My face gets furrier as I get older

By Lindianne Sarno

Many women beyond the change-of-life experience furry face. This is endearing and amusing in a culture that cherishes its elders.
In America in the 2010’s, we encounter remarks on the Internet like, “She has a moustache,” as a reason to disrespect a woman, and disregard her voice.
Let us look beyond furry face. What causes furry face? Could it be — testosterone?
Could testosterone be the juice of purposeful activity that moves the human race forward; humanity’s source of aggression, but also humanity’s source of purposeful progress?  Could testosterone have a passing relationship to the shape of our procreative organs, but a lasting relationship with the emergence of the human race from barbarity into cosmic citizenship?
As we women leave the bloom of motherhood, do we now tend toward fatherhood?
The love of our Creator — for all humanity — is the essence of fatherhood. As a soul, I am neither man nor woman, but a free-will-choice creature. As the testosterone comes to the forefront of my 61-year old personality, I find myself purposefully serving the Alaska population in ways unique to my genetic heritage.
With my father’s Italian heritage, I serve by making music, cooking spicy Italian food, growing gardens, washing dishes and cleaning floors. This morning, I washed the shower and floor at the Music Garden with a splash of citrus cleanser in hot water in a bucket recycled from the Donut Shop next door.
My Adamic heritage is evident in type AB blood: my tendency to eat mostly vegetables and fruits, musical ability and a sense of humor. My mother’s Semitic ancestry blessed me with large eyes, nose and ears, and some business sense.
The people I share dwelling space with — my soul family — tend to have good-hearted Neanderthal bloodlines, as well as intense Bush Alaska personalities. These guys fix cars, harvest firewood, butcher chickens, fish, shovel ditches, build boats and buildings — and eat meat.
Bless their energy and their muscles, for they do what I cannot. We women cook and bake, wash and sweep. We all carry five-gallon buckets of food, water and compost. We all educate the young. I will never leave behind these humble tasks, for they ground me, give me wisdom and move my buns.
My furry-faced, testosterone-laced energy focuses increasingly toward producing a series of Freedom Shows. Freedom Shows will have an underlying theme of gratitude; to thank and honor people, seasons and elements. For example, honor Kachemak Bay Wooden Boat Society President David Seaman; honor Loreena McKennitt; honor Johann Sebastian Bach; honor the full moon; honor the waters of Kachemak Bay.
Exciting people have joined the Freedom Show.  Our series of shows shall gather momentum, until Homer has a treasury of musical and dramatic acts worth videotaping.
Tim Robb has agreed to serve as artistic director of the Freedom Show. To get things rolling, Tim and I are presenting a series of secular and sacred music shows:
Nov. 30, Down East Saloon: Relaxed dance vibe with Tim Robb on steel guitar, and  Lindianne on stride piano. Guest vocalists will also join.
December First Friday at K Bay Caffe: “Water and Strings” instrumental show will feature original music, and include Robb on classical guitar and lute, Lindianne on viola and Mike McGuire on percussion.
Jan. 25, 2014 at Bunnell Street Art Center: Celtic, Bach, Jazz and Blues features Robb and Lindianne on strings and piano, with guest artists.
As for the spoken word, the multi-talented Heather Reichenberg has agreed to serve as dramatic director of the Freedom Show. The Freedom Show  is not political; it transcends politics. The Constitution transcends politics. An arts or educational nonprofit may legally associate with, receive benefits from and provide benefits to the Freedom Show.
The Freedom Show is family entertainment. Your grandmother or your toddler may happily view a Freedom Show. The show will not deny a voice. Any age or stripe of human may speak. Your speech should be no more than 3-5 minutes and not offend granny. The grannies of Alaska are some salty old birds, so go ahead, speak your mind!
Freedom transcends politics. Freedom is the way back from the brink of totalitarian disaster to peaceful abundance. Freedom is enshrined in the human heart and in the law of our land. The law of our universe is free-will choice.
“Politically correct” is a phrase that serves totalitarian thinking. Let us banish that phrase from our vocabulary and speak our minds. Yee-haw!  It’s time for the Freedom Show!

Lindianne Sarno teaches, writes, performs and homesteads in Homer, Alaska.

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