For the Record – November 20

The following records are cases and records filed in court.  Individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and copies of the records are publicly available.

Janis Bess Brantley, 48, fourth degree assault; fourth degree criminal mischief.
Sean Killian Matthew Reagan, 25, driving under the influence; fourth degree misconduct involving weapons; driving while license was revoked; driving in violation of limitations placed on license;motor vehicle liability insurance required; violated conditions of release.
Anatoly Martushev, 29, driving under the influence; refusal to submit to a chemical test.
William Charles Brun, 33, reckless driving a non-commercial vehicle.

Cynthia Marie Shearer, 25, third degree assault; fourth degree misconduct involving a controlled substance

Jared Ehmen, 31, refusal of a breath test, guilty
Sarah Ann Sullivan, 33, driving under the influence, guilty.
Bryan Wayne Asplin, 34, disorderly conduct.

Charles Young, 61, second and third degree assault.

Patrick Joseph Delumeau, 20,  lack of preliminary.
Lucky Daniel Ackerman, 35, lack of preliminary.
Torvald M. Hansen, 55, taking moose in closed season.

Pauline Saens vs. State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.
Credit Union 1 vs. Dusty James Neil
Kenai Peninsula Borough, a municipal corporation vs. Edward A. Langley

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