Letters – Dec. 25

I can’t believe I won
My heartfelt thanks to the Homer Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring their raffle yet another year. Special thanks to Jim Lavrakas for walking me through the process of winning.
This is such a wonderful and welcome Christmas gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Peggy Brown
Winner of the Grand Prize
2013 Chamber of Commerce raffle


Figure skaters carve up ice
The first-ever figure skating exhibition and performance was held last week at Kevin Bell Arena. Skaters showed off skills they learned from enrolling in Learn to Skate and Figure Skating classes.
Without the generous donation from the David and Mary Schroer Fund at the Homer Foundation, the kick-off of this program would have been difficult. With their support, the rink can now offer lessons to all ages.
If you ever wanted to learn to skate, now is the time. Check the website for more information, at www.homerhockey.org. The next session begins Jan. 5.
Andrea Stineff
Manager weSkate


Stuffing stockings for students
As a liaison for Kenai Peninsula Borough School District’s Students in Transition Program, I am so impressed by the community’s outpouring of support. Many people have reached out this holiday season to offer assistance for the Students in Transition Program. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing there is support available for our students who are experiencing homelessness on the Kenai Peninsula.
I would like to take a moment and thank Janet O’Rourke, Monica Sallee and Jacob Groff for organizing the second-annual fill-a-stocking event for our youth in transition. The community donated funds and time, filling stockings to make this event possible. McNeil Canyon Elementary also generously collected and donated gifts for the program, as well as the Homer Methodist Church.
Finally, Share the Spirit is an amazing organization to do all they do, not just during the holiday season, but year-round. Much thanks and gratitude to them and to all of you.
The Students in Transition Program is for students and families who lack a stable, adequate and permanent place to sleep at night. Please call 226-1890 for more information.
Amanda Neal,
Students in Transition Liaison


Family Planning says thank you
Santa came early this year to Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic, thanks to incredible kindness from The Homer Foundation.
Generous support through the Willow Fund and the May Benson Charitable Fund at The Homer Foundation has allowed us to replace our decade-old clinic exam tables with new, adjustable, heated tables to increase comfort for our clients and practitioners.
We’re proud to offer high-quality clinical services that follow the very latest recommended guidelines. With this support from The Homer Foundation, we now have up-to-date equipment as well.
Thanks to all at The Homer Foundation. Your partnership means so much to us as we work together toward creating a healthier community.
Heather O’Connor, the board,
the staff, and volunteers of
Kachemak Bay Family
Planning Clinic


Grants help Hospice serve community
Hospice of Homer would like to acknowledge and thank the S.L. Gimbel Foundation for their recent grant. The Foundation provided instrumental financial support for the annual Hospice of Homer volunteer training.
Volunteers are the heart and soul of Hospice of Homer; they provide the direct care and support to the families and individuals HOH serves. Without our dedicated volunteers and support from foundations like the S.L. Gimbel, Hospice could not meet our mission.
Thank you again to the S.L. Gimbel Foundation for their kind and generous support.
Darlene Hilderbrand, Executive director
Hospice of Homer


Just how thankful are you — really
I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. It seems such an ephemeral thing, in reality, so vague because its meaning and depth of feeling varies with the individual and the occasion.
We say “Thank you” at the least provocation; from a waiter serving food for which we’ll pay, to a person holding a door open for us, to someone complimenting us on something we say, wear or do. Do those words indicate our gratitude? Probably not.
For most of us, they are the automatic, polite responses we have been taught are our obligations to one another in a civilized society. While pleasant to give and receive, they don’t really carry or convey any true emotion. Although, they do help nurture the bonds of society.
Some of us try to further strengthen the words and give them more meaning by looking intently into the eyes of the recipient while we say them. Others append a qualifying word or phrase: “really,” “so much,” “from the bottom of my heart.” Now we’re getting closer to expressing true gratitude.
For the majority of us, that probably suffices. But it is possible to go further in telling others how we feel about having them in our lives or about what they have done or plan to do for us.
How much more we communicate when we look at someone directly and say, “I want to tell you how grateful I am to you for …” And then follow up with a description of what it is we’re grateful for and what it did for us emotionally, physically or spiritually.
That brings me to what I want to say about where I am in my life.
I am so thankful to be living in such a beautiful state, in such a wonderful community, so full of loving, caring and compassionate people. I’m grateful to you, people of Homer, for being who you are and doing what you do to try to help those who are in need of your strength, caring and support.
This is such a great community to live in and I am so grateful to be here and to have you all as neighbors.
Thank you, so very, very much.
Jan O’Meara

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