Election update: Zak retains council seat on 11 votes

• The close call between Arno and Zak finalized in count of 188 outstanding ballots

By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune

Incumbent Councilman Bryan Zak hung on to his seat through a contentious election by a narrow lead of 11 votes over political newcomer Corbin Arno. Friday’s tally by the Election Canvass Board switched Arno’s earlier lead of four votes over Zak, the outcome at the end of Tuesday’s election.

Councilman Bryan Zak narrowly hung onto this seat.

Councilman Bryan Zak narrowly hung onto this seat.

The count came down to Zak with 547 votes to Arno’s 536 or 53 percent to 51 percent.

When the City Council meets Oct. 14, newcomer Gus Van Dyke takes his seat as the newest council member. Van Dyke captured the biggest margin of voters: 63 percent and 651 votes, more than 100 votes over the Zak.

The 188 votes counted Friday added to the 1044 previous ballots. The absentee, question and special needs voters didn’t change the referendum outcome to repeal the plastic bag ban. That vote came out 661 in favor and 519 opposed, or 56 percent to 44 percent.

New Councilman Gus Van Dyke

New Councilman Gus Van Dyke

Justin Arnold, who ran a successful petition drive to get the plastic bag ban on the ballot, picked up an additional 50 votes after Friday morning’s count: 292 or 28 percent.

Homer’s voter turnout was 28 percent, up from the last borough election in 2012 by 13 percent.


New Councilman Corbin Arno? Close call with Incumbent Bryan Zak trailing by a handful of votes.

Close call: Corbin Arno came out with the second highest of four candidates for Homer City Council. In the final count of outstanding ballots Friday, he trailed incumbent Bryan Zak by less than a dozen votes.

In Kenai Peninsula Borough election ballots:

The additional $30,000 property tax exemption passed borough-wide with 65.7 percent of the vote.

Passed: Prop 1 – Voters cast 2,723 ballots in favor of the prop, though a fiscal warning came with it: The borough calculated losses for each of the service areas as well as the $1.3 million from the general fund. For South Peninsula Hospital, that amount is calculated loss of $174,268.
In Homer, Prop 1 wasn’t quite as well received at garnering 61 percent of the ‘yes’ vote. Of the two voting precincts in Homer, 646 affirmatives trumped 374 negative casts.
Passed: Prop 2 – A Kenai Peninsula School District proposal to spend nearly $23 million on a list of 10 school roofs, including three in Homer, and a Homer High turf field. The district gains its request: 2,266 yes votes trumped the 1,747 nays.
Failed: Prop 3 went down in a loud ‘no’ from voters when asked for the fourth time in 16 years if they want to revoke term limits in borough elections. That vote was 2881-1135 on Part A, followed by the similar results for Part B asking about three-term limits instead of two terms: 2854-1127.
That two-part question received the most consensus among voters at 71.7 percent nays in Part A to 71.6 in Part B.

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9 Responses for “Election update: Zak retains council seat on 11 votes”

  1. deb says:

    Maybe Homer City Council might want to take this as fair notice that the tide is turning and Homer is not good with the council dictating to them. Here is an idea… maybe they should start listening to the voice of people business and otherwise! I say this is a great night for Homer… when do we get our bags back??? SO glad we get them before winter hits so we can carry our groceries from the car to the house without problems… it is Good News Week… When is Bo up for the vote and Dave and Beth?? they got to go…

    • recall them all says:

      yes, we really don’t have time to wait for another election, the entire city council (minus the two newly elected) need to be fired immediately.

      Dear Justin Arnold, thank you for the chance to repeal the bag ban, can you possibly work on recall petitions now considering your success?

      In my opinion, the whole bag ban was just to start petty bickering, the old divide and conquer tactic, meanwhile at the same time they were forcing everyone to pay for a gas line for a corporation whether they wanted to or not, ignoring the community requests on the HERC building etc.

      This worked out really well for the city council because no one has gone after them for the other horrible things they have done and are currently doing. Should we just wait and see what they will do to us next, or should we thrown them all out now?

  2. peace says:

    Either way I will bring my own bag to the store because for me it’s the right thing to do. I don’t doubt the plastic bag band was well intended by the present council. Personally it was the kick I needed to go plastic less. Now we have a choice to step up and just do it. There’s another issue here that when making decisions that people/voters remember that business are not the same as the people and should be treat as businesses.

  3. DaveM says:

    There are these things called reusable bags that you can like use instead of trying to juggle your groceries by hand out to the car. Are you a complete knuckle dragger or what?

  4. johnD says:

    Just another step back for Alaska. Even Mexico City has banned plastic bags. Is it really that difficult to have reusable canvas bags in the car when you go shopping?

    • FordMan says:

      There are many reasons why we live here in the land of the free, and not in Mexico City… or NYC for that matter. You can live and breathe here, without government dictating everything in your life. I’m proud the people around here want to keep it that way. In order to get along, we need to respect each others choices, even if they’re lame. That means that I shouldn’t try to keep you from toting your reusable bags around while you shop, and you have no business stopping me from using plastic. What happened to minding our own business?

  5. Tim says:

    Yes because we all strive to be like Mexico! Come on people. If you like your canvas bag great, I don’t want to use one and don’t need a council member telling me I can’t use a plastic bag which is what I prefer.

  6. Frank says:

    The plastic bag vote was about infringement of the government into our freedom of choice. This wasn’t about the bags, it was about a renegade bunch of council members telling us how to live our lives. If they would have taken a different approach to banning plastic bags, we might not have ever had this vote. If I were a betting man, I’d say that Dave Lewis and Beau Burgess will be voted out during the next vote. I personally wont miss them.

  7. peace says:

    There was no infringement only people wanting to do good for the environment. What other approach would you suggest?

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