Theft charges dismissed

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Second-degree theft and tampering with physical evidence charges  for Patrick Joseph Delumeau, 20, have been dismissed in relation to a Tech Connect burglary on Oct. 21 and $4,500 in electronic equipment stolen.
Delumeau, of Anchor Point, is currently on parole/probation relating to a previous second-degree theft conviction. Delumeau told police, after encouragement from his parole officer, that he had received a stolen iPad and iPod. The electronics were recovered.
Delumeau still faces felony charges on promoting contraband in the first degree. On Oct. 26, Ashley Rose Dour, 26, came to the Homer jail to bring Delumeau some clothing, according to a police affidavit. Several days earlier police had monitored, on a jail line, the two discussing concealing heroin in a pair of sweat pants.
Once Dour arrived, a pair of white shorts were taken from her and inspected by officers and jail staff. Inside the elastic waist of the shorts officers discovered a foil packet concealed within the lining of the waistband. Inside the foil was a black, tarry substance with the odor and texture of heroin. A substance field tested positive for the presence of heroin.
Charges were also dismissed for  Lucky Daniel Ackerman, 35, for theft in the second degree for allegedly stealing an iPhone from a parked vehicle.

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