurance. Many others CHOOSE to forgo insurance for personal reasons and the remainder will indeed be admitted to our hospitals as it is stated in the reception area of every hospital in Alaska ” no one will be turned away, regardless of ability to pay”.”

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